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Exclusive Video Premiere: Summer Twins – “Darlin’ “

Darlin’ from Summer Twins on Vimeo.

YOU GUYS I am such a huge fan of the band Summer Twins, the supercute sisterduo of Chelsea and Justine Brown who make the dreamiest tunes right here in So Cal, so I am really excited to premiere the video for their song, “Darlin’” which is off their new EP, Forget Me.

From Chelsea:  “This video is a documentation of a 10 day tour we did last year in Japan. For years, it’s been a dream of ours to go out there, so the whole thing felt unreal and we were lucky to arrive while the cherry blossoms were blooming!

 I originally wrote the song about touring and the struggle that brings with being in a relationship. At the time we filmed this, my boyfriend was on tour for two months with his band, while we were touring here in the US then Japan, so the song felt like an appropriate fit. We were living in two completely different worlds and trying to stay connected with short phone calls here and there, so it wasn’t easy, but this song was meant to serve as a sort of reassurance that we’d make it through all the trials of touring. 
Our good friend/go-to-photographer, Joy Newell, came along with us to film and she also edited all the footage. We fell in love with Japan and made some great friends out there. We can’t wait to go back!”


This song makes me miss Japan!!! (and my LDR boyfriend too :* )


Make sure to pick up the EP here!



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Zak Waters’ New Single: Skinny Dipping In The Deep End

Zak Waters, one of my all-time favorite Dear Menz sexy hunks, has a new single out from his upcoming fall full-length release! I’m SUPER EXCITED because I’ve listened to his first EP New Normal NONSTOP over the past year. “Skinny Dipping In The Deep End” is the ultimate sexy summer jam! Watch the video below and get it on iTunes here! LUVIN EWE ZAK!

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Sun In Libra

When I saw that Loulou was making daisy crowns I HAD to get one! She also made me a cute collar as a belated birthday present. MY BOO SHE SO SCHWEET. It says LIBRA on it. (!!!!!) Obviously I wanted to wear everything all at once so I put together this outfit during some recent girl-time with Emi and Sam. The skirt is from I Heart Ronson and it’s one of those that tricks me. It looks OK at first…then a couple jaunts down the street and my cheeks are hanging out. The skirt can’t help it. I have a badunk that makes everything I wear business in the front, bomba party in the back. I ended up having to change into a vintage dress I bought at Shabon in order to survive the rest of the day.

I love this purse. It belonged to my grandmother, Marie Sr. With all due respect to my gramz, this bag is actually kinda shitty! It’s poorly made, but I love it so much! So if I have to keep getting it fixed at the cobbler I WILL!

Here I am trying on Sam’s Miu Miu’s! I LOVE the glitter but I wish they also came in a HUGE cat eye!  I also got some acorn earrings from Pygmy Hippo. I am basically wearing all of my friends’ everythangs in this picture. kisses~~~

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Dear Menz: Sexy Pizza Edition With Special Guest Zak Waters


That’s right ladies…I am back with everyone’s favorite column… Dear Menz! Throw your bras in the air in celebration! This time I went a lil’ bit WILD and started a “Sexy Pizza Edition,” which means along with the usual topics of sex and romance, we’ll be talking about our favorite vegetable… PIZZA! I thought it might be a fun idea since pizza IS an aphrodisiac….right? Anyway, let’s get down to business. Today’s special guest hunk is Zak Waters, a singer- songwriter from LA whose soulful dance music is so goddamn sexy, you  will probably get pregnant just from reading this interview. He also thinks Frankenflops are a “crime against humanity.” Naturally I wanted to harass this cool menz…

What’s the sexiest thing a girl does to turn you on?

When I sing the three sweet words “Ain’t nothing wrong…”  and she chimes in “with a little bump and grind…”

Where have you had the best sex of your life? 

My bed. Sounds boring, but the whole “sex in weird places” just isn’t my thing…it’s too distracting.  It’s exciting for about two minutes and then I start to get irritated.  Nothing like the soft and spacious feel of a good ol’ fashioned bed.

Where have you have the best pizza of your life? 

DiCarlo Pizzeria on Hollywood and Hillhurst. I used to work there. They fired me. But the pizza was really good.

Give me three songs on your Ultimate Makeout Mix.

