Nailz Week 2: Mad Crushin’ On Pushy Nails


Everybody get your claws out, ’cause it’s time for another rendition of NAILZ WEEK! If you missed last year’s party, Nailz Week is where us lovers of fancy talons can celebrate all things Nail Art! I’ll have  interviews with badass nail artists, talk about my fave movies, and end it with a fun giveaway! Today I’m kicking off the shenanigans by talking to  Whitney Gibson of Pushy Nails. I’ve had the pleasure of getting my nails done by Whitney and it’s always a good time where we gossip about our fave hunks (Andre 3000 and Ryan Gos,) and listen to the sweet sounds of St. Mariah. 

Can you tell me a bit about your background and how you got started doing nails?

I started doing my own nails as a hobby. I’m an artist- I draw, paint, take photos, sculpt, you name it- so I took to it quickly. My friends started asking me to do their nails and since many of them work in film or fashion, that eventually lead to me doing nails for the projects they were working on. Initially, I didn’t see myself doing nails for work because I didn’t want to be stuck in a salon all day, but once I realized I could work on set, everything changed for me.

What’s your favorite nail trend? Any you hate?

My favorite trend right now is probably what I would call adult nail art. I’ve been using a lot of sheer polish and negative space to get that ‘nails did’ feeling without compromising the chic-ness. That’s not to say that I don’t like bright, funky colors– I do! I just like the idea of having nails that you love that you can wear to work, too. In terms of what I don’t like, I like it all! I love that people get crazy and express themselves! The only thing that skeeves me out is duck tips– acrylic nails that flare out like duck feet. I just don’t get it.


Nails by Whitney Gibson for Sephora Formula X.

What are some of your favorite polishes right now?

In life and nails, I love a high brow/low brow blend. I love the new Marc Jacobs polish, but I get down with some dollar store polish too. I’m always on the prowl for colors I don’t have. Floss Gloss’ new color, Gangsta Boo is the perrrrfect red. And Sephora’s new Formula X is amazing! They have something like 200 colors, so many different kinds of glitters, and their cremes are sooo creamy.

Whose nails are you dying to do?

My dream client is Ryan Gosling. I give a great file and buff and I’d show him the care and consideration he deserves. Jokes aside, I’d loovvvve to do Tavi Gevinson’s nails. I’ve been following her career forever and I think she’s such a hero for girls. And Bad Gal Riri because duh. And of course, Gwen Stefani is like every girl’s ultimate dream client because she’s been into nail art since before nail art was hot.


Camo nails by Whitney Gibson for Sephora Formula X.

What would you put on a Manicure Mixtape of your Favorite songs?

I like to listen to hip hop when I do nails. It makes me feel like I’m at a barber shop in the hood. I mix in some down tempo R&B to keep things from getting too hyphy.

Mani Mixtape :

*My Man by Lady Bee
*Pro Nails by Kid Sister (obligatory)
*Treehome95 by Tyler the Creator 
*Go All Night by Kelela
*Wildfire by Sbtrkt (the one w/ Drizzy and Little Dragon)
*Creep by TLC 
*Shorty Swing My Way by KP and Envyi
*Juke Juke by Chance the Rapper 
*Moving On by Mya and Silkk the Shocker
*Body Party by Ciara


Who are your style icons?

My style icons are all over the place. I’m OBSESSED with Janet Jackson circa Poetic Justice. The braids, the baggy jeans and boots, the crop tops. Swoon. Basically any R&B singer from the 90′s is good for me, stylistically. They were so good at mixing masculine street wear/sportswear with feminine curves, long nails and bold lips. Inversely, I love the clean lines and androgynous silhouettes of Scandinavian women. Lykke Li, for example, is a fashion killah. Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Solange. She’s my queen.

Current crush?

The aforementioned RG forever and ever, no matter how cliche. Sam Rockwell drives me crazy because he’s so weird. And I love a redhead so Archy Marshall (King Krule) could get it, too. Plus his music is the bomb. What’s Frank Ocean’s ex boo thang’s name? Willy Cartier? He foine. Oh and there’s this LA-based model who is the most physically attractive man I’ve ever seen. His name is Victor Ross and you are welcome in advance.


My most recent manicure with Whitney: Hologram Barbie nails!

Five Current Obsessions:

1. I’ve been binge watching Key and Peele. Jordan Peele is the funniest human. Also, that show has a tight wig game.
2. Sports bras. I own probably 40.
3. See-thru clothes. I’m making myself the most amazing sheer wardrobe with the help of my wonderful mom.
4. I’m obsessed with this side project I’m working on with my friend, crazy talented producer Jon Mills. I’m a little shy, so I won’t say too much, but let’s just say I’m a nail artist/rapper/full time freak.
5. Food. LA has an amazing food scene. I’ve been craving the chicken sandwich from Son of a Gun for days, but I live on the eastside so I get my fix at Canale, which has an equally impressive fried chicken masterpiece.


