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Things I Love Thursday


+ Mr. Shankly is growing up! I took care of my brother’s frenchton puppy during the spring and was love stricken. He’s living overseas now but I still think of him often! Look at him with his ‘lil jacket. MAWR. Oh how my heart swells. I miss you like the deserts miss the rain, Mr. Shankly…

+ Watching Bjork videos, followed by reading the ‘about Bjork’ section on her website where there are quotes from her on different subjects. The things she says are always so inspiring to me. It’s kind of like reading my own personal bible. Haha! She has been my role model since I was fifteen. She soothes and comforts me like Oolong tea.

+ Fan Death ! WHAT THE FUCKS I LOVE THIS BAND. I just read about them on Gorilla vs Bear this morning and I have been listening to their songs over and over nonstop! What initially caught my attention was their use of a picture from Don’t Deliver Us From Evil. I screencapped that exact scene last week from an old French film about satan-worshipping schoolgirls so my curiosity was piqued. Fantasy sexual disco. I hope they play a show in LA ASAP.

+ And finally, three-day weekend. YAY!


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Getaway Girl Style: Bonnie and Clyde

Getaway Girl Style - Bonnie and Clyde

I am finally bringing you the conclusion of my “Getaway Girl Style” series, where we examined the styles of certain cinema bad girls we admire. This last memorable character might be the most obvious choice to end with, but there really wouldn’t be anyone better to complete the special than with the ultimate rebel woman, Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker in 1967’s Bonnie and Clyde.

The popular mini skirts and short dresses of the late 1960’s were still ruling the fashion world, but Theodora Van Runkle’s designs for the film brought longer hemlines into the spotlight. Faye’s portrayal of the infamous gun moll also created a beret-wearing frenzy and a bobbed hair trend. Although the ‘Bonnie and Clyde look’ is distinct, it can transcend any era, and I think any woman who can pull it off will always come across as classy and chic.

Getaway Girl Style - Bonnie and Clyde

Tight sweaters, like this belted mustard-colored one, are a key element in obtaining the look. Adding a pencil skirt, printed silk scarf, black beret and Mary Jane heels can produce the most iconic outfit of Bonnie’s in the film. One of your favorite accessories should be a Moleskin journal since she enjoyed writing thug poetry about life on the run.

A drop-waist dress with pleats and a cardigan is another great outfit option for your lawbreaking lifestyle. Bonnie didn’t wear much jewelry, but I am a fan of secretly-placed accessories and a long hidden locket holding a picture of your own Clyde Barrow is a nice adornment to pay tribute to the bad boy you adore.

I love the idea of pairing this Vivienne Westwood jacket with this Camilla and Marc Miranda skirt to give a modern and sexy feel to the whole look. You would also need a large bag to easily throw wads of cash money in and something like this Chanel tote would be perfect.

And that concludes my Getaway Girl Style series! Of course, I won’t let you go without a couple tunes for you and your Boy Friday to make out to…

Getaway Girl Style - Bonnie and Clyde

Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot – “Bonnie and Clyde”

~and my personal all-time favorite~

Yo Yo featuring Ice Cube – “Bonnie and Clyde Theme”

*Don’t forget to check out the first two parts:
Getaway Girl Style – Pierrot Le Fou and Getaway Girl Style – The Doom Generation!

As well as this link to a fashion spread with Faye as Bonnie from Life Magazine in 1968!

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Fight Club, Lady Blogger Style?

Secret Society of Lady Bloggers

I figure with all this Secret Society of Lady Bloggers chitchat going on, I better let you know my mind-penetrating thoughts on the topic as well before we put it to rest.

First, a bit of my blogging history: I actually started in fall of 2006 when a friend suggested I get away from the restricted doldrums of Livejournal and exercise my lifelong love of writing through my own little domain. However after a while, I had realized I was not sticking to my initial goal of the website and decided to go on hiatus until I developed a real focus, which resulted in the relaunching of the site at the beginning of this year. I love fashion, film and photography, but I am not well-educated in every designer or director at all. Still, I love to chat about things that inspire me, as well as make me laugh. And I welcome any of those who want to make jokes about boners and gush over pink cocktail hats with me.