 D’Angelo- “Send It On”

Twin Shadow- “At My Heels” 

Cass McCombs- “County Line”  

If you could make your DREAM PIZZA, what would be on it?

Cheese and sauce…I’m a pretty simple guy.

Boobs or booty?

Boooty Boooty Boooty all day…every day.

Betty or Veronica?

Are we talkin’ Real Housewives of Orange County?  I’d have to go with Veronica.

Can an item of clothing a girl wears REALLY turn a guy off? I know the answer is NO so don’t even try to play…

Ok I can def play this one. My friends always tease me about how picky I am about these kind of things when I’ve gone on dates. It really bugs me when girls wear high heels that are too big for them. It just gives me the impression that they borrowed them from their mom or something. One time a girl wore a grey fur vest with a cut-up Mötley Crüe t-shirt underneath and of course some flesh-colored pumps that were def a size too big. Now did it turn me off completely? No, not quite.  It was the Gigapet adorning her keychain that did me in….

 What kind of pizza turns you OFF?

I’d have to say garlic. I mean, I love it just like anyone else, but there’s nothing sexy about garlic breath…


Thank you Zak! Make sure to get his EP, New Normal, from iTunes, and follow him on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube. And check out the cute video below for his song “Flirt.”

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Too Many Sweets


♥thrifted dress, We Love Colors knee socks, petal hair scarf from flea market, shoes from Urban OG


I wanted to get a pair of ugly brown wedges to balance out some of my more colorful outfits. ELLO GRANDMUTHA


Still not sure if this hair scarf works on the likes of me. Perhaps if I curled my long luscious Navajo locks the next time I wear this it will work better. I do like looking like a flower though.

SIDENOTE: Here’s an interview I did on Melina Bee’s blog! I talk about catty girls, the origin of my corn collecting, and my dreams of someday becoming a Motown aerobics instructor! It was one of my most favorite interviews to do because I got to talk and talk and talk about other subjects. Thanks so much Melina for letting me SPEW my thoughts all over your blog!

Finally, last week I was really obsessed with this Cults song  to the point where I made myself sick! You know I have a problem with song obsession. But please enjoy if you haven’t heard them yet. Usually with these low-fi, girl-fronted bands I get obsessed for a week or two, then I get SICK of them and have to take a long break. So next time, remind me to take these bands in small doses before I ruin everything. It’s like eating too much candy!

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Little Red Riding Hoodrat

lil red riding hoodrat

♥red and black capelet from, AA skirt, cheapo sunglasses, JC Penney boots♥

This is what I wore to the flea market the other weekend. Hey you guys? When fall comes around again can you PLEASE remind me to be on the lurq for a solid red capelet? Because I realized that’s the type of garment I need in life to pay homage to Wendy the Good Little Witch without having to wear a scary floor length red cloak.

Wendy the Witch

I did happen to score a Wendy tumbler at the flea! FINALLY! I’d always see them at the antique shop and tell myself I was going to start collecting but never did…UNTIL NOW. I also got a yellow petal head scarf that I may have the perfect dress to pair it with.

Let’s just end this brief post with my new (to me) favorite Doll-E song. Whenever I hear this song I imagine myself slow-dancing with the A.C. Slater-dimpled cholo who makes my breakfast burritos. DON’T BE JEALOUS!

Let’s just take another one to go. OMG I LOVE DOLL-E GIRL!!

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Dear John Waters, I Want To Get Drunk With You Already

john waters show outfit

♥ 80′s faux fur coat, Built By Wendy for Target dress, peach socks courtesy of We Love Colors, Jeffrey Campbell shoes from Lulu’s, F21 belt, Lips hat made by Emi for my xmas present last year ♥

