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Tie-Dyed And Mortified

Mary in LA!

The lovely Petra sent me these amazing pink and black tie-dye tights from her Pebelle line. Since interviewing Petra last year, we’ve kept in touch and she’s even started a blog for Pebelle! Take a look at it here. I love these tights! They take my tiger dress to a whole new level. I wore this ‘lil number when I met up with my sister from another mister, Mary Van Note, while she was in town last month performing some shows.

Mary in LA!

Working the boulevard with Mary and Emi. WACHOW

Mary in Heart Tart!


Mary in Heart Tart!

Mary in LA!

I can’t wait for Mary and Ben to come back to LA!! Serenading you guys Janet Jackson-style right now.

Mary in LA!

One of the shows that Mary performed at while in LA was called Mortified, where people read embarrassing excerpts from their old diaries.  At the one we went to, one of the dudes read letters that he wrote to none other than Mr. Belvedere! The kid who played Wesley was also a special guest! My bro and I were huge fans of Mr. Bellybutton so that was a REAL TREAT. That above is Mary’s diary, which she read from after unlocking with a special key. Naturally the whole thing got me thinking about the old Dear Diary feature I had on here when I first started this blog. I have been meaning to start that up again, although my junior high-era Pochacco diary might be too embarrassing to share on here since it’s all about how boy crazy I was. With my luck, I would post an excerpt from it which is basically a logbook of obsessively-detailed crushes and the one boy who kicked my legs under my desk because “they were hairier than his” will most likely find it and send me a penus pic or something. WHICH, btw, is suuuch a 2007 move, Anthony Weiner (YOU AMATEUR)

It also got me thinking about one of my favorite games I like to play called “What Were Marie and Emi Doing At This Age?” where we basically compare the vast differences in our childhoods (i.e., me being raised Catholic versus she being raised atheist; me catching butterflies and playing Skip-It while she was hobknobbin’ with CHRISTIAN SLATER and chasing DURAN DURAN AROUND TOWN! TWEEN JEALOUSY STILL EXISTS FU EMI). This game also includes the comparison of our Sanrio diaries. When we first read some of the entries side by side, we were dead on the floor because it’s like “Yep, we are still pretty much the same as we were back then.”

My diary is the blue Hello Kitty one. (GOODY TWO SHOEZ) and hers is the Keroppi one below it.

I want JUSTICE!!

vera is a bitch

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Dear Diary – A Question in Answer

Dear Diary, A Question in Answer

I was only nine years old here and my fears of the apocalypse were already forming. Poor bebi Marie! At least I entertained myself with some fantasy films. I actually have Return to Oz at home from Netflix right now.

June 25, 2008   9 Comments

Dress Me Up in Your Love

My Favorite Pin Up Comic Katy Keene

It’s pretty safe to say I was raised on comic books. I grew up with only brothers and my father was, and still is, an avid collector of everything comic-related so during my childhood I developed an equal fondness for Barbie as well as Professor Charles Xavier. These days I still get [cautiously] excited for the many comic-based movies that are released, am convinced that Oona Goosepimple [of Nancy and Sluggo] is a big reason why I gravitate towards all things strange and spooky, and believe that picking up a Betty and Veronica Double Digest can make you feel a whole lot better after a truly shitty day.

My Favorite Pin Up Comic Katy Keene

Among my stacks of Excaliburs and Archies, you could also find the dog-eared, yellowing pages of a comic book called Katy Keene, which featured the adventures of a raven-haired pinup model from the fifties and sixties. The thing about Katy Keene comics was that since she was a glamorous model, she would always be dressed in fabulous clothing. She was definitely a major inspiration behind my love of both dressing up and the fashion from those eras. Katy, along with other friends like rich bitch Gloria Grandbilt, sibling “Sis the Candy Kid” and even her boyfriends [yes, plural] would have their own paper dolls!

My Favorite Pin Up Comic Katy Keene

Bill Woggon, the creator of Katy Keene, would ask fans to submit wardrobe illustrations, so many of her outfits were designed by the readers themselves! In the eighties, the comic was revived so I had many of the newer ones as well. I also read a lot of Vicki Valentine, another pinup comic character of Bill Woggon’s. It was interesting going through these old comics and seeing how certain elements that were on Katy’s and Vicki’s clothes are the exact kind of details I now use for my own fashion style. I remember being six years old and looking at those panels over and over. Surely all those heart-patterned dresses and big bows must have gotten stuck in my subconscious!
Vicki Valentine Comic Pinup

Vicki Valentine Comic Pinup

A couple of years ago, Archie comics had another Katy comeback, but I haven’t found any of the books, which is fine because I fucking hate the artwork! And they chose to modernize her glam occupation as a “Hollywood celebrity.” BAH.

If you’ve noticed a change on the Pages section on the upper right of my blog, there is something very new and exciting! When I decided to redesign my website last year, I wanted a Paper Doll feature to pay tribute to my love of Katy Keene as well as to accompany the fashion-oriented direction I was going in. I asked the wonderful and amazing Gea to do the artwork. The clothing is from my actual wardrobe and I even have a couple of guest stars. It’s bananas how talented she is. Yay Gea! Be on the lookout for the upcoming interview I have with her also!

