• Weird and Wonderful

    Lenora Claire Likes doNUTS

    My dear friend Lenora Claire has a new web series on World of Wonder called doNUTS! Please check it out below… I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences late at night, after da club…that Shaman you saw eating a bear claw and humming “Tiny Bubbles” probably wasn’t a drunk dream after all. On …

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    Mad Crushin’ On Double-Speak

    With a sense of style and poise that allow her to appear as if she had just stepped out of a vintage postcard, photographer and needlework maven Amelia Raley holds dear to her heart an era long gone yet not forgotten. Her appreciation for the past can be seen through both her art as well …

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    Artheart Eye Candy

    Underwater Whimsy

    If William Beebe and Jacques Cousteau could send us love letters in photographic form, I’m sure they would choose Bruce Mozert to be the messenger. These underwater photos Mozert captured in the 1940’s are so beautiful I can’t stop looking at them. Originally shot as publicity photos to promote the immense clarity of the water …

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    Artheart Photoshoots

    More Madonna For Yo Momma

    Helloooo sexies. I wanted to share the finished Madonna Inn photos seen through Miss Robyn Von Swank’s lovely eye. There will also be an interview with her coming soon! These group shots are like alternate universe Gossip Girl promos…(btw I suck and missed the season premiere! MAWR! Depressionville x 1,000!!) Just a mini TiLT today …

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    Eye Candy Photoshoots Travel


    I wish someone would invent a kind of machine that would scan Polaroids so you wouldn’t have to go through that whole ‘scan, crop, rotate, crop more, stand back, save as and repeat’ routine. Or maybe just a robot to do it. Or maybe I am just a lazy asshole. Anyway, I finally have the …

  • Mi Vida Loca Photoshoots Travel

    Viva La Madonna

    Me at the Madonna Inn Steakhouse. Photo by Robyn Von Swank This past weekend the gang and I had our second Madonna Inn adventure…and it was QUITE a delight. My glorious friend, Robyn Von Swank, professionally shot us in a variety of looks and outfits. If you recall our first trip to the Madonna Inn …