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    Mi Vida Loca

    Photoshop Lessons

    Here I am!! I’ve been sick with a cold that I probably caught from a pair of doorknocker earrings. When I’m sick all I want to do is watch Real Housewives and not think about doing anything except sleeping and eating. Like a cat.  Anyway, I’m back with a quickie showcasing my latest Photoshop lesson. …

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    Ladyboner Activated

    Recently I had to notify my fellow Twilight nerd girlfriends to let them know Rob Pat ~EDWARD~ is no longer my number one, and Jackson Rathboner ~JASPER~ is now my new favorite fanged flame. This comes to no surprise because I like to keep my fictional crush options open. Like when I moved from Jordan …

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    Mi Vida Loca

    Twilight Nerd Shit

    Hey y’all. Remember during the summer when I got super obsessed with Twilight and even put out a Craigslist ad looking for Edward Cullen? Okay maybe not that many people knew about that ‘joke.’ Seeking Edward Cullen Recently, I have been having the same “Twilight” dream where I am attacked by a Vampire! Crushed garlic …

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    Obsess With Me

    I’m Sorry

    I have been consumed. By TWILIGHT. Back when I was a teen I was really into L.J. Smith’s The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle, and as you know, my particular childhood obsessions with vampires and monsters, so I am not surprised I would be into this vampire ROMANCE series. Sadly, all my free time …