Agent Lover Paper Doll

Take a look! You can drag the outfits and accessories to dress me up and click the swatches to change the background. The beautiful brocade and chandelier backgrounds are actually papers from Hambly Screen Prints. I love it so much!

Next up is deciding which Katy Keene paper dolls I want for a tattoo…anybody know a good tattooist for this in SoCal?

Also, present for you!

The Mills Brothers – “Paper Doll”

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Dear Diary – Dreaming of the Silver Screen

Cinematic Dreams

This was around the time I discovered my brother’s video camera and was really into “making movies.” I found some script I wrote with a logo on the back that says “Unipeg Productions.” Unipegs [Unicorn/Pegasus in case you don't know] can kick the asses of any other fantasy hybrid animals, FYI.

May 12, 2008   5 Comments

Monsters and Mimosas

Easter was lovely, relaxing, and we had perfectly warm weather. I spent the earlier part of the day making vampire cupcakes while Edith Piaf played in the background. Baking while listening to her has to be one of the most calming combinations next to drinking champagne in a hot tub.

cake like neck

I got the idea for the cupcakes from this wonderful lil’ blog and wanted to try it out on the second best day to celebrate the undead, Easter! Afterwards, I headed over to the bff’s for steak, mimosas and Monster Squad to complete the celebration. It seems I associate Easter with monsters remembering I made a monster-themed Easter basket for an ex bf a couple years ago. Perhaps this is some sort of subconscious tradition!

Let’s laugh at this embarrassing fifth grade diary entry from the time I was obsessed with Monster Squad:

A few tips regarding vampires

Oh, Monster Squad, you’re right up there with The Goonies for me.

Monster Squad

It’s interesting watching kids movies from the 80’s and comparing them to the ones now. Back then, they got away with twelve-year olds spewing profanity, ogling tits and even some violence under a sweet PG-13 rating. These days people make such a big deal out of everything. Kids are hearing and seeing worse on the playground and the internet anyway! People are so stupid. I want to get into a time machine and become preggo back then so my kid can grow up on John Hughes movies and learn how to breakdance. Hmm, maybe I just want to give birth to a breakdancing version of myself. Anyway, I digress.

Let’s take a look at some scenes from the movie that you will most likely never see on kid-friendly films today.

Shit you won't see in kid movies nowadays

Kids with guns! A dad lighting up a cig in his house in front of his son! And Rudy’s smoking a cigarette too. BTW, Ryan Lambert is still one hot mutha. This part is still badass years later and you know it:

Straight Gangsta

Straight gangsta. There was also profanity o’ plenty from the kids in this movie that you will surely never see nowadays. Imagine Harry Potter saying something like “Fuck off, Malfoy.” Sigh. I’m so nostalgic lately.

March 24, 2008   5 Comments

Dear Diary – My Nerdy Ass Obsession with The Goonies

Goonies is more important than war

This was right when the Gulf War started in ’91. I was ten here and obsessed with The Goonies. My crush on Mikey was for real DEEP. I always liked the unlikely hero best. Maybe I still do!

I also had a Goonies Club at school and filmed a “sequel” AND rewrote the story with me in the cast, as a cheerleader. BWAH! That will be a future scan. Also: “I am still searching.” What a goddamn nerdalish.

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Drama at Teen Beat Headquarters

You may think I am crazy but you are worse

As you can see here, I was very fickle with the hearts of my childhood celebrity crushes. Here is a visual of my junior high playa status:

sorry macauley

Also, “You may think I’m crazy but you are worse.” Take that Diary! And what kind of hectic month can a twelve-year-old really have? Shit if I know. What a drama queen.

March 4, 2008   9 Comments

In the Year 2000

I’m having some technical difficulties with photo uploading so in the meantime here is another excerpt from my grade school diary. This one was quite a treat since I probably just watched Back to the Future 2 [my favorite of the series] and was looking forward to the technological advances of the next decade.

i had a lot of faith back then

FYI I am still a fan of Lisa Frank stationery. Also please note my valediction. I hope I was just being sarcastic with my diary. :(

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Dear Diary

A while back, I started scanning some some entries from my childhood diaries. I recently found even more embarrassing diary entries from my life as a shy child cursed with intense “Bitchface.” I’m going to attempt to analyze them in order to make my therapist’s job a teeny bit easier. Onto the first gem…

I want JUSTICE!!

Tonya was my red-headed babysitter when I was nine years old. The only other memory I have of Tonya was when she changed her maxi pad in front of me and I saw her big fiery bush. This entry also frightens me because of my horrible spelling of the word “excuse.” I actually was a good speller back then, but I lost the spelling bee since I was too cool to study [lazy].
However, I still stand by my theory that the Speak & Spell made me become the spelling nazi that I am today. Does anyone else have Speak & Spell pride? We should get tattoos.

January 19, 2008   6 Comments