So, The Secret Society of Lady Bloggers…are we like Fight Club? Everyone’s doing it, but nobody is admitting that we are part of some underground movement? Obviously, as Nubby mentioned, female bloggers are not a new trend. And as far as any confusion and panty-twisting caused by the askmetafilter post, if we appeared to be some sort of “blogging clique” it is truly accidental. Like Nubby, Star and Gilda have all basically said, we are just a group of creative-minded women with six degrees of separation or less between us. We share some of the same aesthetic admirations and use the blogging platform to share our individual voices. Our knuckle-tattooed reveal as a secret society was tongue-in-cheek; a sassy little response that conveys another quality I share with Nubby, Star, Gala, and Gilda…we like having a damn good time! The women I surround myself with day to day are beautiful, independent, positive, rock and roll dreamers, so why shouldn’t my Google Reader be surrounded by the same kind of thing too?

Although I am a fierce supporter of women inspiring women and think it would be the most flattering thing ever if I might help at least one person out there in the world someday, I am so far from being a role model! If “The Lady Bloggers” were a high school clique, I’d be the one trying to get you to ditch third period, do a whip-it and drill a peephole in the boys’ locker room. That’s a lie. Well, not the last part…OH-KAY! Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out what the hell I’m meant to do in this crazy life. But there are a few things I love love love, and photography, writing and connecting with people are some of the things that warm my turtleheart. Blogging gives me an outlet for that. Thank gawd for it!

Now for those ladies who are interested in becoming bloggers as well, I think the most important thing you have to do is KEEP IT REAL PLAYAS! On the internet, as well as in your every day. You really have to just be yourself. It’s such a fucking kindergarten cliché but man, if you be frontin’, people will smell that shit a mile away.

The internet is making the world smaller and smaller each day…so surrounding yourself with good-hearted, inspiring and creative individuals online as well as off is one of the most important things you can do to keep your head and heart in the right place.

And anyway…like I always say, we’ve only got room for one asshole ‘round here. AND THAT ASSHOLE IS ME!

My mom's favorite word

That ‘lil Valley Girl tune again for us to enjoy…

Bonnie Hayes – “Girls Like Me”

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Mad Crushin’ on Paraphernalia

Mad Crushin' on Paraphernalia

I’ve been Mad Crushin’ on Paraphernalia‘s enchanting accoutrements for quite some time now, falling in love with several designs of hers that I have purchased for both myself and my girlfriends. Taken from the pages of childhood fairytales and 18th-century science books come ready to wear pieces of art for us girls who fancy wearing an Albertus Seba specimen along with our diamonds and pearls. The charming Ms. Vanda was sweet enough to chat with me about Paraphernalia and the inspirations for her creations.

+ How did you get started making jewelry?

I’d always wanted to do something, some sort of art, since I was child. I tried all the usual crafts before letting my love of vintage illustrations take over. I had quite an extensive collection due to some Zine-making adventures a few years past, and realized no one was using them like I wanted to! So I started experimenting, and Paraphernalia was born!

+ Where did you grow up? Did it influence your designs?

I grew up is Cascais, Portugal, about 10 minutes from the sea and 30 minutes from Lisbon. I live in the UK now, and I think I’m more Portuguese than ever! Both my parents were scientists when I was growing up – my Mother is still a Biologist, and my Father the captain of a research ship. I grew up surrounded by scientific and astronomic charts and maps, and I can definitely see that coming out in the work I do!

+ What is your design process?

Sometimes I’ll have an idea and go hunting through my images to bring it about, but mostly I just fall in love with some images and then I’ll have to use them, the images themselves informing my design. For example, the Fauna brooch collection came about because I had so many animal pictures that had funny or amusing expressions on their faces that I had to design something around them. The Migration collection was designed during a particularly bad bout of cabin fever, and the Moving collection appeared fully formed in my mind while walking to the supermarket!

