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    Eye Candy Photoshoots Travel


    I wish someone would invent a kind of machine that would scan Polaroids so you wouldn’t have to go through that whole ‘scan, crop, rotate, crop more, stand back, save as and repeat’ routine. Or maybe just a robot to do it. Or maybe I am just a lazy asshole. Anyway, I finally have the …

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    Mi Vida Loca

    A Night In A Castle

    My friends Tricia and Logan had a birthday party in a beautiful castle up in the Hollywood Hills and I took a few polaroids… The birthday girl, one of my favorite people in the universe, Miss Tricia T-rex. Mermaids! My bffs decided to jump in the pool in their dresses. I loved that! Sadly I …

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    Mi Vida Loca Photoshoots

    Rucas Go To Prom

    It had been so long since my Homegirls and I have seen each other. Tweety and her new mang Chuy looked so fuu-ine slow dancing to Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”. I was so jealous of her acrylic nails and lace gloves, I just wanted to rip them off her. Instead I just straight stole …

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    Artheart Travel

    Agent Lover Loves SF

    How much do I love San Francisco? I love it so much that this past weekend was my fifth time visiting since my first time just one year ago! That city is like a boner of magic and wonder and I will probably end up living there if I can master a windproof hairdo. Hello… …

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    Eye Candy Photoshoots

    Frolicking in the Gardens

    This weekend, Leyla, Casey and I ventured off to the beautiful Huntington Gardens to do some shooting in the boobsweat 100-degree weather. I love my new Polaroid Spectra filter set. Double Trouble indeed! I’ve also been shooting with the Holgaroid a lot since scoring a bunch of film on Ebay recently. Casey reminds me of …

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    Artheart Interviews

    Mad Crushin’ on Defekto

    When I first saw the Flickr photostream of Baltimore-based graphic designer and photographer Jim Lucio, aka Defekto [center above], I thought I was looking at an underground John Waters film. His Polaroid captures of wonderful eccentric characters naturally struck a chord in my lil’ heart. I always appreciate a good chronicling of a three-ring circus …