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    Mi Vida Loca Style

    Sunday Spy Wear

    motorcycle jacket and giant ring- Forever 21 dress – Jovovich Hawk for Target nude tights – Target gold boots that I sadly have to say are on their last legs ::CRYING:: Dear trusty Gold Bewts, We been through a lot boo. I found you for ten doll hairs and purchased them as a “joke.” And …

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    Turn My Swag On

    HALLOOOOOOW! I’m pretty casual here, yet still filled with SWAGGER esp because of these GIANT NERD GLASSES. Note how I am wearing tights and boots and its halfway through June. That’s why I look so depressed. Summer is the biggest tease I know this year. HATECHU FOREVER. Converse denim jacket comfy “work lbd” hawt pink …

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    Music Style

    Dripping With Alchemy

    Top – Forever 21 I think? Skirt – H&M Heels – Charlotte Russe Gold stax, faux pearls, black and gold bamboo earrings and a necklace from Varga (on sale for $5!) I’ve had this top for a while but hadn’t worn it yet. I really dig this blue. Reminds me of a couple of things… …

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    Red Red Whine

    I forgot to post these pics taken a couple weekends ago when Kimowra and I went to Santee Alley aka SanSARS Alley in downtown LA because everybody gets sick after they go there…including ME! UGH! And I even wore a mask! MAWR! I think it’s time we ask ourselves: Are $1 doorknockers really worth having …

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    Bloomers and Bowners

    H&M top Tracy Feith for Target bloomers F21 big bowner! watch out now old tights and heels Tried my new Tracy Feith for Target bloomers. This is the first time I’m not Dressed Obsessed on here! I felt like a chorus girl slash candy pusher in these lil’ shawts. Inspired by a lil bit of …

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    Music Style

    Your Slip Is Showing

    I wanna wear slips and Docs. Like when I was sixteen and thought the sex scene in Mad Love was “really erotic.” I’ve been daydreaming of these. They remind me of my favorite place in the world. I want them in a 14 hole though. Is it real or just a fantasy? Let me know. …