• echo clubhouse

    Agent Lover Loves Echo Clubhouse!

    The holidays are nigh and you know what that means — it’s time to spoil yourself to your heart’s desire. Doesn’t everyone say, “One for you and one for me” while doing their holiday shopping … or is that just me? ANYWAYZ, whether you’re shopping for your boos and BFFS or yourself, Echo Clubhouse has …

  • Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 1.55.46 AM

    Vivetta SS16 Resort

    Vivetta. Still dope as fuck. Loving all the swan stuff. SWANS 4 EVER.   My style has changed so much in the past few years. I got so jaded after working in fashion and in a sea of novelty dresses, but Vivetta still makes my heart smile. Truly original and fun. This red and white …

  • Crap_Eyewear-Summer_2015_Collection-02

    Win These Sweet Shades From Crap Eyewear!

    Hello sexy thangs! I’m kicking off the glorious month of July with a new giveaway from Crap Eyewear! Their styles are so awesome, they’ve become one of my favorite sunglasses brands and the ones I tend to reach for out of my collection when I leave the house. (Yes, I have a ton of sunglasses, …

  • SELECT+1
    Artheart Eye Candy Giveaways Interviews Style

    Mad Crushin’ On Buried Diamond and GIVEAWAY!

    You’ve probably seen Buried Diamond’s one-of-a-kind charms all over Instagram and Tumblr. These colorful collectibles featuring three-eyed kitties, green witch fingers and little pink mouths studded with braces are in such high-demand, every single time Buried Diamond’s H.B.I.C. Martha Moore Porter makes an announcement about a shop update, they sell out in a matter of …

  • Caseable 4

    Agent Lover Loves Caseable Giveaway!

    There’s nothing I like more than custom thangs. So it’s great that companies like Caseable exist because if I want Lil’ Kim on my phone or a glamorous 1970s cult leader keeping my laptop safe and sound, they can totally make my dreams come true! When Caseable asked me if I wanted to give their products a …

  • Hood Witch
    Bruja Book Club Lifestyle

    The Hood Witch

    I’m REALLY excited to announce that The Hood Witch has launched and on a special night, aligned with this month’s Full Moon. Bri is one of my favorite witches, and I’m so happy to see her dropping her mystical knowledge via her very own online sanctuary. Take a look at her musings on psychic attacks, …

  • cruelintentions
    Lifestyle Movies

    Luxury On The Go

    Remember Kathryn’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar) secret rosary coke holder on Cruel Intentions? Well I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted one, except I don’t fux with cocaine! So what would I keep inside of it instead? A random trip to the spice store where I came across some black truffle salt inspired me…. …