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Ooh That Was My Jam: G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

In the mid-eighties, us baby hoodrats enjoyed watching a lil’ bit of professional wrestling from time to time. Well…that’s if you had older brothers who forced you to. But really, who wouldn’t want to put down their Cabbage Patch doll for a few minutes to witness Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, and Randy Savage body-slam each other during Wrestlemania??? Still, there was something missing for us little ladies. We needed some girl power in that ring.  The wrestling gods answered us in 1986, when G.L.O.W., short for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, came along.

G.L.O.W. was an all-female professional wrestling show co-founded* by Jackie Stallone. Das right….Sly Stallone’s momma. BTW, did you know Jackie was also an astrologer who practiced “rumpology” a term she invented that describes a practice similar to palmistry, except you can tell someone’s future by reading their butt?? I wish I knew about rumpology when I was visiting psychics for this Rookie article. Also according to Wikipedia, “During her youth, Stallone was a trapeze artist in a circus and a chorus girl in a nightclub. She was also a hairdresser.” UMM…ok, let me get out my clipboard and list Jackie’s talents: Rumpologist, matriarch of G.L.O.W., AND she can swing from trapeze while doing hair? Hold the phone, are we obsessed with Jackie Stallone now? HELLO WHAT A RESUME! Anyway I digress…

All of the G.L.O.W. girls had their own flashy personas, complete with politically-incorrect nicknames that would probably not be able to fly these days, as well as their very own rap song. They were split up in two groups – the Good Girls and the Bad Girls. Each episode included cheesy skits along with the matches. It was all big glittery hair, crazy names, neon outfits and glamorous VIOLENCE! OH YES I LOVED IT.

At some point, I found a Best of G.L.O.W. DVD on Netflix and basically kept it for five months (as I do) then was SHOCKED when my friend Tiffany texted me that she was at a screening for a documentary about the show and her dude’s aunt was one of the wrestlers!!! After a quick Goog, I found out it was for G.L.O.W. the Movie which was created by some fans of the show. Watch this trailer:

I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH IT. Looks like they have a Kickstarter that ends this Monday! So if you’re a fan, donate to the cause to help them with their post-production and distribution costs and get some goodies too!

Some of the names were so good. Babe The Farmer’s Daughter. Brunhilda. The Heavy Metal Sisters: Spike and Chainsaw. GREMLINA!!!!! You know I die for that one. One of my favorites was “Hollywood.”

I wanted that pink glittery streak in my hair so bad.


Did any of you watch G.L.O.W. or am I alone in this one again??

EDIT: RED ALERT RED ALERT: Bradford, one of the dudes who created the documentary just told me that Jackie was NOT a co-founder but brought on as a manager to the Good Girls. Thanks for clearing that up Bradford and giving me a reason to sneak this picture in. Really into that font too btw.

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Psychedelic Orange Popsicle

“The Agent Lover Dress”: c/o Laurel and Hector Vintage, shoes: Betsey Johnson, necklace c/o Motherland, rings: gift and chola shops, seashell purse: Modcloth.

One of favorite vintage shops, Laurel and Hector Vintage sent me over this beautiful neon mod dress and I had to put it on right away. Update: they actually have dubbed this dress, The Agent Lover Dress! The day was perfect for it, with my new haircut and the unbelievably gorgeous weather in LA. SUMMATIME I LOVE U

I wore it with Betsey Pollys, my Modcloth seashell purse, and a HUGE disco ball ring that I picked up at one of my favorite cholita shops. This thing is so bananas, everybody best knows not to mess wit me! OKRRR. I also wore my Motherland Amazon necklace! Don’t forget you have one more day to enter the giveaway!

Look at your sweet intergalactic neon angel.. P.S. trying to decide what movie to write about for next week. I usually like to surprise you guys but I’ll give you a lil’ hint: it’s between a Winona Ryder movie and a Renee Zellweger one. HMMM WUT COULD IT BE??  How To Make An American Quilt? Bridget Jones Diary? I’ll keep you boo-thangs guessing.

