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    Mi Vida Loca

    Fortune Cookie

    The other night I was hanging out with my sexy besties, Nicki and Reyna, getting my hair did’, and Nicki was on my laptop on ye old myspash leaving me a comment so I told her what I always tell people to do for years and years and years “PLZ make a top ten list …

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    Mi Vida Loca

    Spilling Some 200-H8erade

    HAPPY NEW YEAR you guys! 2009 are we feeling fine? I figured a ‘lil year-in-review post was in order, especially since I did one a year ago to relaunch! WOO HAPPY ONE YEAR BIRFDAY TO THE LIL BLAWG! And again, my love of montages will help give you a brief visual of what adventures …

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    Movies Style

    Dress Up Diary

    My outfit for a nice brunch this past weekend… {Details:} red beret- Target red and white top -purchased from a local shop last year for only five dollhairs! white belt – unsure black skirt- TJ Maxx white knee socks – Target black oxford heels – Payless plastic rose pin – unsure red heart rosary – …