• Weird and Wonderful

    Lenora Claire Likes doNUTS

    My dear friend Lenora Claire has a new web series on World of Wonder called doNUTS! Please check it out below… I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences late at night, after da club…that Shaman you saw eating a bear claw and humming “Tiny Bubbles” probably wasn’t a drunk dream after all. On …

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    Weird and Wonderful

    Hello Kitty is a Drug Pusher

    Poor Hello Kitty, she’s been used and abused in so many ways. Her image has been depicted on guns, vibrators [which we all have..right?], banana covers?!, Sars masks, and now a notorious Columbian drug lord has found a new way to pervert our favorite feline prom queen by hiding coded messages inside Hello Kitty images. …