satan’s school for girls

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    I Want To Go on Vacation

    HALLOW! Here’s some iPhone shots I took at the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica. I’ve been to the Viceroy in Palm Springs but it was my first time at this one. Having bellinis and lunch outside near the pool on a Saturday afternoon was lovely. Now I am DYING for a vacay. I just want …

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    Alexa Chung For Madewell

    Alexa Chung presented the collaboration she did with Madewell the other day at the Bowery Hotel and I have to admit… I am enamored with it! In particular the belbet babydoll dresses ( velvet is pronounced with a b around here) with the Peter Pan collar!! I mean, obviously. HALLOW.. that is my SATANIC SCHOOLGIRL …

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    Music Style

    I Wanna Be Evil

    Our SSFG theme song by one of the most incredible woman in history! Eartha Kitt! And a SSFG outfit… ♥old dress from Forever 21, bootz from the chola store, Target nude tights, F21 headband♥ Does this outfit look familiar? Oldie but goodie!

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    Reunited With Fan Death

    Fan Death has finally given us a new tune to listen to! A year ago I became completely obsessed with them and I still listen to them every day! The video for their new song “Reunited” is heaven for my eyes. It HAS to be inspired by one of my favorite films, Requiem for a …

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    Anna Sui X Target

    The photos for the Anna Sui x Target line inspired by Gossip Girl came out today! You can see my favorites below… These are two of the Blair-inspired pieces. Very cute, but there WILL be bow headbands right? It wouldn’t be Gossip Girl without them! Another Blair outfit on the left and a  “Serena” one …

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    Satan’s School For Girls

    I remember when I was ten or eleven, I attended confession and spilled my grade school sins to the priest, which were apparently so lacking in quantity it prompted him to keep asking me, eyebrow-raised, “Is that all, Marie? Are you SURE that’s it?” Either I was just an innocent good girl (true), or he …