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    Mi Vida Loca Music

    Things I Love Thursday

    + Mr. Shankly is growing up! I took care of my brother’s frenchton puppy during the spring and was love stricken. He’s living overseas now but I still think of him often! Look at him with his ‘lil jacket. MAWR. Oh how my heart swells. I miss you like the deserts miss the rain, Mr. …

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    Weird and Wonderful

    Awesome Cryptozoology Club

    Hello cryptid lovers! MEETING IN SESSION. Okay kids, I am a big nerd for cryptozoology of every kind: legendary creatures, undiscovered oceanic animals…I love them all, especially the furry little lobster of 2006. Where is my garlic butter? Anyway, I find it an amusing coincidence that lately the news has been filled with strange creature …

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    Beauty Mi Vida Loca

    Things I Love Thursday

    + My favorite HOT PINK nail polish. I first found this intense day-glo nail polish last summer and have been working it nonstop this year as well. It’s so bright that when I’m wearing black fishnets you can see me coming from miles away. I like to call it my Poochie nail polish. Remember that …

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    Mi Vida Loca

    Things I Love Thursday

    I always mean to participate in Gala Darling’s TiLT but everytime I remember to it’s always on a Tuesday or a Friday. I am all tilt-a-whirly 24-7, boo’s. But today is different. It’s TiLT’s one-year anniversary! Let us see what Momma LOVES. + Spankin’ comics. Today I held a Google Image contest for Comic Spankins. …

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    Eye Candy Style

    Everybody Loves Hooters

    My brother, who knows very well of my affinity for owls and obsession with handbags, told me about an owl purse he saw while shopping overseas. Carla Braccialini, an Italian designer, makes some pretty interesting handbags, and her Save the Owl line is pretty wonderful. Too bad it’s something crazy like $ 1,500. If that’s …

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    Obsess With Me

    I Hate Lost

    Dear Lost, I fucking hate you. You make me want to tear out my hair and glue it to my face you are so goddamn good. When I watch you I get so worked up and want to scream to the high heavens. I know I am an asshole and missed a whole season and …