john waters show outfit

This is what I wore to John Waters’ “This Filthy World Goes Hollywood” show the other night! Firstly, I just have to say John Waters is a goddamn machine. He is NONSTOP hilarity with his stories! I could throw on a snuggie and listen to him talk for hours! I don’t think I saw him even take a sip of water to clear his throat. How the?! Mr. Waters, seriously let’s just knock back a few dranks and talk shit about everything in the world because this is RIDICULOUS! Secondly, let’s talk about this dress for a minute. Yes, I said Built By Wendy for Target in my outfit notes above. Um…WHAT?! I know. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? This dress is not part of some Built By Wendy for Target collection nor was it available in stores. It was featured in Target’s Red Hot shop a few days before Valentine’s day which means nobody would have been able to even get it in time for Valentine’s. I snatched it up on a day when it was 20% off and free shipping. It was red with little orange hearts, I HAD TO! But where were the press releases? Why didn’t anyone know about this? WHY WERE YOU HIDING THIS FROM US. Another strange thing is there were no price tags on the dress, just a sewn tag that says Built By Wendy. WHAT IN TARNASHIA IS GOING ON YOU GUYS.

john waters show outfit

Anytime I can wear my lips hat is a good time indeed. The show was at UCLA so I can’t expect a parade of fashion, just Uggs and sweats I GUESS. Why are people so boring? Couldn’t someone have dressed up like Divine or made a hat that looked like a literal piece of shit as an ode to Pink Flamingos? I guess it’s going to have to be me next time sporting that fake dook. OMG! With little flies on wires buzzing around it! Imagine! Back to my anger, seriously why don’t people dress up? We are all going to die at some point so you might as well wear a crazy hat, you assholes.

john waters show outfit


john waters show outfit

I got these vintage Japanese opera glasses for Emi and I since we were up in the balcony and besides being cute, they were actually very useful! I was able to spot host Matthew Gray Gubler’s moustache homage to JW from up above! I also fell in love that night with Elvis Perkins, who was the opening musical act. He sounds like Jeff Mangum and is Anthony Perkins’ (yes from Psycho) son. I am ashamed I never knew about him before, but even though I try to know everything that is going on  at all times, some days I listen to too much 90′s Mariah and miss out on gems such as this mang. Ple dew:

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Agent Lover Loves You – Volume III

valentine's sunday
♥Ebay red lace dress, Amiclub heart print wedges, Pygmy Hippo Sweetheart bow

As you can see I found a cute red lace dress like I had wanted…except it’s REAL SLUTTY! But I guess that’s what I should expect for always calling it PUTANA LACE! I kind of have a secret (or not-so-secret) love for showing off a bra once in a while like Alabama Worley (mmyes that is a foreshadowing for my Cinephilia post tomorrow!)

And now here is my third annual Agent Lover Loves You mix! If you missed last years, you can get it here. This time I decided to go all old school naughty, and I mean waaaay old school. Starting off with some dirty blues and ending with some hilarious cochina songs. Enjoy!

Agent Lover Loves You Volume III: Double Entendre, Double The Pleasure

♥Blue Lu Barker – Don’t You Feel My Leg♥
♥Bo Carter – Banana In Your Fruit Basket♥
♥Georgia White – I’ll Keep Sittin’ On It (If I Can’t Sell It)♥
♥Oscar’s Chicago Swingers – New Rubbing On That Darned Old Thing♥
♥Lillie Mae Kirkman – He’ s Just My Size♥
♥Bo Carter – Please Warm My Weiner♥
♥Lucille Bogan – Shave Em’ Dry♥
♥The Blenders – Don’t Fuck Around WIth Love♥
♥Angelina – He Forgot His Rubbers♥
♥Miss Dee – Hey Mister Ice Man!♥
♥Connie Lingus – Fuck Me Forever♥


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Mad Crushin’ On Bombon

Photo by ‘Shanty’ Cheryl Groff. From left: Paloma, Angela and Jerico

Bombón is not some average cute girl band with matching outfits and an adorable name (marshmallow in español.) This San Pedro-based ladytrio plays 60′s surf rock with the kind of energy and talent that would make Link Wray proud and have Annette Funicello shaking her hips. Their first LP, Las Chicas del Bombón, may invoke warm weather, the desire for days spent at the beach, and road trips with girlfriends. It can also be the official soundtrack to our daily winged-eyeliner application. Learn more about Angela, Paloma and Jerico below!

How did you ladies come together to form Bombón?

