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    Eye Candy Lifestyle

    Cake Hats

    I’m selling a limited amount of cake hats today! Please visit the Bakery for more information! I love accessories and desserts, so why not combine the two and share with you? Fresh from the oven are my petite Cake Hats! Available in a variety of colors, named after a variety of lovely gals, these treats …

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    Mi Vida Loca Style

    My Birthday Wish List Fantasy

    I’m sure by now your 24 hour special event reminder for my birthday has gone off on your alarm clocks, Microsoft Outlook calendars, phones and pagers. Tomorrow is a time of celebration for us all, not only my October 16 birthday compadres such as Angela Lansbury, Oscar Wilde, Nico, Flea and Hobie from Baywatch, …it …

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    Bjork In New York

    I never thought I’d see Bjork in person aside from being at one of her concerts. They say you should never meet your idols right? I’ve had talks about this before with my Headmistress. What if she’s a bitch? What if she knocks me out like that Thailand reporter? I don’t want to be disenchanted. …

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    Style Weird and Wonderful

    Tulle Academy

    The magicians known as Viktor and Rolf have taken tulle to a place where it has never been before. Not only do I adore the layers and layers of romantically ruffled tulle, but I also love the color palette they used. Very Miami Vice 80’s pastel. Look at these shoes… Valley Girl Geena Davis would …

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    Julian et Julian

    Interpol and The Strokes are two sexy bands from New York City who blew up in the early 2000’s, with both of their leading men putting out solo albums this year…and putting me in a musical ménage à trois!!! Lately I’ve been on a Julian² listening binge. Julian Casablancas of The Strokes has a new …

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    Ouija Board, Ouija Board

    I love October! Rocktober… RAGETOBER. Not only is it my birthday month (October 16, set your alarms) but it is also the most wonderful time of the yeeeear…HALLOWEEN! I LOVE A GOOD SPOOK!! All year round of course but especially during Spooky Awareness Month. jacket – Forever 21 old Topless CA t-shirt grandma’s “M” scarf …

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    I Miss Slutty Madonna

    Well it’s true. I’m nostalgic for early 90’s-era Slutacious Madonna. I remember often watching Truth or Dare after school. All those great scenes…the water bottle fellatio, Warren Beatty?!?!, the high braided ponytail.. I loved her so much back then. There’s also that Marie Antoinette-inspired Vogue performance on MTV… GAWD!! That shit seriously fucked me up …

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    Shoulder Pads With Wings

    Can I confess to you my brothers and sisters that I am really into this Marc Jacobs dress burly’ right now? Since it’s made of grey sweatshirt material, I would either wear it on the treadmill, while doing jumping jacks or even during my toe touches. Photos from hollywoodtuna and dailymail Don’t be scared bb. …