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    Freestyle Summer Sequel 2010

    DAS RIGHT BEWS. It’s been one year since we did this and we DOIN’ IT AGAIN! Stick this Freestyle Summer Megamix Sequel into your Walkman and pump up the jams while you get ready for your weekend shunaneez! (short for shenanigans obv. Is that stu? Let me know.) So bust out your economy-sized, super hold …

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    Music Style

    Mermaids & Spring Mix

    GREETINGS….Remember our favorite Cher movie that starts with an “M” from the 80’s? No, not Mask or Moonstruck, but Mermaids, set in the early ’60’s, starring sexy single mom Rachel Flax played by Cher, her prude daughter (Winona Ryder) and a little Christina Ricci! This film resonated with a baby Rie-Rie back then and it …

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    Agent Lover Loves You Volume II

    GREETINGS MY BEAUTS!! I hope all of you are filled with love and/or HORN on this special day of Saint Valentine’s! Because of my undying love and affection for you all I decided to make a new Valentine’s mix! This one is mostly sweet with a little bit of dirty…just like YOURS TRULY! Or is …

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    90’s Chick Rock Mix

    I know what you’re thinking. DOTH MINE EYES DECEIVE ME? Is this crazy B really take us back to a time when ball chain necklaces were our favorite accessory (ew) and Skeet Ulrich ruled our ladyboner!?? Put on your slips and Docs betches, ’cause youz about to get hit with a blast from the past! …

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    Freestyle Summer 2009

    Here in So Cal we are experiencing an intense case of June Gloom (GROSS!) but hopefully upon download of this Freestyle mix I have made, we will be able to banish these grey skies to kingdom come with our collective of blasting boomboxes. Freestyle music reminds me of a 1987 summer, and the scent of …

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    Agent Lover Loves You

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope all of you are enjoying today with your sweethearts and sweetfarts. I am up in good ol’ San Francisco looking forward to spending some QT with my lover Jameson tonight. But first, a ‘lil gift from me to you…a HUMP MIX of sexy songs to induce your HORN, taken straight …