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Mad Crushin’ On Motherland And Giveaway!

Claudette Double Heart brooch by Motherland

So lately I’ve been super obsessed with wearing all things Motherland (as seen in this recent outfit post) and then found out that Melissa Aquino, the creator of Motherland, is obsessed with Jayne Mansfield just like yours truly. We are currently in the middle of a lengthy-email exchange about the secret and spooky places in LA (which coincidentally goes with the timing of this Hollywood Mysteries piece I wrote for Rookie) and I fear (hope) this email is never going to end and/or culminate in some sort of epic Hollywood Thelma and Louise-style adventure. Basically there’s a whole lotta obsession going on around these parts (what’s new.) Anyway, this is OBV a real down ass chica with AMAZING TASTE so of course I wanted to interrogate her and learn more about her jewelry! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end so you can win this super cute sequin double heart “Claudette” brooch!

What inspires your jewelry?

Los Angeles, kitschy/creepy artifacts hoarded in your grandparents’ basement since 1962, bright neons and tropical colors, and being a kid in the late 80s/early 90s. For example, I went on this recent mental tangent/inspiration bender remembering my hometown’s awesome drugstore: Hello Kitty and wax lips abound! Such a good place to spend your allowance.

Constellation bracelet by Motherland

Can you tell us about some of your favorite pieces?

The Constellation Bracelet is whimsical, when I wear it I feel like I’m 7 and playing dress-up/princess/wizard (what? some kids have weird imaginations). The Wendy Necklace is a permanent fave of mine because I am a cherry FANATIC. I’m also stoked about the Claudette Double Brooch coming to the shop, it’s my most complex design yet and really feels like my own. Plus, my first foray away from bracelets and necklaces! All in all I love to wear everything – usually each creation comes to fruition because I wanted a piece for myself.

If you could describe your style as the love child of any two people/things, who or what would they be?

I’d say my style of jewelry is a nice mix between Little Orphan Annie and Barbarella. In terms of my own personal style, I like to wear clothes that make me look like the love child of Divine and Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus.

The talented lady behind Motherland, Melissa Aquino wearing the Wilma Necklace.

Who are some female artists, designers and otherwise that you admire?

It sounds silly, but I’m really into the female blog community that’s sort of shaped itself over 10+ years. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been watching the same faces for that long! I love that we all hang out on the internet and Instagram like freaks on glitter-coated PCP. There’s so much creativity out there and I love following and supporting that scene. Some recent favorites for jewelry are The Vamoose (Kathryn is OG and her pieces are incredibly timeless), Cities in Dust, and Boo + Boo Factory (how wild is her stuff?!) Other general favorites are The Loved One (duh), and SWANclothing – so unique. Also, in terms of visual artists, I am OBSESSED with everything Celia Rowlson-Hall touches. She is genius.

Is there a particular decade in history you feel a connection with?

All of them, really. Sometimes I have SPOOKY life feelings and swear I lived through the 50s/60s because I’ve spent entirely too much time pretending I did. Also, I’m really into the 90s, mostly because of the nostalgia factor. Life just seemed so much better then..and neon.

The Jeannie Necklace

What music are you currently listening to?

After years of burning myself out on My Bloody Valentine, I’m having a much-needed revival. Also, Leonard Cohen’s first album, Ty Segall, and Beat Happening because I’m ALWAYS listening to them.

What are your wardrobe staples?

I love interesting shoes because they can put together an otherwise-simple outfit (same goes for jewelry, my first and one true love of course). Also, I kind of hate jeans and typically wear grandma slacks or skirts.

Amazon Necklace

Is there anything you collect?

I have a pretty intense stuffed animal collection that will soon take over my boyfriend’s half of the room, probably. I really like stuffed animals and talk to them and stuff – I know it’s weird as hell but I have no intention of stopping. Also, I am one of those psychopaths who collects vintage poodle ephemera. I also want to start collecting vintage engraved/monogrammed jewelry with other people’s names on it, like “Merle” rings and “Betty Lou” lockets.