Any new projects you can share with us?

Upcoming nail projects– I’m working on some nail-related jewelry and maybe some tees, trying to get some tutorials up on the webz, and generally just trying to make art with rad people!

♡ Follow her Tumblr at and Instagram @pushypushy ♡

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Cher Horowitz’ Bad-Girl Friend


Modcloth top, Marilyn Monroe @ Macy’s skirt, Modcloth tights, Macy’s booties

I’m not one to plan a seasonal “Style Direction” with a serious face, but I definitely wanted to bring my autumnal black wardrobe to a new level. My vision was “Goth Cheerleader,” but so far it’s been “Dark Schoolgirl segueing into some real 90s vibes.” I am pretty happy that my fall uniform has basically consisted of a-line skirts, suspender tights, and crop tops. YOU KNOW, JUST DA BASICS.

Here’s my dream weird outfit.


Joyrich UFO Jacket, Billy Bob tee by Blood is the New Black, Shellys London platforms, and a cheerleading skirt.

I miss the era of Billy Bob and Angelina. It was truly nuts then: the “vials of blood,” the sex in limos before awards events, and finally, the infamous dragon tattoo. I lived for that shit. That was around the height of my own Angelina obsession. At least we can pay homage to that time in all of our lives by wearing that tee…


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Agent Lover Loves The Domestic Dame – Giveaway!



I first laid my eyes on the adorable vintage-inspired aprons and nightgowns from The Domestic Dame at Unique LA. Immediately my ojos turned into hearts and I was in LOVE! Aren’t they the cutest brand ever? And all made right here in LA!

 photo (7)


Here I am wearing the Eva nightgown with an eyeball mask in a hot tub surrounding by candles. Lucky for you, The Domestic Dame is giving away one of these same nightgowns to an AL reader!!! That means we can be twins, but only if you wear the same mask, in a hot tub surrounded by candles. A small pond or a pedicure chair is fine too. Leave a comment below to enter and check out their other goodies to add to your wish lists. The contest is open to US readers only. I will choose the winner on Friday. Good luck! UPDATE! I have chosen thee lucky winner via Congratulations to lucky #4 Madeline! Thank you to all who have entered!

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 10.30.39 AM

Follow The Domestic Dame on Facebook and Instagram @thedomesticdame.

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Picnic At Hanging Rock


Picnic at Hanging Rock is a weird ass Australian movie from the ’70s that I love, not only for its crayness, but also for its beautiful scenery, underlining homo themes, and visions of schoolgirls frolicking in beautiful white gowns. I screencapped this movie about three or four years ago and it has been sitting in my Flickr library until now. I remembered I had them laying around after attending a new event series at Cinefamily called “Dress Up,” curated by Alia Pop, where you dress according to the theme of the movie they screen. For Picnic, I wore a short white lace dress that I got at my work’s sample sale (I didn’t have a longer dress that worked quite with this lewk) and ended up looking exactly like I did during my First Communion, no joke. This caused me to flashback to my 10th birthday party, when I asked guests to come dressed as their favorite singer. “Forever Your Girl” was the hit album of the time so I decided to go as Paula Abdul, but really just wanted an excuse to wear my First Communion dress again. DIVA!!!!  My bff Jessica also came as Paula Abdul, but straight up (now tell me) looked the part with the high ponytail and slick all-black ensemble. Seeing Jessica’s on-point outfit made me realize that I was 1. an asshole and 2. doin’ this whole dress up thang WRONG AND DIRTY. I did not do thee great Paula (PAWLA) Abdul justice. Perhaps that was the moment when THE SEED of dressing up as authentic as possible was planted in my cabeza and mayhaps one of the reasons why I take Halloween VERY seriously now. But let’s PAUZE on all this deep Paula Abdul (ME) talk and discuss this crazy ass movie.


We start the movie getting to know a group of schoolgirls that attend the extremely strict Appleyard College in 1900. Miranda is thee girl everyone loves. Her classmates, teachers, the town menz, and one friend in particular, Sara…everyone is straight sprung on Miranda. Mademoiselle de Portiers, a teacher, describes Miranda as “a Botticelli angel.” Damn, can everyone PLEASE calm down?? There could be a drinking game for this. Take a swig (perhaps some sort of Australian hooch) every time someone screams Miranda in anguish or longing. You know what I see whenever I hear the name Miranda? This.


The film is rich with ultra-femme scenes like this corset-tightening train. Can you imagine having to wear that shit every goddamn day? You should see me trying to put on some shapewear sometime. Ridiculous. I look more like Fred Flinstone than one of these girls. All barefoot and squeezing into some second skin. lmao


For St. Valentine’s Day, the headmistress, who I like to call The Gothest Bitch, lets the class go on an outing to Hanging Rock with a couple of the teachers. Though the movie is based on a fictional book, Hanging Rock is a real-life place in rural Australia.