I have the slightly OCD thing of having to design collections and not single pieces, so they all usually came about through a whole night’s process – sometimes five, sometimes ten pieces at a time, though I’ve broken that rule a couple of times. I can’t help it, I have to have a theme and consistency throughout. I have beautiful images I’ll probably never use since they can’t be incorporated into a collection.

vanda link

+ What sorts of things fascinate you?

The intricacies of the images I collect – I honestly think it’s becoming a lost art. Masks, fauna and flora charts and maps – I’m obsessed with maps! Taxidermy, though I think I might like it more in theory than in practice. I love, and collect, anatomical drawings, toys, models, charts, anything I can get my hands on. Milagros, ex-votos and all religious kitsch. Curiosity cabinets. Hands – I collect them as well!

+ What have been your favorite pieces out of your collections and why?

The Anatomica Heart was my first creation, it has remained a best seller and it’s one of my favourites, even if it’s a pain to cut! It’s still the one I wear most. I really like my new Scientia Collection, especially the Medica necklace, because the combination between the skeleton and the pearls is somewhat unexpected.

+ Are there any other jewelry designers or fashion designers you admire?

I love Imogene and Annie, Sudlow, Star of the East and Madame Fortuna on Etsy – I appreciate originality but as I usually wear my own pieces I tend not to look to much at other jewellery designers! ;) I don’t really follow the designers of big fashion houses – I tend to find the whole obsession a little boring. My on-line stalking tends to stick to illustrators and artists, like Allison Sommers, Matt Cipov, Berkeley Illustration, Caitlin Quiet, Bombus, Magic Jelly and Aussiepatches. I want to have like a million of their babies!

vanda link

+ What are your other interests and hobbies?

What I do is a pretty much full-time obsession, but I do read a lot of comics, watch a lot of DVDs (while working as well!) and could probably spend my entire day reading design blogs. I have a thing for typography and product design, and I love photography – it would be what I’d do if I had another life!

+ When you started Paraphernalia was it just a side project? Did you anticipate it becoming so popular?

Very much so, and never in my dreams! Well, that’s not true – I didn’t start a shop expecting it to fail! ;) I was doing a PhD in History at the time and loathing every minute of it – I’d taken my BA and MA in Religions and Theology, which is a much more lively and interesting subject, and was in desperate need of a creative outlet. I was giving some serious thought as to how I could give up my scholarship but not get stuck in the limbo that comes with having an MA (the plan has always been to become an university lecturer), so I opened up an Etsy shop and tried it out with five Anatomica necklaces. It took off after a couple of months, and it’s been growing ever since!

+ On the path to starting your own company what sorts of challenges did you face?

Customer service! Don’t believe any seller (especially on-line) that says they delight in it, it’s not true. Most customers are complete angels, but a few make you want to throw the computer out of the window. The joys of the postal service losing packages can be a daily struggle, and a very frustrating one since it’s totally out of your control. Not being able to switch off, not even on holiday – you can just go to bed for the night and you’ll have a full inbox by morning! However, the perks are considerably superior to the hassles – I set my own schedule, don’t have a boss, don’t have to commute, and I get to do something I love – even if it’s cutting the 1000th Goldfish! There are people all over the World wearing something I made, and that’s a feeling you can’t beat!


+ What advice would you give someone who wants to start selling his or her own creations?

Be as original as you can possibly be – I know it’s easier to copy someone who’s selling well, but you’d be letting yourself down, and, well, it’s just wrong! Try to make your work instantly recognizable, it’s the best marketing tool you can have. Social networking sites can work extremely well for promotion, and familiarize yourself with wonderful blogs like Modish, Decor8, Design for Mankind, Creature Comforts, Design is Mine, Mixed Plate, Indie Fixx and Poppytalk – then write to them about your products! Blogs, not traditional press, are the ones that will bring in more sales, every time.

+ What’s coming up next for the wonderful world of Paraphernalia?

