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    Anna Sui X Target

    The photos for the Anna Sui x Target line inspired by Gossip Girl came out today! You can see my favorites below… These are two of the Blair-inspired pieces. Very cute, but there WILL be bow headbands right? It wouldn’t be Gossip Girl without them! Another Blair outfit on the left and a  “Serena” one …

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    Cake Hats!!!

    FINALLY I can share this big project I’ve been working on for awhile now with you… CAKE HATS!!! WHAT!?! Is that a little cake sitting on the top of Reyna’s cabeza?!?! DAS RIGHT!! I’m going to be selling my first batch later this week, but I wanted to give you the sneak peek… The pink …

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    The Girl On The Bridge

    Circus tricks…everyone wants to learn them! When I was little I used to watch Circus of the Stars and dream of being on the trapeze like my childhood hero, Mr. Balki Bartokomous. Like many other things, you get older and change your mind. I’d still like to fly through the air like a spider monkey, …

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    Turn My Swag On

    HALLOOOOOOW! I’m pretty casual here, yet still filled with SWAGGER esp because of these GIANT NERD GLASSES. Note how I am wearing tights and boots and its halfway through June. That’s why I look so depressed. Summer is the biggest tease I know this year. HATECHU FOREVER. Converse denim jacket comfy “work lbd” hawt pink …

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    Music Style

    Dripping With Alchemy

    Top – Forever 21 I think? Skirt – H&M Heels – Charlotte Russe Gold stax, faux pearls, black and gold bamboo earrings and a necklace from Varga (on sale for $5!) I’ve had this top for a while but hadn’t worn it yet. I really dig this blue. Reminds me of a couple of things… …