Cheers to St. Valentine!


Everyone’s having a jolly good time napping, having tea, and reading at the picnic, then Miranda and three of the other girls decide to venture off to explore the rock. Probs not a good idea, chicas.


As the girls make their way up the rock, they start acting strangely by speaking in stoner talk and taking off their shoes and undergarments. Sounds like a normal Friday night with my friends but in PAHR-world, this is SHOCKING BEHAVIOR. Deviants!! One of the girls knows something is up and is all OH HELL NAW, screams, and makes her way down the mountain to alert the rest of the class. The other girls disappear….literally.


Can you imagine if they did a modern remake of this and one of the girls went missing, and was found having sex in the parking lot, trying to wear a cheeseburger like a chancla?!? Do you believe in astral projection or alt-universes? I swear sometimes I hear these stories and check myself to make sure it’s not me transporting over there.


One of the girls is found, but can’t remember what happened at all. Her classmates do NOT roll out the welcome mat in this tense, yet beautifully dressed scene. You never really know what happened to the girls. I like the theory that they went into the alternate universe (probably to that cheeseburger chancla world.) There was actually a final chapter of the book that was published in 1987, three years after the author died. I won’t spoil it for you though, but believe me when I say it’s EVEN WEIRDER. Das why I loves it..


The Gothest Bitch.


Class Photo time.

pahr class photo




My First Communion.


Also, I started a movie blog with some friends called Cinema Midnight. If you’re like, OH HELL NAW BETCHES. How you gonna start another blog when you are treating AL like some sorta red-headed (no offense my gingers) stepchild?? I’ll still post about all the girly//childhood/teenage nostalgia Rie shit on AL, but I wanted to start CM as a place where I could talk about other stuff like 80s horror and the Die Hard series. PLE DO TAKE A LURK if you feel inclined. Also if you want to submit a review yourself, HOLLA!


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Two Blondes, One Brunette



This is from the summer when I first got my hair cut. FOURTEEN INCHES OFF. Yes, I have the hair and will be sending it off to Locks of Love unless someone steals my luscious strands and makes them into a six-pack of merkins for their friends. The holidays ARE nigh, after all.

The top and skirt are both from the Marilyn Monroe collection at Macy’s. Since then, I’ve managed to add about six or seven pieces from that collection to my wardrobe, including an American flag halter and this red bandana dress that is now on sale. THAT COLLECTION IS LEGIT IMHO.


Yes, I realize the irony in posting a photo of Jayne Mansfield’s cenotaph when I’m talkin’ about Marilyn Monroe! Too bad Jayne’s celebrity wasn’t big enough to warrant a post-mortem collection at Macy’s. Can you imagine all the pink? All the hearts?? She was the best.


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Important Announcement

halloween greta she looks great

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Yummy You by Twinkie Chan Giveaway!

5-character-1-small_1 copy

Twinkie Chan, who you know as the magical creator of the most amazing food-themed scarves in da world, has a new brand called Yummy You, that includes other fun accessories like wallets and socks! Since I love me a food-themed everything in my life, it’s not surprising that I’ve been a fan of Twinkie’s for a long time!


Twinkie recently did a collab with Sanrio and made HELLO KITTY CHARACTER SCARVES! And guess what mah beauties…we are doing a GIVEAWAY! You can win the 5-Character Hello Kitty By Twinkie Chan scarf  as well as a cupcake magnet set! All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what your favorite Sanrio character is! I will choose the lucky winner next Wednesday, June 25th, so come back to this post then to see who won! Make sure to follow the Yummy You Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


UPDATE: The lucky winner has been chosen! MARTINA! #10, YOU ARE THEE WINNER! WOO HOO  ~~POP CHAMPAGNE GET IT GURL YEOOOW!~~ Thank you all for entering!

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Pink Lady


It’s meeeeee! Your old buddy, ol’ pal. MARIE RIE!!!!! Put down that chancla.…I’m back from my hiatus! Just want to ease on in here with a little outfit post if you don’t mind.  The nice peeps at Members Only sent me this lil’ pink number to prance around in. Obviously I was going to love it. I feel like a PINK LADY! Also, my dad has worn nothing but Members Only jackets me whole life so I run RULL DEEP NOSTALGIA for this brand. AND… remember Mouth’s (Corey Feldman) amazing ensemble from The Goonies? At the time, I was too young and too eighties status to appreciate his fly style, but now I pretty much GO BANANAZ over the fact that he wore a PURPLE RAIN shirt and a grey Members Only jacket. BEST DRESSED GOONIE FOR REAL.



When I put this outfit together, my mood increased about 75% and entered into high level vibrations. I don’t know about y’alls, but there is something about a pink n’ purple color combination that makes me feel like a CANDY ANGEL. Then with these ice creams tights?? I’m in love (with me.)




