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    Getaway Girl Style: Bonnie and Clyde

    I am finally bringing you the conclusion of my “Getaway Girl Style” series, where we examined the styles of certain cinema bad girls we admire. This last memorable character might be the most obvious choice to end with, but there really wouldn’t be anyone better to complete the special than with the ultimate rebel woman, …

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    Movies Style

    Getaway Girl Style: The Doom Generation

    Finally! I have for you the second part of my “Getaway Girls” special…this one is a DOOZY! Remember when we were sixteen and wanted to be like Rose McGowan’s character in that terrible/awesome Gregg Araki movie Doom Generation? Anyone? Was it just me?! Well…I always thought the cigarette-smokin’, tough talkin’, nymphomaniac that was Amy Blue …

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    Getaway Girl Style: Pierrot Le Fou

    To kick off the weekend, I have a lil’ blog mini series inspired by three different films with one thing in common…their main characters are getaway girls. All three of these bad girls on the run still manage to convey an effortless style while partaking in some dangerous activities! In this mini-series we will take …