Ooh, the Wonderland Collection is going live in a couple of days! I’m pretty excited about this one, since I’m a huge fan of Tenniel’s illustrations. There’s even a bit of glitter! I have ten Fauna bracelets making their debut at the beginning of September as well. The biggest thing, though, (for me!) is that we’re moving back to Portugal around April next year, to downtown Lisbon! Can hardly wait! :)


Paraphernalia jewelry will not only make you look like even more of a stunna, but it’s affordable too! And on top of that, readers get 10% off! Just go to and enter the discount code: HELLOLOVER at checkout!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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Dress Up Diary


black skirt – H&M
plaid turquoise and black blouse – Forever 21
Betsey Johnson sunglasses
wedge sandals from local shop
black belt from local shop

The first time I wore this top from good ol’ Forevs, I underestimated the sheer factor and didn’t wear a camisole underneath it…to work. Needless to say I tried to keep my back turned away from co-worker menz all day! How embarrassing and cochina puta of me! Ladies…always make sure you have black camisoles or wife beaters on hand…you don’t want to accidentally give someone a boner.

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Dress Up Diary

ALRIGHT. I am going to post more of my Wardrobe Remix outfits on this here blawg. Now that I have a new point and shoot camera, it will be much easier to do this than with my SLR fo sho. Today I am dressed like this…

purple and yella

purple pencil skirt – thrifted
kitten heels with bows- los payless
pinstriped yellow button blouse – tj maxx
pearl necklace – Silk Market, Beijing, CH

I love high-waisted pencil skirts and odd color combinations…pero I am afraid this is what I look like.

Aiiiii! Anyway, today is hump day and I am listening to a lot of lady crooner tunes from the 1950′s. Here’s some Doris Day to get you through the week. Let’s slow dance, baby.

Doris Day – Que Sera Sera

Doris Day – Secret Love


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Eating Kawaii

Last year or so, I cut back on going out to eat for lunch while at work, which allowed me to explore the wonderful world of bento boxes. I have collected several Hello Kitty bentos; the first one I received through a swap from a Flickr friend who was attending school in Japan. After that I was hooked on the cuteness. I’d scour the different Flickr groups and be amazed at how into it some Bento fans are. As all twenty-something going on twelve-years-old girls like myself, I go crazy over kawaii-cuteness so a sandwich that looks like a panda is going to entertain me.

Bento Baby

The problem with the Hello Kitty bentos I have is that they are not microwaveable, so I was only able to pack salads or fruit in them. For a long time, I had considered getting a Mr. Bento or a Laptop Lunchbox, both microwave-friendly and ideally-sized for hardcore lunch packers. After much debating and researching [yes this is SERIOUS], I decided on a Laptop Lunchbox, in pink of course. Since I started using this bento a couple months ago, I’ve been packing healthy foods and have already lost ten pounds! YEAH! It feels so good to eat healthy. Of course it is a struggle, as I do love my booze, burgers and Jack in the Box Cheddar Potato Wedges on a drunken Saturday night. And they ain’t got no bento for that, honeys.
laptop lunch 1

Now, Bento can become an expensive habit if you are truly serious about it. There are tons of accessories like molds, condiment holders and separators to think about. I have a couple of accessories myself, but I don’t mold my food into some scene from The Little Mermaid because I am too lazy and the thought of eating hot pink rice makes me VOM. I appreciate those who do though, as I believe cooking is a form of art, and bento-making is in a class all by itself.

Photo by bento lunch

Aside from saving the world and my health with my bento, I almost always carry a reusable water bottle. I got annoyed at having thirty half-empty water bottles in my backseat all the time. Such a fucking waste. Of course there’s that whole plastic scare as well, so don’t settle on that unsafe pink bottle they sell at the 99. There are several bottle options that adhere to the plastic safety guidelines such as Sigg or Klean Kanteen. The bottle I use is actually from Rite Aid and only about six bucks. I also stopped going to Starfucks every day, and instead have opted to make my own coffee to bring to work. I still have to find a good thermos though, as the one I’m using leaks all over my shit and has a picture of a chicken that says “Our Chickens Don’t Do Drugs.” BLOL. Nubby Twiglet actually has a great and informative post about the pros of using the Sigg thermos to carry her Chai lattes.

