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    Mi Vida Loca Music

    Things I Love Thursday

    + Mr. Shankly is growing up! I took care of my brother’s frenchton puppy during the spring and was love stricken. He’s living overseas now but I still think of him often! Look at him with his ‘lil jacket. MAWR. Oh how my heart swells. I miss you like the deserts miss the rain, Mr. …

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    Movies Style

    Getaway Girl Style: Bonnie and Clyde

    I am finally bringing you the conclusion of my “Getaway Girl Style” series, where we examined the styles of certain cinema bad girls we admire. This last memorable character might be the most obvious choice to end with, but there really wouldn’t be anyone better to complete the special than with the ultimate rebel woman, …

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    Mi Vida Loca

    Fight Club, Lady Blogger Style?

    I figure with all this Secret Society of Lady Bloggers chitchat going on, I better let you know my mind-penetrating thoughts on the topic as well before we put it to rest. First, a bit of my blogging history: I actually started in fall of 2006 when a friend suggested I get away from …

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    Interviews Style

    Mad Crushin’ on Paraphernalia

    I’ve been Mad Crushin’ on Paraphernalia‘s enchanting accoutrements for quite some time now, falling in love with several designs of hers that I have purchased for both myself and my girlfriends. Taken from the pages of childhood fairytales and 18th-century science books come ready to wear pieces of art for us girls who fancy wearing …

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    Dress Up Diary

    black skirt – H&M plaid turquoise and black blouse – Forever 21 Betsey Johnson sunglasses wedge sandals from local shop black belt from local shop The first time I wore this top from good ol’ Forevs, I underestimated the sheer factor and didn’t wear a camisole underneath it…to work. Needless to say I tried to …

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    Dress Up Diary

    ALRIGHT. I am going to post more of my Wardrobe Remix outfits on this here blawg. Now that I have a new point and shoot camera, it will be much easier to do this than with my SLR fo sho. Today I am dressed like this… purple pencil skirt – thrifted kitten heels with bows- …

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    Eating Kawaii

    Last year or so, I cut back on going out to eat for lunch while at work, which allowed me to explore the wonderful world of bento boxes. I have collected several Hello Kitty bentos; the first one I received through a swap from a Flickr friend who was attending school in Japan. After that …

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    Sick Screencappin’

    I was sick in bed this weekend so all I did was Netflix and screencap…and drink beer as if it were medicine. Another reason why I am not your role model. Anyway, I have another post coming at chu later today, but I wanted to share my favorite scene from Return to Oz, one of …

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    Weird and Wonderful

    Awesome Cryptozoology Club

    Hello cryptid lovers! MEETING IN SESSION. Okay kids, I am a big nerd for cryptozoology of every kind: legendary creatures, undiscovered oceanic animals…I love them all, especially the furry little lobster of 2006. Where is my garlic butter? Anyway, I find it an amusing coincidence that lately the news has been filled with strange creature …

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    Beauty Mi Vida Loca

    Things I Love Thursday

    + My favorite HOT PINK nail polish. I first found this intense day-glo nail polish last summer and have been working it nonstop this year as well. It’s so bright that when I’m wearing black fishnets you can see me coming from miles away. I like to call it my Poochie nail polish. Remember that …