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    New Melissa Fetish Heels

    Oh HAY DERE! According to some recent Twitter activity on my stream, it seems like a lot of us hit that Gilt sale for Melissa shoes a couple weeks ago INCL yours truly. It was the first time I purchased something off of Gilt as well as my first pair of Melissa shoesies. I had …

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    Movies Style

    Bruja Icons: Bell, Book and Candle

    It’s time for another BRUJA STYLE ICON! This time I screencapped the late 50’s movie Bell, Book and Candle. It stars Kim Novak as a classy bruja living in New York City who falls in love with her (regular human) neighbor played by Jimmy Stewart. The costume design in the movie naturally won an Academy …

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    Mi Vida Loca Style

    Freaky Tiki

    Just wanted to do a quick photo post from the Tiki party last weekend when we celebrated Nikki’s birfday! I made the other Nicki this pineapple hat! Here she is with Shaun More Shaunie because you can never get enough Mikkay + Mickay and Marlow Show I ended up wearing my casachanclas! HAAAAAA!! Me making …

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    Mi Vida Loca Style

    All Hail The Sexy Chancla

    So in the previous post I mentioned my boo Nikki’s birthday. It is Tiki-themed so when I left you I spent my lunch break trying to find some sort of Tiki-style dress. (Sidebar: I feel like I am Doogie Howser writing in my diary to you right now with these “in real time” posts.) I …

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    Overcast Days Never Turned Me On

    ♥ Zac Posen for Target Tiger Print Sailor Dress, Betsey Pollys, Cloven Hoof earrings ♥ I really like this 80’s sherbet tiger dress from the Zac Posen for Target line. It puts me in a happy mood even though we’ve been stuck in January-esque weather in SoCal. Asshole weather. I’M SO OVER YOU BETCH. NEJUAY, …

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    80’s Glam Icons: Goldie Hawn In Overboard

    Goldie Hawn is one of the MOST SUPREME GODDESSES of all time!! Especially in the movie Overboard . It is about a rich SUPLADA (new Tagalog word I learned from my mom meaning SNOB) who falls off her cruise ship and develops amnesia. A sexy carpenter (played by Goldie’s real life mangs Kurt Russell) who …