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    Mi Vida Loca Style

    Who Ordered Pizza?

      Happy Halloween!!! Love your favorite hot slice Costume deetz: pizza skirt made by my bew Emi, necklace made from miniature dollhouse props found on eBay, pizza bow headband made from two fake pizza slices but I’m pretty sure these are dog toys (from eBay also) felt pizza slice made by me using this HILARIOUS …

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    Agent Lover X Fred Flare Witchy Glam

    DAS RIGHT BEWS. In the spirit of upcoming HALLOWEEN, Fred Flare and I have teamed up to bring you another visual delight in the form of this spooky BRUJA-THEMED VIDEO!! Are you ready to get your All Hallow’s Eve on? Have you been preparing yourself with scary movies, ghost stories, and seances? Also… here’s a …

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    Ouija Board, Ouija Board

    I love October! Rocktober… RAGETOBER. Not only is it my birthday month (October 16, set your alarms) but it is also the most wonderful time of the yeeeear…HALLOWEEN! I LOVE A GOOD SPOOK!! All year round of course but especially during Spooky Awareness Month. jacket – Forever 21 old Topless CA t-shirt grandma’s “M” scarf …

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    Mi Vida Loca Style

    An Infectious Halloween

    Did everyone have a RAGIN’ Halloween? My during-the-day Halloween costume was a schoolgirl witch. Satan’s School of Black Magic…top of the class! When I told Miss Dizzy Von Damn! what I was dressed as, she asked “Like The Craft?” And then I remembered my high school obsession with that movie. Some things never change. I …

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    Mi Vida Loca Movies

    My Halloween Past

    So let’s talk about my Halloween track record. My most memorable childhood Halloween costume was probably the time I dressed as a UNICORN in the fifth grade. Like many little girls, I collected everything that was a unicorn, which is inarguably one of the most BEAUTIFUL mythical creatures, as you know dis…Anyway, for Halloween I …