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Endless Possibilities

Vista Print is giving away free custom print tote bags today. You can pay a little bit more to upload your own design. CLEARLY I WILL BE TAKING ADVANTAGE. I have tons of these kinds of totes since they are great for grocery shopping, thrifting and going to the flea market, carrying your lunch, etc. So which one of these iconic photos will I slap on my new gym tote??? Let us peruse the designs I came up with so far, shall we…?

Sleeping beauty?

Daddy and baby?

Mariah’s best role?

Tears of a clown?

No words. I just love this photo. Might be better for a heart-shaped locket though.

A photo of the tip jar I’d use if I had my own cafe?

This is just the first batch. I’m going to be doing this all day I’m sure. Maybe you will see the winning design in a future post. Sidebar: I kind of want to do Agent Lover totes. Should I ? Is that stu? It would’t be a corny all over LV print that says AL or anything, I swears. Hmmm…I shall come up with something cute and marinate on it.

Will you get a tote? What will you put on it?

June 29, 2011   15 Comments

Top Ten Inspirational Celebrity Pictures From My Inspiration Folder 2010

Well ladies and gents, it’s time for the post you have waited the whole year for…the celebrity pictures I have lurked, laughed at, and right clicked and saved for my Inspiration Folder! These photos have brought me so much joy and disgust that the only right thing to do is to share with the people I love most…YOU!


1. Ahhhh…nothing warms me up in the morning more than a nice cup of Coco…

Inspiring photos 2010

2. It’s not just the fact that Monique has a Harry and The Hendersons situation going on, it’s also because some photo editor decided to make this into a diptych so I can take a real good look at these gams. I don’t even need to get my magnifying glass out THANK YOU I SEE NOW

Inspiring photos 2010

3. As much as I love me a camel toe and McQueen, Kelis looks like a sea monkey come to life. Like she rose from THE LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS

Inspiring photos 2010

4. I got really obsessed with these photos of Lohan crying. I’M MEAN I KNOW BUT IT’S FUNNY I’M SAWRE

Inspiring photos 2010

5. I feel like this photo encompasses that moment when you feel completely alone in the world, like when you tell a joke and nobody in the car laughs.

Inspiring photos 2010

6. I don’t know why J-Love had this bootleg gaga hair bow and I don’t ever want to know or ever see it again

Inspiring photos 2010

7. I liked this photo because it reminded me of me. Like those nights when I’m wearing a new pair of high heels and have to hang on to the arm of someone to get around, usually a tall white woman.

Inspiring photos 2010

8. We’ve seen this one on here before, but we will need it again to go into the new year. When you’re DITD and feel like you can’t go on, I want you to envision yourself as Prince in this picture. Wearing a shirt with your own face on it and holding the chancla of one of the world’s most respected divas. VICTORY!!!!!

Inspiring photos 2010


Inspiring photos 2010

10. And finally, the most INSPIRING PHOTO OF 2010!! The ole’ Razzle Dazzle may not be a celebrity in the conventional way, but he was a celebrity to me!!! I pretty much sent this picture to everyone I know, turned it into a Younicorn and even had it as my phone wallpaper. ( A BIG Thank you to Lola who always sends me the best things ever.)

Inspiring photos 2010

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!!! How do we feel? Inspired? Refreshed? Bored? ABOUT TO VOM? I hope it’s a YES to all!!!!

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I Hate Being Away From You


I KNOW. It’s been so long and so wrong since your blog eyes have lurked my blog’s thighs so I just wanted to say a quick “Yoo-hoo!” and post this erotic picture of Denise Huxtable from my Inspiration Folder. It’s one of those pictures that I want to keep in my wallet so I can pull it out anytime we need it. But I guess the current day equivalent to that is uploading it into my iPhone. NOT THE SAME! Anyway, knowing me I’ll start unloading some posts on you tomorrow, but cherish this quickie anyway. Time to watch some REAL HOUSEWIVES and go to sleep.

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You Are The Wind Beneath My Winged Eyeliner


SONOFAGUN I haven’t blogged in a week! I’m having BLOG GUILT MOM. Howeva, Librans tend to ebb and flow and this was a wild week. Also I felt I was bombarding you guys with posts! Do I give too much or give too little? I’m sorry for these cat and mouse games! I just want to make sure you are still interested in me. I don’t want our relationship to become too predictable. So I thought I’d spice things up for you by pulling something out of my good ol’ Inspiration Folder. That screencap alone encompasses so much of my heart and soul. I am quoting 90210 all day/night/week/life on Twitter. Please get @ me if you have the urge.

