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    Dress Obsessed: Wino Edition

    Hey sexies. You know what I finally realized? I’ve become one of those “wine people.” WINE PEOPLE. Someone who would rather enjoy a nice glass of wine over any other kind of alcoholic beverage. And none of this 2 Buck Chuck eitha. Don’t roll your eyes at me! I AM 31 now and my days …

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    Truly Dazzling Decor

    I love finding alternate posters and other kinds of merchandise for my favorite movies so I was stoked to come across this amazing Thai poster for Valley Girl, but saddened that I couldn’t find a gallery with other international VG posters. I wish there was a place on this WIDE WORLD WEB that had pictures …

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    Dress Obsessed: Murder House Edition

    ♥ Outfit details: vintage dress from Alameda Vintage on eBay, shoes from Urban Outfitters, my childhood bow, Target heart tights, mom’s vintage basket purse, mood ring from Playclothes,  belt from this MNG by Mango dress ♥ Thanksgiving weekend was RULL NICE. I spent quality time with family and friends, got to see The Muppets at …