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    Freestyle Summer Sequel 2010

    DAS RIGHT BEWS. It’s been one year since we did this and we DOIN’ IT AGAIN! Stick this Freestyle Summer Megamix Sequel into your Walkman and pump up the jams while you get ready for your weekend shunaneez! (short for shenanigans obv. Is that stu? Let me know.) So bust out your economy-sized, super hold …

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    I’m Eating Jelly Bellys

    Sadly I couldn’t finish the 60’s girl group spring mix (I might be doing TWO btw) this week, but I found THIS during the process somehow. I love Stuart Murdoch. This song speaks to me. WHATTA GIRL. Have a great weekend! I’m putting on my rage chanclas as we speak. LOVE U!

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    Enrolling In Summer Camp

    ♥vintage coat from Emi, Target leggings, dollhouse heels, h&m skirt♥ Spring is the transition to summer from winter. Not too cold, not too hot. Iced coffee in the mornings, chai lattes at night. Heat lamps on bare legs, furry coats over cleavage and a scoop of ice cream in your hot chocolate. I am working …

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    Dress Obsessed 3/7/10

    80’s faux fur coat – gift from Emi,Tracy Feith for Target dress, pink and white flocked Docs, sunglasses from wild planet This is my casual and comfortable outfit of choice for a Sunday spent dog-walking, thrifting and avocado sangwich-eating. I’m attempting to get out of my winter wear which consists of black, black and black, …

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    Turn My Swag On

    HALLOOOOOOW! I’m pretty casual here, yet still filled with SWAGGER esp because of these GIANT NERD GLASSES. Note how I am wearing tights and boots and its halfway through June. That’s why I look so depressed. Summer is the biggest tease I know this year. HATECHU FOREVER. Converse denim jacket comfy “work lbd” hawt pink …

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    Dripping With Alchemy

    Top – Forever 21 I think? Skirt – H&M Heels – Charlotte Russe Gold stax, faux pearls, black and gold bamboo earrings and a necklace from Varga (on sale for $5!) I’ve had this top for a while but hadn’t worn it yet. I really dig this blue. Reminds me of a couple of things… …