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    Kid Sister and Me!

    I’ve recently started reviewing music for the TILT blog and had the pleasure of interviewing Kid Sister at her show there last weekend! We talked nails did, Betsey Johnson and SELENAS. Please take a peep if you feel inclined and keep an eye on the blog if you love dance music! A couple of other …

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    Mother of Sighs

    This image-heavy post is a Halloween homage to one of my favorite horror films, Dario Argento’s Suspiria. I love the set decor so much. Mark my words fellas and felladies, when I build my dream haunted house with secret rooms and passageways, it will be done in the style of Suspiria… I need one of …

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    Mad Crushin’ on Dizzy Von Damn!

    My tassel-twirling gal pal, Dizzy Von Damn!, shakes up the burlesque stage with her sequined sauciness and hilariously creative acts. It’s no wonder she was crowned Miss Viva Las Vegas 2008!  Let’s find out what makes this “bastard child of Bettie Page and Liberace” sparkle. + What attracted you to the burlesque scene in the …