Your five current obsessions:

Eatpastry vegan cookie dough because you can make as little or as many cookies as you want, and eat the rest later! Plus, no eggs so I won’t die if I eat out of the container (it happens). Souvenir graphic tees from the 80s/90s with puffy screenprinting. Bolo ties. PINK. The golden pekingese I see walking in my neighborhood every day.

What’s next in the world of Motherland?

I have a permanent case of star fever, so there will be lots more star items to come. Also, I’ll be branching out and trying my hand at making rings and a few bolo ties because they’re awesome. Lastly, I’ve been trying to create the ultimate-and-not-boring/cliche fruit charm bracelet for about 6 months now…one day it will be perfect!

And now for the giveaway! Motherland is giving away a Claudette Double Brooch to one lucky AL reader! Just leave a comment and if you want tell us about your favorite old Hollyweird tale and you will be entered to win! The contest is open to US readers only. I will choose the lucky winner on Friday! Good luck muchachas and muchachos!

UPDATE!! I have chosen a winner via! The Claudette brooch goes to LUCKY NUMBA 6- ASHLEY!! WOO HOOO! U GO GLEN COCO. Email me at marie[at] to claim your prize!

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It All Makes Sense

HEY DERE. So this is one of my favorite outfits ever because I’m wearing so many of my favorite things: Betsey Johnson, chola earrings, Cutie Dynamite, Motherland jewelz, sick nails, a big smile, and a serious ring game. And yes, I’m still sporting these glasses. EXASPERATED SIGH. OK, let me pause on this Dramatica 2000 because I really don’t mind them anymore. However, it is REALLY hard to dog (DOG!!!) the group of clownolas who gave me and my crew the snobface at the sushi spot if I’m looking like some cute ass cartoon character over here. Can you see my bitchface behind these oversized cateye lenses??? FRUSTRATIONS! ANYWAY.

♥ Dress: Betsey Johnson, UO shoes,  Jeannie necklace, Constellation bracelet and Claudette Double Brooch c/o Motherland,  silver pyramid bow brooch given to me by Karlito, Library Science pin! I’m also wearing a sparkly bone hair clip from Cutie Dynamite but it’s camouflaged in the pic. ♥

I am SO obsessed with Motherland jewelry! Can you believe this brooch? (Stay tuned for a very special sumthin’ sumthin’ later on today….)

The Jeannie necklace is my jam! Looks like rock candy! And this star bracelet…I cannot love it enough. BTW are you dying over my nails? They were done by Madeline Poole!

And now, some important news I wanted to share with you. When I was in 8th grade, I reached a pivotal turning point in my life: It was when the Aerosmith videos with Alicia Silverstone came out….

We all know “Cryin’” which has caused me to have a serious side-thang for Stephen Dorff. A side-thang where I don’t want to admit it but it is there.

And then of course, “Crazy” where Steven’s daughter Liv Tyler joined in, creating road-trip fantasies for undercover bad girls everywhere.

Shortly after, Bon Jovi came out with the video for “Always.” There was Carla Gugino who starred in Son-In-Law with Pauly Shore, Jack Noseworthy from MTV’s Dead At 21, and a pre-Felicity, post-Mickey Mouse Club Keri Russell playing the backstabbin’ beyotch roommate.

It also had that same vibe as the Aerosmith videos, causing me to do a Jack Noseworthy side-eye like, “I C U BITING AEROSMIF.”

Well, eighteen years later I figured out it was the same director…Everything FINALLY makes sense. THIS WORLD!!!!!

::closes eyes and smiles satisfyingly to the sky::

The end.

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Zak Waters’ New Single: Skinny Dipping In The Deep End

Zak Waters, one of my all-time favorite Dear Menz sexy hunks, has a new single out from his upcoming fall full-length release! I’m SUPER EXCITED because I’ve listened to his first EP New Normal NONSTOP over the past year. “Skinny Dipping In The Deep End” is the ultimate sexy summer jam! Watch the video below and get it on iTunes here! LUVIN EWE ZAK!

