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    Zac Posen X Target

    Okay two weeks Zac Posen for Target will be UNLEASHED!!!!! You may have noticed I skipped talking about Gaultier for Target on here because BETCH PLE, that meant NUTHIN’ to me. But I have been waiting in the shadows and twiddling my fingers for Zac. MY PRESHIS. I am scheduling that weekend to make …

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    Rodarte X Target

    On December 20, Baybee Jesus is bringing us the Rodarte for Target line. Are you shaking in your culottes from all the excitement? Lately when I hear about the next designer for Target I don’t get too excited especially since the McQueen and Anna Sui collabs ended up being a bit disappointing ( I ended …

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    Tracy Feith For Target

    Did any of you check out the Tracy Feith for Target collection this weekend? I’d have to say the collection was not bad overall. There were a few things that were a lot prettier in person and on than I had expected, and there were also some that looked better from faaaar away (MONET) when …

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    Tara Subkoff for Bebe

    I usually never set foot in a Bebe since all that comes to mind are those baby tees emblazoned with the goddamn word “Bebe,” that were so overdone you could find mockups everywhere from the Beijing Silk Market to the 99 cent store. And when I do venture to the mall to get my fix …

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    Artheart Beauty Style

    Confectionery Collaborations

    With February already here, long-awaited fashion and makeup collaborations will finally make their way to some of us who’ve been reading about them for months. First off, I’ve been waiting to see what Milla Jovovich has planned for her Jovovich-Hawk line debuting at Target [as part of their GO International series] on March 2. When …