A while ago, I made a promise to do an article on everyone’s favorite cinematic gem, Teen Witch. Finally the day has come for me to put a banana clip in my hair and ~cast a spell on you~. Because of this, I’ve decided to do another fashion-in-film series where I Polyvore outfits inspired by the characters. This one will be 1980’s Movie Heroines! Let’s begin the special series by taking a look at Louise Miller, a typical high school nerd with a ladyboner for popular guy Brad…until she meets Madame Serena (aka Tangina from Poltergeist), who reveals to Louise she is actually a reincarnated witch and LOLarity ensues.

One of my favorite things in the world is dreamy scenes of 80’s hunks.

When I have a Soft Focus Crush I imagine him glistening in the sun, doing sit-ups and jumping jacks while I lurk in the shadows watching his every move…

When Louise starts practicing some magic, ultimately becoming the ‘Most Popular Girl,’ she starts dressing for success. She gonna get her mang, she gonna get some fans, she gonna be the dom of the prom!!! People start keeping tabs on her every move…the tables have turned!

How about this little number for dancing in the halls?

Teen Witch 3
Teen Witch 3 – by Agent Lover on Polyvore.com

Do you guys remember bolo ties? I wore one during the 90210 days of 1991. I think it’s because Brenda Walsh had one…unless I was secretly trying to dress like David Silver’s best friend who wanted to be a cowboy. Do not click that link!!! You will cry just like you did in the sixth grade.

If bolo ties ever make a comeback, I don’t know what I would do…except eat some BBQ. Why do bolo ties make me crave that?! Louise, if you please:

Teen Witch 1
Teen Witch 1 – by Agent Lover on Polyvore.com

Everybody loves the infamous ‘Top That’ rap scene. A few years ago I memorized it so my friend Brant and I could battle. He’s so funky!


Let’s talk about the real star of the show…little brother Richie. Forget Swayze Centaur, the ultimate random tattoo would be a picture of Richie in his bellboy uniform. IMAGINE?? I will get him on my upper arm. TEEN WITCH SLEEVE! MADAME SERENA ON THE FOREARM. Get it gurl.

My friends and I can still seriously spit his lines every day. Is this just funny to us or does anyone else love him too?


At last, Louise makes it to prom in her indigo blue, shoulder pad delight. Everyone is like “Daaayum!”

Glorious, how I imagine my life is like in another dimension.

We will let Louise keep the blue, but ditch the maxipad shoulders for something more bewitching.

Teen Witch 2
Teen Witch 2 – by Agent Lover on Polyvore.com

Her red hot lover Brad will be mesmerized…

Fun Fact: Robyn Lively who plays Louise, is the sister of Blake Lively aka Serena from GOSSIP GIRL. Wild! Also, YES. I’ve heard of the Teen Witch remake they are planning with the mean bitch from High School Musical. Um, FUCK THAT. I’m so pissed. I can’t even talk about it right now. Anyway! Stay tuned for my next installment in my 1980’s Movie Heroines series! Perhaps next time we will cover crimped hair and camel toe! In the meantime, here are some other articles you might want to peep:

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