I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!! These bombers are thee perfect summer jacket IMHO.


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Just A Couple Of Freaks

♥ Outfit deetz: vintage dress given to me for my b-day by Sam ♥ , F21 leopard jacket, tights c/o We Love Colors 

DOST MINE EYES DECEIVE ME?!? ::drops to knees and slowly crawls to you like a sexy baby tiger:: You guys, my assholeness went up to an 11 these past few months while I got a new job and moved, but here I am, The One That Got Away. ALMOST, ALMOST! JK

Anyway it’s a whole new year and we have a whole lot of loving to do. To warm your cookies down there, here’s some shots of me and the lovely baybayshia Christina when we went shopping and burger grubbin’ last weekend. After hitting up Fairfax flea, we stopped by this cray store called Freak City, which Elizabeth told me about the other day.  This shit gave me some serious raver flashbacks, which I think I can finally handle after thirteen years, but it was pretty awesome. I left with a lace cardigan and a shirt with zebras on it.

Christina’s outfit deetz: Marc Jacobs jacket, vintage top, skirt, and shoes.




I love this place. Can’t wait to go back and get some Rhythm Nation earrings!




Thanks for the pics, Christina!

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Small Business Saturday Shopping Guide!

HEY YOU GUYS!! (Sloth from Goonies voice) Did you know it’s SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY?!? Celebrate and support your indie businesses today! Take a look at all the special goodies (and DISCOUNTS!) that my Agent Lover sponsors are offering today! SHOP SMALL POR VIDA!

Christmas Pizza Wreath Card and Rockin’ Hanukkah Card ♥

From the most hilarious holiday cards (SOMEONE PLEASE SEND ME THIS PIZZA WREATH AHH!) to the coolest and cutest book clocks, Pygmy Hippo Shoppe is still the best (and tiniest) place in LA to get all of your special gifts! To celebrate Small Business Saturday, PH is offering 20% off so come in and say hello to Miss Emi! But don’t worry if you’re on the other side of the country (or world) you can join in on the fun by using the code SHOPSMALL when you shop online!

♥ Donna Parker Book Clock and The Heart Of a Dog Book Clock ♥

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The babes at Hello Holiday are giving a special discount just for Agent Lover readers! Use code HelloLover for 20% off  this weekend until Tuesday! They are also offering free shipping on all orders over $50, free gifts for orders over $100, and 50% off all of our denim, plus there’s tons of new cute items to lurk at!

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 ♥ Hello Holiday’s Sunglasses Of The Month Club and Perfect Scarf Pack ♥

 ♥ From clockwise left: Hilda in RedBrook in Gold,  Ida in Coral and Sophie in Teal  ♥

Bait Footwear is having the BIGGEST SALE right now! 40% off everything in the shop! Find your perfect pair of sparkly shoes for the season and stock up on the sweetest flats and sandals while you’re at it!

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 ♥ Two Pin Cardigan Brooch  ♥

Pretty Good Things has the perfect accessories for the upcoming holiday: sparkly sweater brooches and fascinators galore! Their Oh Deer fascinator comes with a free mini santa hat from now until Xmas! CUTEST THING EVER!

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 ♥ Golden Wedding Halo Floral Crown and Red and White Polkadot Mini Cocktail Hat  ♥

 ♥  Chevron Fur coat and Silk Beaded Lightning dress  ♥

I’m absolutely obsessed with these two items from Bluesville USA: the Chevron Fur coat and the Silk Beaded Lightning dress! SO GORGEOUS and perfect for New Years!

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♥ Barrel Necklace and Orsa Bracelet ♥

I seriously go bananas over everything Motherland puts out and this Barrel Necklace is no exception! I can’t wait to see what they have in store for their new collection out in 2013! Use code REUP1 to get 15% off your order!

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♥ Japanese Designer Dress ♥

Our favorite Aussie mod maven Kee Kee at Laurel and Hector Vintage is now stocking handmade items using vintage fabrics & patterns! First launched with great success is the Japanese Designer dress. This fabric was sourced in Osaka, Japan where it has been screenprinted by hand. Using a classic mod cut, this exciting fabric is now available in 3 different colorways. I’m so excited to hear that L&H will be expanding their handmade range!

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 ♥ Mermaid Sparkles Cateye and Pearls Galore Cateye  ♥

Cutie Dynamite is celebrating with 30% everything today through Cyber Monday! Use code: CUTEMONDAY. I know so many girls (me included) who would kill for a pair of Cutie Dynamite sunnies! DYING over this Mermaid Sparkles pair as well as this Pearls Galore Cateye!

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Vintage clothing goddess Mary Van Note has the perfect holiday dress and coat in stock right now! Take advantage of the code MONDAY15 which will give you 15% off now through Cyber Monday!

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