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Summer Twins

thrifted dress; shoes by Father Jeff (my new name for Jeffrey Campbell)

HAYYYY! Well guys, I apparently LURKED TOO HARD and messed up my eye, so now I have to wear my spectacles for a week or so. I know, I know, these ARE the cutest glasses in the world, but it’s really hard to go from contacts to glasses 24-7. I’m several days in and I STILL feel off kilter. I swear every time I look for my car in a parking lot I have to do a double take because it looks smaller than usual. Wearing high heels makes me feel like I’m walking around in moon shoes. Everything gon’ crazy over here!!! HALP ME SISTAS AND BROTHAS!

Have you peeped the new Minnie Mouse collection by OPI?? This glittery hot pink is the “I’m All Ears” shade and the heart glitter confetti on top is “Nothin’ Mousie Bout It.” I LUVZ IT.

Then Emi put her magic to work and gave me some fly ass nail art. So good right? What a Renaissance woman, that one.

And finally, I’m crazy obsessed with Summer Twins this summer!!!!!! I love them!

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90′s Hair Icons: Poison Ivy (1992)

OH YAS. That’s right my dudes. Finally, POISON IVY!!!!! I’ve talked about my love for big, beautiful, 90′s hair before, so it was only a mere matter of time for us to explore that particular adoration even more. Enter the 1992 masterpiece, Poison Ivy. First of all, look at that poster on the left. I’m sorry, but don’t you think I should take a picture like that and put it on a business card? Whose faces would be undulating in my luxurious hair though? John Stamos, Justin Bieber, and Kathy Bates? Emmanuel Lewis, Charlton Heston, and the maid from Will and Grace? Or maybe just me, me, me and a Doritos Locos Taco?! I will NEVER be able to decide.

When Poison Ivy came out, Drew Barrymore was only seventeen. She had released her autobiography, Little Girl Lost, a couple of years prior and was in full-fledged, rebellious teen mode. This was also a few years before she became the iconic, still-rebellious-yet-sassy Saint Drew, which, as I’ve said before, is how we lovingly refer to her here in the barracks of Agent Lover. SIDEBAR: ~~CONGRATULATIONS POP CHAMPAGNE~~ for Drew’s recent wedding and bun in the oven! I still remember an old  interview from the late 90′s/early 00′s where she talked about her boyfriend’s (who was Luke Wilson at the time) brown shoes like they were “camels she’d trek across any desert to follow.” OH DREW U ROMANTICA. She’s always been just a nice girl looking for love. AREN’T WE ALL? SIDEBAR OTRA VEZ: Do you like how I can remember old Drew B. articles word from word but can’t remember the names of people I knew before 2006? MEAN BUT TRUE…

Anyway, we meet Ivy swinging from a rope, all wild hair, reckless, and wonderful. I mean, just peep that airbrushed jacket lookin’ straight from the county fair. INCREDIBLE. Someday I will have to get a painting commissioned of  this exact screencap. Or maybe just an airbrushed jacket of her wearing this airbrushed jacket?!

Alas, for every crazy troublemaker, we need some some sort of balance to her character. A YIN TO HER YANG. Here comes Darlene from Roseanne starring in the best gif I have made this week.


Finally the two meet in the principal’s office. Darlene/Sara/Sylvie is giving Ivy the up close and personal lurkdown. She notices her SEXY THIGH TATTOO…

Ivy is like “It’s totally faux” and peels it off her milky thigh like a Fruit Roll-Up.

She then weasels her way into a carpool with Sylvie and her dad, played by Picket Fences’ Tom Skerritt.



Eventually, Ivy charms her way into the Cooper household as well as into Sylvie’s sick mom’s (played by OG Charlie’s Angel, Cheryl Ladd) designer closet.

Better make sure the door is closed before you apply your Abreva, girl. TOM SKURRT IS A-LURKIN’

I bet you guys weren’t aware of my cameo in the movie as an annoyed maid who is sick of these crazy rich people’s hijinks.