Jerico: Bombón was the brain child of Angela. She has a passion for 60′s surf and shared it with us. That girl is just the most amazing guitar player and she got us going on the genre by showing us her mad reverb-y stylesss haha. I had previously played guitar, but opted to learn some drums for the occasion and Paloma brought forth her funky bass styles. Ang showed us what she had and it just flowed out real easily from there. The three of us collaborate really well together and it all just sorta fell into place. A little more than a year in, we had a cassette done by Burger Records of Orange County, a mini-tour of Nor-Cal, followed by our self-released LP, Las Chicas Del Bombón on 45 RPM Records, and an epic tour, nay, journey! of the South under our belts. I might also add that we made LA Weekly’s “Top 10 Bands to Watch in 2011″ list!! Yay!

What inspires your songs?

Angela: Family, friends, old westerns and horror films.
Paloma: Friends and bandmates
Jerico: I just like to make songs that i think will get peeps’ toes a’tappin’.

Photo by ‘Shanty’ Cheryl Groff.

What female musicians have inspired you personally?

A: There is a great span of female musicians that inspire me to play music such as Holly Golightly, Kira Roessler, ect… but the first that had initially inspired me would be Poison Ivy Rorschach.
P: Basically same as Angela. Definitely Holly Golightly and Kira Roessler taught me how to hold my bass and pluck a bass string with my fingers! Although she doesn’t approve of me playing a right-handed bass while being left handed. Kira rules!
J: My lady faves are Jenny Lewis, Zooey Deschanel and Kim Shattuck of The Muffs. They are all rock goddesses in my eyes.

Your current musical crushes?

A: Not quite sure if you can call it a crush, but The Pine Hill Haints I will love to death!
P: Thurston Moore
J: Totally have a girl crush on Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast right now, but my heart will always belong to George Harrison.

Are there any movies that speak the vibe of Bombón?

A:  I would like to hope for a Quentin film.
P: Yes Any Quentin-directed movie.
J: QT has it!

Photo by ‘Shanty’ Cheryl Groff.

You always rock the cutest outfits, how do you decide what to wear for shows?

A: Our decision is usually based on comfort.
P: Whatever is easiest but cute.
J: We like to shop together, we pick out things that are cute, but also functional, and we all throw our own unique twists on each outfit. Our schtick is based off of the nostalgic girl-group vibe , that’s why we go all matchy-matchy.

If you could describe your style as the combination of any two people or things, who or what would they be?

A: My grandparents and Barbara Eden,
P: I would like to think Zooey Deschanel with a mix of punk…well at least that’s the style I like.
J: I’d like to think of myself as Jenny Lewis meets Lucille Ball.

What are your wardrobe staples?

A: Boots, tangerine lipstick and black tights.
P: Black or grey worn out t-shirts.
J: You’ll pretty much always see me in a pair of high top chucks and anything red.


What are some of your current obsessions?

A: Currently… in search of Silvio Rodriguez albums and 1950’s sweater clips.
P: Mastering the art of 1960′s hairdo’s.
J: I’m kind of obsessed with Words with Friends right now, the Scrabble game for iPod where you play against your friends. Haha!

What’s next on the menu for Bombón?

A: Writing new songs!
P: More songs and hopefully more tours and records!
J: I wanna tour Japan!

For more Bombón, check out their Facebook for upcoming shows and don’t forget to purchase their LP here! The record comes with a free digital download and a cute insert too!

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90′s Chick Rock Mix Part 2


In case some of you haven’t heard me shouting from the rooftops (via Twitter y Facebook), it’s my blog’s birthday/anniversary this week! We have been together for THREE WHOLE YEARS CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I hope you are still crazy in love with me Beyonce style as much as I am with you. This week is pretty much teenage Marie-themed so I hope you’ve been enjoying the flashback to my past. BUT NOW…close your eyes and open your ears because I gotchu a present!!! It’s the sequel to the 90′s Chick Rock mix (that mix is back for download as well)! This time we have a fairly good amount of grrrl bands, songs you might recognize from your favorite movies and maybe even one that you fantasized making out to with your Jordan Catalano-esque crush. No Mazzy Star though, SAWRE! But there IS Ethyl Meatplow (anyone, anyone?)

Download: 90′s Chick Rock: THE SEQUEL

DISCLAIMER: The Primitives “Crash” actually came out in 1988 but it’s such a 90′s song memory to me we are leaving it in!!

GIRL POWER 2011!!!!

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