For more Bento craziness here are some of my fave hot links :

+ Bento Boxes Flickr Group

+ Mr. Bento Porn

+ Diet Bento

+ Lunch in a Box

+ Bentos at J-List

+ Cheap Bento Boxes and Accessories at Ichiban Kan!

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Sick Screencappin’

AsSceneOnTV 0019.jpg

I was sick in bed this weekend so all I did was Netflix and screencap…and drink beer as if it were medicine. Another reason why I am not your role model. Anyway, I have another post coming at chu later today, but I wanted to share my favorite scene from Return to Oz, one of my top ten films from childhood.

when you're sick during the weekend ya just start screencappin'

I loved Princess Mombi and her cabeza switcharoo. It was so fucking scary slash glamorous to baby Marie.

Donchu know I’ve been planning on doing a shoot to recreate this scene. LADIES, are you ready? Don’t worry, I will leave your pretty little heads attached.

Her pad was the shit, was it not? All that crystal…makes me want to grab a bat. I just decided to do a future post on my dream house with the appropriate screencap references sometime.

Look at that BED

Love that red key too!




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Awesome Cryptozoology Club

here's lookin' at chu kid

Hello cryptid lovers! MEETING IN SESSION. Okay kids, I am a big nerd for cryptozoology of every kind: legendary creatures, undiscovered oceanic animals…I love them all, especially the furry little lobster of 2006. Where is my garlic butter?

Anyway, I find it an amusing coincidence that lately the news has been filled with strange creature sightings week after week. I have also noticed in the recent few years there seems to be more reports of giant squid and other large oceanic animal sightings. This sort of thing personally freaks me out because of a certain apocalyptic giant octopus dream I had in 1998, which some of you know I am obsessed with. MAWR! Back to recent events, sadly, the “Montauk Monster” was fake, but what about its creepy comrades that have been making waves across computer screens in the past week?

This video of the Chupacabra sighting in Texas shows what looks like a dog running from the camera. When it turns its head to the left, you can make out what seems to be a long snout. CHUPACABRA? Or just a mangy mutt?

And then there’s the Bigfoot that a couple of dudes in Georgia found. Supposedly they have this homeboy kicking it in a freezer waiting for an autopsy. I don’t know about all that. Bigfoot is like the Holy Grail in Cryptozoology. It’s probably someone’s old Harry and the Hendersons Halloweeners costume. Aww.

And of course we have to ask, why does it seem that more and more people are obsessing over mythical creature sightings moreso than ever before? Were these things actually always there and the somewhat sudden major interest in them is only highlighted because of our expedited access to information? Or is it just that in these modern times we want escapism more than ever to help us deal with all of the lame shit going on in the world? F U gas prices, let’s go ride a unicorn!

Am I trying to get too deep for a Friday? Let us go back to talking about boners and shoes.

Your hot cup of nerd stew,


to get your monster-hunting weekend rockin’: Bobby “Boris” Pickett – “Monster Mash”

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Things I Love Thursday

+ My favorite HOT PINK nail polish. I first found this intense day-glo nail polish last summer and have been working it nonstop this year as well. It’s so bright that when I’m wearing black fishnets you can see me coming from miles away. I like to call it my Poochie nail polish. Remember that cartoon about the pink dog from the ’80′s, Poochie?. You can see how neon this shit is in this picture of me at the Coilhouse launch party. I love wearing all black with a boner burst of obnoxious color somewhere.

+ Love letters between best friends in song form. Danger Baby’s new song “Little Misfit” is a catchy tune paying homage to a certain other lovely Mickay Micks. My friends make me all GUSHY. I can’t stop listening! I just want to take off my dress and dance! Add them on Myspash!

+ Impromptu slumber parties with my bff drinking lots and lots of vino, eating greasy cheese pizza, re-watching Daisies, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Ghost World, dancing like a flapper in my favorite Edie Sedgwick-esque uniform of black tights and an H&M white baby tee, wearing gorilla masks and top hats, laughing nonstop and just being silly girls…and not being hungover the next morning when going into work.

Hope your Thursday is just as delicious.


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