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    On the Prowl

    Good morning everyone! You know how I am always talking about what would happen “In Our Comic Book World”? This video, shot by my niece, is an example of the sorts of nerd things that occur in my friends and my every day lives. Sadly this was based on a true story… On The Prowl …

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    Movies Style

    Crazy Daisies

    I was recently recommended the 1966 Czech film Sedmikr√°sky or Daisies, by a lovely lady and what a fantastic recommendation it was! Vera Chytilov√°’s famously banned film is about two sisters who one day decide that since the world is bad, they should become bad too. They engage in a number of conscience-free high jinks …

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    Cap Ou Pas Cap?

    I was recommended a film by a friend the other day called Jeux d’enfants. The American title is Love Me If You Dare. It stars my new favorite French actress Marion Cotillard, who is up [and should win] for Best Actress in La Vie En Rose, which I saw recently. She is as adorable and …

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    Weird and Wonderful

    Life in a Comic Book World

    One of my best friend Reyna and my favorite games to play is called “In Our Comic Book World” which is much like the game of “What If?” but with us saying “Imagine if _______ happened….well in our Comic Book World it would.” Of course it’s always some ridiculous cartoon-plot fantasy and one day when …