OBV I HAVE SEEN IT ALL IN THAT HOUSE. I wish they had given my character a spinoff sequel.

OKAY. ::slams down the phone:: WHOSE LEG IS THIS?!?! First of all that doesn’t look like the Fruit Roll-Up tattoo. IT LOOKS REAL UNDER ALL THAT FUR. And we don’t see Drew going natural in this movie…I feel like for some weird reason they thought it was a good idea to get a close-up of this fly, and ended up filming it an old biker bar. NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE IN THE WORLD!!! I am just saying I think this is Drew’s thigh’s stuntman, OK…

You know what I’m going to say here. “I wish this was me tanning.” (BTW I am so annoyed that Birchbox sent me fake tan jelly this month. How ’bout you send me a plane ticket to a tropical locale instead, thanks.)

Here comes Ol’ Boy drinking his O.J., just lurkin’ again like Gargamel.

He comes over to Ivy and ends up knocking her NEW BOOTZ off the balcony like the clumsy ass butterfingers he is. I swear….

“Those cost a hundred and fifty bucks.”

Annnnnnd here is the MOST nerd chills scene of the movie IMHO…

A flirtatious cash money tug-o-war betwixt Drew and Tom Skurrt. WHYYYYYYYY

I HATE IT! I just don’t believe in the attraction here. Even Robe Lowe as that creep Drew Peterson in Lifetime’s UNTOUCHABLE was sexier.

As you can expect, all kinds of shit goes down once Drew manages to seduce Ol’ Boy. Even though she is PSYCHOTICA, I feel like Drew gave a certain VULNERABILITY to the character of Ivy that I think is hard to do with these kinds of roles (I usually get super annoyed at these evil chicks.) Now let’s just drool a little over how hot she is in this movie.

We also can’t forget about Sylvie’s amazing hairdo.

And WHY were there so many gratuitous shots of her infected Yin yang  tattoo? Alright, the symbolism is quite clear, but in between gagging from this and the Tom Skerritt sex scenes, I honestly felt my eyeballs barf one too many times.


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Mad Crushin’ On Gabriel Hounds Jewelry And Giveaway!

Where The Wild Things Are ring by Gabriel Hounds

Today are doing a VERY ESPECIAL’ Small Business Sponsor Spotlight and giveaway with  Gabriel Hounds, an LA-based jewelry shop that specializes in Victorian, Art Deco and Punk-inspired jewelz and accessories. Brooke MacBeth, who is the goddess behind Gabriel Hounds, is also a former entomologist, a former goth AND a fan of Mi Vida Loca. See why I love her?

What inspired you to start creating jewelry?

I wanted a hobby so I taught myself how to bead and wire-wrap.  I started beading when I was a teenager then took it up again in my 20s.  It was an off/on thing for me until about two years ago; I saw a pair of earrings I thought were cute and decided to make my own version of them, and after that I couldn’t stop.  My head was filled with ideas.  After a few months I wanted to go beyond the techniques I knew so I enrolled in some classes– precious metal clay, lost-wax casting, metal fabrication– and I got a degree from the Gemological Institute.  Now I have a pretty amazing setup at home.  I love it.

If you could describe your style as the love child of any two people/things, who or what would they be?

Coco Chanel and Charles Darwin.

Who are some females- artists, designers and otherwise that you admire?

I’ve always been obsessed with Coco, ever since I was tiny; My mom, who is really stylish and an interior designer and taught me a LOT about color; my sister Elizabeth, who is one of the most fashion-psychic people ever; Jessica Joslin, who makes these brass-and-bone sculptures that are incredibly intricate and beautiful; Anna Wintour, because it’s pretty awesome to be so legendarily terrifying, but also Grace Coddington, for making everything she touches so beautiful and interesting; my amazing friends, for their support and wisdom and just being rad.

Crystal Hematite and Sterling Silver necklace by Gabriel Hounds

Is there a particular decade in history you feel a connection with?

