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    Strange Magic

    Rookie girls: Katherine, Olivia, Tara, Dylan, moi, and Hazel I know this is considered OLD NEWZ in blog years and all, but I just wanted to share a few of my INTIMATE PHOTOS from last month when the Strange Magic installation was at Space 15 Twenty. For those of you who made it out to any …

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    Blogging has been a bit scarce this past month or so but I’ve been doing a lot of stuff for Rookie so ple takes a lurk over there if you feel so inclined. I have my regular teen advice column and film style posts, a fun 80’s hair taxonomy and even a piece about growing …

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    Supa Supa Fly

    A couple of weeks ago I asked the boo boos on Twitter if I should dress up as an In Living Color Fly Girl or one of our beloved Spice Girls for my friends’ 90’s-themed party. The vote was UNANIMOUS…just about EVERYONE in the world wanted to see me parade around in some booty shorts …

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    Goin’ Loco

    My hard drive died and I lost almost everything. Merc retro datchu? While I try to regain composure, ple enjoy these photos of a recent Doritos Locos tacos tasting. Being a taco connoisseur, I had to share with you my final notes: Goes well with Riesling. Because of the Locos’ strong fake nacho cheese taste, …

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    Juicy Fruit

    It was Emi’s FRUITY THIRTY! We put on our best tropical attire and Carmen Miranda’d out to celebrate the life and times of one especiale birthday girl. I wore a dress from ASOS with Polly heels, rocked a banana earring from Girlprops in one ear and a gold pineapple stud from H&M in the other. I also …

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    Who Ordered Pizza?

      Happy Halloween!!! Love your favorite hot slice Costume deetz: pizza skirt made by my bew Emi, necklace made from miniature dollhouse props found on eBay, pizza bow headband made from two fake pizza slices but I’m pretty sure these are dog toys (from eBay also) felt pizza slice made by me using this HILARIOUS …

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    Instant AL

    Continuing with my new tradition, here are my Instagrams from September! This pic was from the Gradient Nail Tutorial I did for Rookie, and in case you missed it, here’s the post I did on Mean Girl Movie Style. ♥ Both me and my buttocks miss moonbathing naked under the Big Sur sky…at least I …