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Mad Crushin’ On Richard Simmons

If Sweatin’ to the Oldies with famed fitness guru Richard Simmons has always been a dream of yours, you can attend one of his personally-taught exercise classes at the Slimmons Studio in Beverly Hills and make that wish come true! But it’s not just oldies you’ll get to work out to. Each class has a different theme, ranging from Kiss to Madonna versus Gaga and Richard usually has an outfit to match! Every time I’ve been to Slimmons, I have an amazing time and leave with with his kind and inspiring words echoing in my head. If you have the chance to attend, YOU MUST! But for now… the awesome Richard Simmons gives us advice on making workouts more fun and staying motivated to reach your goals, whatever they may be!

How did you decide to make your life’s work all about eating healthy and exercising?

After I lost weight and learned to exercise I knew in my heart it would be my life’s work to help others who suffer from a weight problem. I was 200 pounds in the 8th grade and 268 in high school. I never ever exercised in my life until I came to Los Angeles in the early 70′s. and now for the last 37 years I have been a teacher. It is what makes me tick…….makes me happy. I wake up in the morning and I can’t wait to attack the day and be the best that I can be. That …… what I teach.

You inspire so many people around the world. Who are some people that inspire you?

I am very inspired by all the people I have met on my journey. I am inspired by people who have turned their lives around, who lost weight and moved on in their life. I am inspired when i see people who can hardly stand for five minutes of my class and now do the whole class. And over these almost 4 decades I have seen miracles. and those miracles drive me to work harder and help more people.

There’s no doubt that the classes at your Beverly Hills studio should be experienced in person, but for people that are too far away to attend, what advice can you give them to make their workouts more fun?

I learned a long time ago that a workout had to be fun. I mean let’s face it we have fun putting weight on, why not have fun taking it off? If you are bored in your workouts then here are some suggestions: Search the web and find some fun DVDs that you can do at home, then build up a library of them and do one a day. Go look at some gyms or exercise studios. Look at their list of classes. There are so many classes new classes offered today and you should try them out to see which ones fit your fancy.

The anecdotes that you share during class always inspire me on a very relatable level. Can you share one with my readers that might help them when they are going through the woes and throes of everyday life and find it hard to keep focused?

After class I do like to inspire people. So many people seem to live in the past. They can’t forget what happened back there and it is hard to have a healthy present and future when all you can think about is the sadness of the past. You have to make peace with the past and look for the rainbows in the present. You must surround yourself with positive people who make you feel good. Those friends are the true rainbows in your life.

What are your top five songs from the 90′s to work out to?

I am a living jukebox and I listen to music every single day of my life. My top 5 songs from the 90′s that I like to workout to are:
“I’m Too Sexy” – Right Said Fred
“Livin’ La Vida Loca” – Ricky Martin
“Genie In A Bottle” – Christina Aguilera
“Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here” – Deborah Cox
“Believe” – Cher

Where do you get the ideas for the costumes you wear in class?

I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I was in costumes for Halloween and for the days of Mardi Gras. My parents were singers and dancers. I guess crystals and feathers are in my veins. You see, I like to weave a spell around my students at Slimmons. I don’t want them to think that they are working out. I love dressing up for everyone and making them laugh. The theme of the class dictates the costume. In two weeks* I am doing a class of the legendary voices of the 21st century ………………the warriors of music and of course I am coming as a………….gladiator. Chest plates and all. LOL gold leaves in my hair…………..well you get the picture.

And lastly, what advice would you give me since I want to be an instructor someday? Will you take me under your wing and let me be your apprentice? :)

If you want to be a fitness instructor what you need to do is take a lot of classes at different places. See the style of other teachers then get certified to become a teacher. but you have to have a passion for it. And before you can become a good instructor you must walk the walk and talk the talk of a healthy person. You must be a good example to your students and you must always let your students know how wonderful they are. That is what I try to do.


Thank you Richard!! We love you! For more information on Richard and the Slimmons Studio schedule, take a look here (classes are only $12!) You can also follow Richard on Twitter and Facebook!

*Sorry I couldn’t get this post up in time before that class! But sign up for his newsletter so you can find out what themes are coming up!

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To All The Ladies In The Place With Style And Grace

♥ I Heart Ronson for JCPenney dress, Betsey Johnson Pollys ♥

Hiiiiiiiiiii. I know I haven’t blogged in one million and twenty-five years and how AUDACIOUS of me to come moonwalking in here like I own the place. You have every right to be mad at me. Roll your eyes, toss your hair, turn your nose up at me!!! It’s fine. Just know that I am looking at you with my Precious Moments eyes and am TRULY SORRY YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU AND AM FOREVER YOUR GIRL PAULA ABDUL STYLE PLEASE FORGIVE!!!

Anyway, let’s kiss and makeup already because during those million years (see last month) my favorite ginger-headed goddess from across the pond, Loulou, came to visit! We got to spend quality time together AND with my magical HOROSCOPE COMPUTER. This weird contraption, that yes, computes your fortune according to your star sign, was made all the way back in 1979. The first time I saw it was at the flea market but the lady wanted $40 bones so forget chu and ‘ello, Ebay!


This thing is craylarious. First, you can only choose dates that are before 1988 so obviously none of our horoscopes are ‘accurate’ since we all up in 2011. But it makes up for that with a charmingly nerdy 80′s computer-type of sound that emits while calculating the fortune. I will definitely have to record a video of it in action so you can experience this with me. I was doing fortunes via Twitter a while back but perhaps we can do a call-in psychic hotline and I can be Miss Cleo for a day!

Look at this gorge lady!

Scorpio & Libra power

Methinks I should have purchased this portrait of myself…

thats me

Remember when I wanted to write about how much I loved BRUNCH but thought no one would care? But maybe I still will just to spite you ALLLLL! ::Roseanne cackle::


And finally let me leave you with this,

Spicy Biebz

topped off with a little of this…

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