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    Satan’s School For Girls

    I remember when I was ten or eleven, I attended confession and spilled my grade school sins to the priest, which were apparently so lacking in quantity it prompted him to keep asking me, eyebrow-raised, “Is that all, Marie? Are you SURE that’s it?” Either I was just an innocent good girl (true), or he …

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    Dress Up Diary

    White ruffle blouse – local store red jumper – Erin Fetherston for Target Black Tights Black Patent Oxfords – Payless eyes in a daze – two bottles of that Shiraz last night The weather is getting colder and it looks like I’m going to have to take an inventory of my overstuffed tights drawer soon. …

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    Movies Style

    Getaway Girl Style: Bonnie and Clyde

    I am finally bringing you the conclusion of my “Getaway Girl Style” series, where we examined the styles of certain cinema bad girls we admire. This last memorable character might be the most obvious choice to end with, but there really wouldn’t be anyone better to complete the special than with the ultimate rebel woman, …

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    Mad Crushin’ on Paraphernalia

    I’ve been Mad Crushin’ on Paraphernalia‘s enchanting accoutrements for quite some time now, falling in love with several designs of hers that I have purchased for both myself and my girlfriends. Taken from the pages of childhood fairytales and 18th-century science books come ready to wear pieces of art for us girls who fancy wearing …

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    Movies Style

    Getaway Girl Style: The Doom Generation

    Finally! I have for you the second part of my “Getaway Girls” special…this one is a DOOZY! Remember when we were sixteen and wanted to be like Rose McGowan’s character in that terrible/awesome Gregg Araki movie Doom Generation? Anyone? Was it just me?! Well…I always thought the cigarette-smokin’, tough talkin’, nymphomaniac that was Amy Blue …

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    Movies Style

    Getaway Girl Style: Pierrot Le Fou

    To kick off the weekend, I have a lil’ blog mini series inspired by three different films with one thing in common…their main characters are getaway girls. All three of these bad girls on the run still manage to convey an effortless style while partaking in some dangerous activities! In this mini-series we will take …

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    Late Night Sexin’

    Good morning! I am blogging with one eye open due to my midnight viewing of the Sex and the City movie last night. I’m running on two hours of sleep but have a large coffee in my hand and gold cowboy boots on my hooves which will sustain my superpowers until I can get home, …