Probably the 1920s because they seemed like so much fun and I *love* that period in jewelry and design.  Other than that it’s not so much decades but time/place things, like 80s New York (I just watched Desperately Seeking Susan and it’s still SO GOOD and reminded me of how much I wished I could have gone to Danceteria).  I love the Victorian era’s sentimental and superstitious thing– everything was just loaded with symbolism, from the gardens to the jewelry to the clothing, and I find that amazing.  So much coded behavior.

What music are you currently listening to?

For a few days I was listening to that Florence and the Machine song “Seven Devils” because of Revenge, haha.  But I think my summer jam is “I Love It” by Icona Pop.  My husband also found this hilarious song and video called Stupeflipe Vite by a French band called Stupeflipe.  I love that Grimes album.  I’ve also been listening to a lot of dubby stuff.  Bass is good for working.  And early 90s techno.

What are your wardrobe staples?

I’ve been really into dresses lately.  But I’m a big believer in always carrying a great bag and having great sunglasses– right now I’m carrying a black Alexander Wang Kirsten bag and giant blue Alexander McQueen sunglasses (both gifts from my awesome husband).  I got this amazing silver dragon brooch at the Pasadena City College flea market a little over a month ago that I pinned to the bag.  One day I was out and realized later it was gone– I was heartbroken, because I’m a dragon and this is my year!  I called all the places I’d been and no one had found it.  I knew it was gone.  But a couple of hours later, I got a phone call from a girl at one of the stores I’d been in– she found it!  So I went and picked it up and soldered it in place, and it’s going to stay there as long as I want it to.  Jewelry is important!  I feel like that dragon is a lucky talisman and I want to give that feeling to people with my jewelry.

♥ The lovely Brooke wearing her own creations; the Hematite and Sterling Silver Bib Necklace

Is there anything you collect?

Tons of things.  I love collecting and collections.  Jewelry, obviously; I have a small collection of Victorian mourning jewelry.  I have some great watches (one thing I don’t make).  I have a LOT of books.  I also collect antique poison bottles, Catholic art and statues, and natural history type stuff– mounted insects, bones, antlers, taxidermy.

Your five current obsessions:

Upholstery.  I’m teaching myself how.  Photography.  Teaching myself about that too, but also enlisting my husband and friends.  My new kiln!  Haha, I can only think of three, because I’ve been REALLY obsessed with the upholstery thing.  I’m giving my office/workspace a makeover.

Do you have any advice for aspiring jewelry designers?

Just go for it.  I had only made two things in four years when my sister told me to open an Etsy shop.  So I did, and it turns out I really love it.  Keep learning, keep going, and just keep making stuff– it doesn’t always have to be jewelry.  Be creative and have fun.  Some people are going to hate your stuff, but some people will love it, and that’s a great feeling.

What’s next in the world of Gabriel Hounds?

More– I’m just going to spend more time with it and see where it goes.  I have a lot of exciting new tools and equipment to use, so I’m hoping I can go a little more nuts than I have before.  I’m looking forward to it!

♥ Custom lyric nameplate necklace by Gabriel Hounds

And now for the giveaway! Brooke is giving away a personalized lyric nameplate necklace to one lucky Agent Lover reader!!! What lyric would you want on it? Will it be one of Thee Purple One’s? Morrissey? Justin Biebz? PAWLA ABDUL?! Just leave a comment with your favorite lyric below and you’ll be entered to win! The winner will be chosen on Friday! Good luck MY BEWZ. And don’t forget to *like* Gabriel Hounds on FB here!

UPDATE 6/15: The winner has been chosen! #16 LINDSAY GIBSON YOU ARREEEEE THE LUCKY WINNA!!! Email me at marie[at] to get your necklace!!!!!


