• Bruja Book Club Lifestyle

    The Hood Witch

    I’m REALLY excited to announce that The Hood Witch has launched and on a special night, aligned with this month’s Full Moon. Bri is one of my favorite witches, and I’m so happy to see her dropping her mystical knowledge via her very own online sanctuary. Take a look at her musings on psychic attacks, …

  • Lifestyle Movies

    Luxury On The Go

    Remember Kathryn’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar) secret rosary coke holder on Cruel Intentions? Well I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted one, except I don’t fux with cocaine! So what would I keep inside of it instead? A random trip to the spice store where I came across some black truffle salt inspired me…. …

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    Eye Candy Lifestyle

    Cake Hats

    I’m selling a limited amount of cake hats today! Please visit the Bakery for more information! I love accessories and desserts, so why not combine the two and share with you? Fresh from the oven are my petite Cake Hats! Available in a variety of colors, named after a variety of lovely gals, these treats …

  • Lifestyle Travel

    What We Ate in Tokyo

    I ate a lot of interesting things in Tokyo. FYI I’m not a vegetarian, not really a picky eater and above all that I like to be especially adventurous with cuisine while traveling. Even if I may VOM. WARNING: some of these things might make you VOM. Esp if you are a hardcore veggie. God …

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    Lifestyle Obsess With Me

    Obsess With Me – TACO$

    I love me some tacos. Soft shell, hard shell, from a truck, costs a buck. I’ll try any taco anytime (no euphemisms today, my friends). My favorite is machaca aka shredded beef in a crunchy shell and El Coyote is my long-standing favorite for that. I also have a strong affinity for a good potato …

  • Lifestyle Style

    Vampirecake and Mojitos

    Last year it was Monsters and Mimosas…I think this Halloweaster thing is a good tradition. Vampire cupcakes are so addicting…That cover of Rob Pat kills me btw. I also made heart-shaped macaroni and cheese and homemade pesto. FILLED WITH LOVE FOR MY BOs. The recipe I use is Nancy Reagan’s Mac N’ Cheese but I …

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    Eating Kawaii

    Last year or so, I cut back on going out to eat for lunch while at work, which allowed me to explore the wonderful world of bento boxes. I have collected several Hello Kitty bentos; the first one I received through a swap from a Flickr friend who was attending school in Japan. After that …

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    Dear Diary Lifestyle Movies

    Monsters and Mimosas

    Easter was lovely, relaxing, and we had perfectly warm weather. I spent the earlier part of the day making vampire cupcakes while Edith Piaf played in the background. Baking while listening to her has to be one of the most calming combinations next to drinking champagne in a hot tub. I got the idea for …