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    Ooh That Was My Jam: Swans Crossing

    Like many of us, I grew up loving shows about the wealthy and their ESCANDALO ways. Dynasty was obviously a favorite even though it was for adults, and there was the more kids-oriented Beverly Hills Teens. By 1992, I was in junior high and deep into the Brenda/Dylan/Kelly love triangle on Beverly Hills, 90210. Yet, I craved even …

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    DoThe Bartman

    ♥studded jacket, MadeMe leggings, Target t-shirt, grey suede boots♥ MadeMe held a contest on Twitter asking who wrote the song “Do The Bartman” with the winner receiving a free t-shirt! My Simpsons fandom retired sometime in 1990, but during its heyday a cassette tape of The Simpsons Sing The Blues regularly occupied my boombox to …

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    The Girl On The Bridge

    Circus tricks…everyone wants to learn them! When I was little I used to watch Circus of the Stars and dream of being on the trapeze like my childhood hero, Mr. Balki Bartokomous. Like many other things, you get older and change your mind. I’d still like to fly through the air like a spider monkey, …

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    Freestyle Summer 2009

    Here in So Cal we are experiencing an intense case of June Gloom (GROSS!) but hopefully upon download of this Freestyle mix I have made, we will be able to banish these grey skies to kingdom come with our collective of blasting boomboxes. Freestyle music reminds me of a 1987 summer, and the scent of …

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    Mi Vida Loca

    Good Friday

    Someone told me that in Mexico today, they will reenact the crucifixion by actually hammering nails into “Jesus’” hands. OH HALES NO TO THAT. This person agrees to be “Jesus” for five years. The doctor xrays his hands and marks a target into his palm. Ambulances stand by. Growing up, I took my Holy Communion …

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    1980’s Movie Heroines – Teen Witch

    A while ago, I made a promise to do an article on everyone’s favorite cinematic gem, Teen Witch. Finally the day has come for me to put a banana clip in my hair and ~cast a spell on you~. Because of this, I’ve decided to do another fashion-in-film series where I Polyvore outfits inspired by …

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    Channeling Claudia Kishi

    I don’t know why I felt like I was dressed in the sartorial style of good ol’ CLAUDIA KISHI from Babysitters Club today but I sure did. Please peep my outfit below and tell me if you feel me on this. Maybe it’s the beret? Claudia was an artist you know. {Details} mustard beret – …