I remember when I was ten or eleven, I attended confession and spilled my grade school sins to the priest, which were apparently so lacking in quantity it prompted him to keep asking me, eyebrow-raised, “Is that all, Marie? Are you SURE that’s it?” Either I was just an innocent good girl (true), or he was peering inside a portal of time, looking at a long list of sins that would be committed by my future self.

In Don’t Deliver Us From Evil aka Mais Ne Nous Délivrez Pas du Mal, two devious schoolgirls, Anne and Lore, don’t have the same problem as little Marie did, and instead commit horrifying acts of sin with barely a showing of remorse.

Ever since watching it, then shortly after stumbling across the band I’m insane about, Fan Death , who seem to be inspired by the movie as well, I have been obsessed with the idea of satanic schoolgirls. All I wanna do is wear knee highs and worship the devil, OK?! The film is inspired by the story of the real-life Heavenly Creatures murderesses, Pauline Parker and Juliet Hammond. Satan’s young scholars read Baudelaire in bed, torture small creatures and tease men mercilessly for kicks. Doesn’t that sound fun? Let’s dress like them!

Very important to know: Red lipstick is the devil’s rouge…

A delicate, First Communion type-of-dress with a flower headband crown is the perfect inappropriate Catholic schoolgirl look. These Minna Parikka Raquel heels, which are on sale at Tatty Devine, are hot business. If you pair them up with knee highs, it would be a match made in heaven (or HELL for that matter.) If you need to stock up on knee highs, Target has a good variety of them right now under the Xhilaration brand.

I just had one of those discoveries where you find out you are subconsciously obsessed with something and for me it’s always been birds. Our pretty, musical feathered friends.. both alive and dead. You can add some foul fowl to your look with this same headband I have from Forever 21 and a Fauna Spotted Bird Necklace from my lovely friend, Paraphernalia, (who I interviewed here if you missed it!)

Here are a couple of my own interpretations of the sinister schoolgirl look!

Vintage blue plaid dress – ebay

Black heart purse – H&M

Eye of the Beholder pendant – Cloven Hoof

Black knee socks – Target

black mary jane heels – local store

This next outfit I wore to my gal Dizzy Von Damn’s birthday party at Medusa Lounge. Everyone was looking for my cleavage that night but I decided to go stag.

Tuxedo top – H&M

Black skirt- H&M

belt – local shop

Betsey Johnson Lock It Up purse

Eye of the Beholder pendant – Cloven Hoof

Jeffrey Campbell Evade shoes! – Solestruck.com! They were nice enough to send me some free shoesies and I chose these ones. I LOVE them. Danielle from Solestruck was very sweet and a pleasure to correspond with! Thank you very much!!

Black Feathered Crow Headband – Mary Tofts! I love this striped birdy headband from Mary Tofts on Etsy. Remember when I made a feathered headpiece for Lenora Claire’s Houdini Mansion birthday party? This one is lovely because it’s simple yet striking enough to wear on other occasions besides extravagant Hollywood shindigs. Here’s a close up of it in this picture of Shaun and I.

Check out Mary Tofts Etsy store for even more lovely handmade curiosities. Also, If you don’t know who Mary Tofts is, please Google! It is a very WILD story!

I leave you with a couple of Fan Death songs to start off your sinful weekend.

Fan Death – Veronica’s Veil

and this crazy ass amazing mix of Fan Death’s “When the Money’s Right” with Hercules and Love Affair’s “Blind” by Immuzikation that I am addicted to today!!!

Immuzikation – Blind Death

Remember, it’s always nice to have a best friend….