Hello boos. This is just a picture post until I catch up on some REAL HARDCORE BLOGGING.

The other day I went to Disneyland’s California Adventure for some adventure.

agent lover curtsy

Look at me spread for bread up there. Goddamn cochine supreme…


One thing you must have on your to-do is a Teen Witch screening party!

Bebi So Cute

You will need lots of junk food..including this bag of GIANT CHEETOS Leyla is attacking.

Leyla attacks giant cheeto

My favorite way to spend a lazy Sunday lately… at the flea market, although it’s dangerous because I always end up buying more dresses!

Ladies at the swap!

Robyn found the best picture ever:

Robyn's new thugalish

Jackie Chol-O over here. I love these giant shades I bought!

Jackie O <3 Cholo

And in case you get too hot…how about some Agent Lover on ice?

Agent Lover On Ice

Hehe I don’t play pranks on April Fool’s…I play them ALL YEAR LONG.