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    Truly Dazzling Decor

    I love finding alternate posters and other kinds of merchandise for my favorite movies so I was stoked to come across this amazing Thai poster for Valley Girl, but saddened that I couldn’t find a gallery with other international VG posters. I wish there was a place on this WIDE WORLD WEB that had pictures …

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    Enrolling In Summer Camp

    ♥vintage coat from Emi, Target leggings, dollhouse heels, h&m skirt♥ Spring is the transition to summer from winter. Not too cold, not too hot. Iced coffee in the mornings, chai lattes at night. Heat lamps on bare legs, furry coats over cleavage and a scoop of ice cream in your hot chocolate. I am working …

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    Happy 300th Post!

    Can you beweave it? It seemed like only yesterday we were celebrating our 200th blog anniversary with a toast and staring into each other’s blog eyes. I say anniversary because it’s kind of like every post is a sexy rendezvous between us two schweethearts. Every time you read my blog, it’s like we are holding …