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    Nailz Week 2 Style Icons: B*A*P*S

    That’s right my friends. I have been waiting YEARS. YEARS!!! to talk about my favorite Halle Berry vehicle, the award-winning B.A.P.S., and the time has arrived. When I say “award-winning,” I’m referring to the V. RARE zero star rating that was bestowed by film critic Roger Ebert, who also described the movie as “jaw-droppingly bad.” Much respect …

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    Nails on Film Quiz

    HAYYY! Can you guess what movies the glamorous nails below are from? Whomever gets the most answers correct will win my favorite nail polish, one Strap Perfect (LOL but seriously why did I need like thirty of them? Don’t I need just one? It’s like trick or treat up in here– giving ’em out like …