First of all, how DARE I almost forget to do a post celebrating THEE day of birth of THEE icon of masculine perfection. The Ultimate of Ultimates… The LADYBONER of ALL LADYBONERS…




So let’s rewind and let me break it down for you. Back in the day, when I was just a wee lil’ thang, watching Full House on TGIF, of course I was in love with Uncle Jesse! Eyes like the Caribbean Sea…the body of a Greek god…the bad boy rebelliousness yet underneath lay a heart of mutha fuckin’ gold…the HAIR. HAVE MERCY! It wasn’t until a particular episode of MTV’s House of Style where Dave Navarro had a framed picture of John Stamos surrounded by candles and feather boas that CAUGHT ON FIRE (Hilarious I DIE too bad the clip is nowhere to be found) did my brother and I decide we had to start building an altar dedicated to His Royal Stamosness.

First, stickers were made to make the whole world moist.

Windy City Roll Call

From west coast…

outside of spaceland

To east coast…

<NewYork1 078

He was spread far and wide, in the States and overseas, and finally to Uncle Jesse’s place of origin.


Slowly the pieces of the puzzle for the Church of Stamos started to come together…including this actual recently acquired puzzle which has NOT been opened yet. I am saving that for a very special occasion.


Is that the Rockin’ Uncle Jesse Doll? ..and another Jesse’s family doll set behind it…complete with the twins?!!

This is a clip from a movie he did with VANITY called Never Too Young to Die. I seriously can’t watch this too much because well, you’ll see.

clip courtesy of TNUC

BTW, I JUST found out he has a Twitter so basically F U to anyone who knew this and didn’t tell me!! And what is with this tweet?? John (may I call you John :* )- did you ever get the stickers I sent to you via Perez Hilton in 2006?! OR WAS THAT A RUSE, PEREZ?!?

Jesse and The Rippers…I remember finding this video in 2005 and watching it over and OVER.

Sweet Dreams and Best Birthday Wishes Mr. Stamos (again, may I call you John or do you prefer HUNK OF MY DREAMS??)…it is my DESIRE TO MEET YOU. We can duet!! I promise I am a well-adjusted and bright young lady…who just owns a doll in your likeness….that’s ALL.