Helloooo sexies. I wanted to share the finished Madonna Inn photos seen through Miss Robyn Von Swank’s lovely eye. There will also be an interview with her coming soon!

These group shots are like alternate universe Gossip Girl promos…(btw I suck and missed the season premiere! MAWR! Depressionville x 1,000!!)

On this season's Gossip Girl

Let's start fires

Boi  oi oinnng heavenly creatures

Daydreamin again

Oh Nikki

Like Butta

The shoe thief is back again!



Pizza not Polaroids is Poison to Pepper

Peek a boo

I'm a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl

rawk n rawl

Just a mini TiLT today since I haven’t posted since the last one! 🙁 Good things: Still OBSESSED with Fan Death. I listen to them all the time and have slowly been spreading the obsession to my friends; satanic schoolgirls (keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post about that), RAGIN’ with my girlfriends, walking by the harbor during the night, and GOING TO NEW YORK CITY NEXT WEEK TO MEET WITH THE LADYBLOGGERS AT THE GALA/NUBBY EXTRAVAGANZA. WHAT THE F!!!! Last minute wanderlust decisions are so awesome. Somehow Star is always involved in those with me. Haha. YAY!!!