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On The Search For The Perfect Retro Bathing Suit: Part 5

WELL, EVERYONE. IT’S OFFICIALLY: SUMMATIME. And you know what that means…time for me to start whining to the world about how bad I want to lay by a pool, drink a lil’ mojito, and work on this tan while softly singing along to the sensual jams of one Sean Paul (YAS you better right click and play in another window while you are reading this post! And NO, I have not given up on my dear Sean Kingston. Can’t a girl enjoy summer in a Sean sangwich???) It also means I need a new bathing suit to help manifest that vision, which brings us here. First of all, can you believe this is the FIFTH ANNUAL RETRO BATHING SUIT POST!! We officially have as many posts on this as there are Fast and The Furious movies. That really means something to me, you guys. *Vin Diesel tear* Anyway, this year’s MUSE is none other than actress and pin-up Betty Grable, whose gams were so slammin’, they were insured by her studio for one million dollars. Can you imagine having one of your body parts insured? Like how much could I get for my freckles? Or my nail beds?

What Katie Did Top and Bottoms, $67.50 and Bow Tide Swimsuit Top, $57.99 and Bottoms, $59.99, Modcloth

Let’s start this thing off with a bang! This red and white two-piece from one of my favorites, What Katie Did, reminds me so much of my old high school drill team uniform. It’s also available in a one-piece and both styles also come in black and white or a periwinkle blue. I want them all! This  bow bikini top on Modcloth has been catching my ojo for MONTHS. It’s totally Wanda Woodward steez, no?

Ahoy Playsuit, $64 and Violetta in purple, $76, both at Bettie Page Clothing

I love playsuits. Sadly, I still haven’t found one that looks flattering on my short torso/big booty bod and doesn’t give me an 80′s sitcom mom ponch. Do you know what I’m talking about?? I wonder if one of these from Bettie Page Clothing is the Holy Grail of playsuits for me!

Olivia Bustier, $98 with Amelia Bikini Bottom, $68 and Stella One-Piece, $108, both by Fables By Barrie

It’s a common expectation for me to find the newest and cutest nautical-themed suit each year, but these two from Fables By Barrie are really cool because they make you look like a superhero! Or a ROCKET POP!

♥ Dixie Lee Top, $64 and Ruby High Waist Bottoms, $62, both at Get Go Retro and Aye, Aye Cabin Two-Piece, Modcloth, $89.99

I know there’s probably enough red in my picks already, but HELLO it IS a power color. And I’m always a sucker for gingham, so I had to put these two BEAUTIES in here. The one on the left is from Get Go Retro and the two-piece on the right is from Modcloth. Perfect to wear grillin’ some weenaz on the BBQ…

Sweetheart Patchwork Malliot, $218, Anthropologie and Bathing Beauty in Groovy Daisy swimsuit, $89.99, Modcloth.

It was SO hard to pick a #1 favorite bathing suit this year but I was able to narrow it down to these two. This patchwork dottie suit from Anthropologie is obv a lot of fun and you know I had to pick this daisy swimsuit from Modcloth’s Be the Buyer program. In my Summer 2012 Summer Fantasy Dream Sequence, I’d wear that daisy suit with a hat like the one Jodie Foster wears in Taxi Driver and sunglasses that look like that invite from Moschino Cheap and Chic’s S/S 2010 runway show. I wish they had made actual sunglasses like them.

Have you gotten your *SUMMATIME SWIMSUIT* yet?

June 6, 2012   7 Comments

You May Call Me Magenta

The lovely Sabrina London from Alameda Vintage sent me this GORGEOUS magenta lace vintage 60′s dress. As I’ve said before, I’m BANANAS about the things she finds for her shop. BANANAS! Anyway, I am way overdue for a pair of gold Pollys (I think they were on my summer shoe list for 2009!) but I seriously need to get them ASAPS since they’d look great with this dress. In the meantime, my magenta Betsey Johnson Pollys match perfectly.

Showing off Grandma Marie’s rings on the right. YOU GUYS I’m bummed because I lost my ‘Marie’ brooch that I’m wearing here! SO SAD! I’m hoping another one appears on eBay soon or I find it somewhere in my car, hiding underneath an old french fry.

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