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    Agent Lover X Fred Flare Witchy Glam

    DAS RIGHT BEWS. In the spirit of upcoming HALLOWEEN, Fred Flare and I have teamed up to bring you another visual delight in the form of this spooky BRUJA-THEMED VIDEO!! Are you ready to get your All Hallow’s Eve on? Have you been preparing yourself with scary movies, ghost stories, and seances? Also… here’s a …

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    Bruja Icons: Bell, Book and Candle

    It’s time for another BRUJA STYLE ICON! This time I screencapped the late 50’s movie Bell, Book and Candle. It stars Kim Novak as a classy bruja living in New York City who falls in love with her (regular human) neighbor played by Jimmy Stewart. The costume design in the movie naturally won an Academy …

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    Bruja Icons: The Witches of Eastwick

    The Witches of Eastwick was one of THEE BEST bruja-themed movies to have ever been made. The coven made up of Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon and CHER was the ultimate female power trio of the 80’s! Warning: I appear to have screencapped 220 stills of this film. GOOD LAWT! Based on a book, this movie …

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    Wildfox’s Witches

    The new lookbook for Wildfox’s Fall 2010 collection is really charming! It’s about three “witches” and the photo above reminds me of a picture I have of myself sitting on my daybed reading my fave Young Adult witch series, Abracadabra. I wasn’t dressed any differently than these girls, except in my photo there was one …