I gave the Bakery a makeover! Please check out the new pictures of my boo Kiana modeling my cake hats. ! I will post more from that shoot soon. And of course if you are interested in a cake hat email me at!

To spice things up even more, here are some of things I have been researching this week:

Ok that’s enough from my Google Confessional.

People have said there should be more ME on this blog. ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT? OK. ::flips hair:: Since I didn’t have time to do any Dress Obsessed outfit shots this week, I decided to do a collage of my recent Photobooth shots aka narcissism birthed out of boredom and convenience. PLE ENJOY


This weekend will be fairly busy so I’m going to do some weightlifting to ‘Like A Prayer’ right now to get myself pumped and prepared. First off, a little ladies night with some of my gals while we see Kid Sister at Control and tomorrow I’m heading to the Vintage Expo in Santa Monica! Let me know if any of you local ladies attend! It will be my first time (ooh la la… VIRGIN.) I wrote more about it on The Lipstick Diaries. Then of course, there’s  Zac Posen X Target on Sunday!

Here’s a very happy song from Swedish band Love Is All to jump off. It’s on repeat today! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been kind of obsessed with finding new jamz as of late so be prepared ’cause I’m swapping songs and SWAPPIN’ SPIT. Also, I’m glad many of you enjoyed the Girl Group mix!

Love Is All – Bigger Bolder

What are you up to this weekend?

April 22, 2010   7 Comments

Top Ten Inspirational Celebrity Pictures From My Secret Folder

I’ve told you about this before, remember? My secret desktop folder where I keep my inspirational pictures? How can you forget?!? Since it is a brand new beautiful year, I felt it was good luck to crack open this pandora’s box and show you what I have hiding in there. I’m not scurred to show you my true feelings. I KNOW 2010 and beyond will bring enough awkward celebrity photos to fill my  inspirational folder to the brim!


1. Can’t tell you how many times I would stare at this photo in my phone. YES, I said it was in my phone so I could whip it out to show anybody at anytime. It might as well have been a penis pic.

I know what you're thinking

2. My #1 New Year’s Resolution is to recreate this picture. It’s gonna happen! This will continue to inspire me for the next year.


3.  I wish she would just go back to this look.

lady harry potta

4. Oh you crazy betch

oh you

5. Chantal Biya, I can’t.


6. I know this was just from New Year’s Eve but I can’t stop thinking about it.


7. Menz With Acrylics, not celebrities but I was obsessed

i cant deal

8. Winehouse Fake Frecklez

fake freckz

9. Maybe I’m just obsessed with stripper heels doing everyday things.

coco workout

10. :)


January 5, 2010   9 Comments

My Secret Inspiration Folder

love you krazy

The folder titled “Inspiration” on my desktop is a magical place where I save images I find that “inspire” me. I’m going to start sharing it with you so we can get to know each other EVEN MORE. I believe we can build a better internet relationship if we just take off our chanclas and not be afraid to get intimate and show what’s really inside ourselves (and secret folders.) What kind of gems do you have in YOUR inspiration folder?

I’m not sure why I love that above picture of Kelis. Could it be the red lipstick braceface grin?!?? OBV. I love it so much I am about to carry it in my wallet. Speaking of red lipstick, does anybody have a new recommendation for me to try? I went to M.A.C the other day and wanted to get the regular satin M.A.C. Red but that betch accidentally gave me matte Russian Red (which I usually wear) and I stu put it on without even checking first. SIIIIARGHHH. I miss M.A.C.’s Red Hot. RIP four years ago yet I have a tiny bit I use for special occasions. These Koolaid-colored lips need a new option to stain the menz with!

BTW I decided not to put the bonus mix up yet because I feel Motownphilly needs to sink in more before I throw another one at you. So watch for that next week sometime!

I am off to San Fran for the weekend! Look for me coming down your street..IMAGINE!? (also from my Inspiration folder)

the most amazing thing I have seen all week

Ooh look a little song for you to go with this post anyway:

Connie Francis – “Lipstick On Your Collar”

Love 2 Love U,

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