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    The Girl On The Bridge

    Circus tricks…everyone wants to learn them! When I was little I used to watch Circus of the Stars and dream of being on the trapeze like my childhood hero, Mr. Balki Bartokomous. Like many other things, you get older and change your mind. I’d still like to fly through the air like a spider monkey, …

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    Movies Style

    Getaway Girl Style: Pierrot Le Fou

    To kick off the weekend, I have a lil’ blog mini series inspired by three different films with one thing in common…their main characters are getaway girls. All three of these bad girls on the run still manage to convey an effortless style while partaking in some dangerous activities! In this mini-series we will take …

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    Cap Ou Pas Cap?

    I was recommended a film by a friend the other day called Jeux d’enfants. The American title is Love Me If You Dare. It stars my new favorite French actress Marion Cotillard, who is up [and should win] for Best Actress in La Vie En Rose, which I saw recently. She is as adorable and …

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    Lazy Sundays-Francophile Edition

    With the rain beating down today, screwing up my plans to go thrift store shopping, I decided to catch up on some good old netflixing and discovered I must unintentionally be in a Francophile film phase! If only I were eating french fries, french-kissing, and wearing a beret while watching these, I would be filled …