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Obsess With Me – Gold Stacks

For the past couple of months I’ve become obsessed with gold bangles. And by obsessed I mean wearing FULL GOLD STACKS. My style icon Kimora and I have been scouring up and down and all around for the best bangle for your buck. Surprisingly, the mall has been my best bet. Charlotte Russe hooked up 18 bracelets for $7. Claire’s and Baker’s have yielded good bargains as well. I haven’t worn this many bracelets on my arm since my P.L.U.R. days, my friend. I’ve personally stacked just under 100 simultaneously. Yes, I said 100. Girls with skinny arms, you can easily stack more. My #1 complaint about going this crazy is that the stacks smell like a dirty coin purse (NPI). I’m currently working on that antidote for us.

Be careful what you do when you’re stacked btw. If you have a hot date that night, a jingle-jangle hj might be a little off-putting for your mang. (“This handjob sounds like grandmother’s windchimes!” SICK)

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Oh That’s Right, I Went To Coachella

So I totally forgot to tell you about Coachella. Reason is probably because there wasn’t too much to tell! I followed my own advice and went after sundown, on the first night, just in time to catch Morrissey complain about the smell of BBQ and see a little bit of LOL McCartney. Everyone I wanted to see (Beirut, Girl Talk, Crystal Castles) played in Moz’s time slot. I didn’t even make it to the other side! I basically hung around the main stage and the beer gardens. And I can’t even do a simple Coachella outfit post because STU ME forgot my camera battery! So all I have is this phone pic of Thelma and Louise. SAW-RE!

Now the rest of the weekend was a lovely Palm Springs vacay. HEDONISM III.

cochina puta alert cochina puta alert


And of course, the trip gave birth to my new webcomic, Sanders & Sanders.

Nothing beats a nice lil getaway with the BOS!

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Mad Crushin’ on Lenora Claire

Photo by Marla Rutherford

My favorite redheaded gal pal, the one-woman powerhouse known as Lenora Claire, is an art curator, model, writer and web series host. Anybody else with that much on their plate would have trouble keeping it together but Lenora Claire manages to pull it off with grace, all the meanwhile looking gorgeous. She gives us the scoop on her beauty secrets and style inspirations and talks to us about her upcoming art show Bettie Page: Heaven Bound.

+ Tell us all about your upcoming art show tribute to legendary icon Bettie Page.

I knew it was going to be difficult to come up with a follow up art show after my Golden Gals Gild Wild show which featured erotic art based on the Golden Girls and got nation wide press ranging from NPR to the National Enquirer but I had the amazing opportunity this summer to pose for the legendary artist Olivia and we started a really lovely friendship. When Bettie passed away the idea for a tribute show featuring Olivia’s beautiful work as well as several other amazing artists was born.

Lenora Claire by Olivia

+ How do you describe your personal style, from day to day to a night on the town?

I’m the queen of the slinky black cocktail dress. I pretty much wear variations of that (I have about 100) paired with my trademark neon red hair. I get compared to everyone from Jessica Rabbit to Bozo the clown so I must be somewhere in the middle.

+ Any beauty secrets you can share?

Since I have been dyeing my hair red which is the most impossible color to keep for ten years I’ve mastered the art of keeping up my crayola color. Since heat makes molecules expand (yes, I’ll blind you with science) that opens the hair shaft allowing color to leave so never wash with hot water always wash with cold. Also, I dump some of my dye in to my conditoner bottle so I freshen up my hair every time. On my face I love mac studio fix and always, always, always, work those false eyelashes. Also, ladies ask your best drag queen friend to teach you how to contour. We all have Ms. Potato Head faces so if you learn the art of contouring you can create the illusion of cheekbones or change around anything you don’t like.

+ Do you have any particular style icons?

Jayne Mansfield, Leigh Bowery, Dianne Brill, Vivienne Westwood, and Grace Jones.

+ What are your inspirations?

The Pierre et Gilles color pallet, Japanese street fashion, Thierry Mugler, and too many cult films to name.

Photo by Austin Young

+ Favorite artists?

James Bidgood, Joe Coleman, Henry Darger, Olivia, Mark Ryden, Colin Christian, and Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Photo by Austin Young

+ Who would you love to work with someday?

I would love for Thierry Mugler to make me an outfit that Pierre et Gilles would shoot me in for the poster for my film directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky or John Waters starring myself and Paul Ruebens.


If you are in the LA area this weekend, Bettie Page: Heaven Bound opens Saturday, May 2nd with a gala opening reception at World of Wonder Gallery and runs until May 29th. Lenora’s events are not to be missed! I plan to be right in the middle of that three-ring circus as I always am!

Bettie Page: Heaven Bound
May 2, 2009 8pm-Midnight
$5 admission
World of Wonder Storefront Gallery
6650 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, California 90028
(323) 603 6300

More Lenora Claire here:

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The Pink Palace

When I was writing the retro bathing suit post, I came across pictures of Jayne Mansfield’s famous Pink Palace, which I always heard of but for some reason never took the time to research. Why did it take me so long to see photographs of this wondrous place?!

I can’t deal with this black and gold bathroom. Are YOU seeing this? AMAZING.

I’m fainting right now:

Floor to ceiling cotton candy carpet? I’d go insane in the loveliest way. Like a genie in a bottle bo. OMG

Could you get work done in an office like this? I probably could. Well, I’d get a lot of things done in that office. WINK HELLO

Her husband Mickey Hargitay built the famous heart-shaped swimming pool.

I’m really bummed this was demolished seven years ago. But at least I have the Madonna Inn to get my fix. I wonder if Jayne visited the Madonna too?

Siouxsie and The Banshees – Kiss Them For Me

Sources: The Selvedge Yard , Interior 4 U,

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Sunday Spy Wear

sunday remix

  • dress- vintage
  • assorted gold stacks
  • steve madden wedges
  • charlotte russe ring
  • metropark glasses
  • betsey johnson bag
  • beijing market shopping bag

Just a quick outfit post for now from a kickback weekend spent doing some crafting, organizing, shopping and watching LIFETIME ORIGINAL MOVIES. I am totally going to start Netflixing Roswell soon because of that. MISS U.
Below are some of my favorite oldies for you to enjoy until I can get some more posts out.

+ Dusty Springfield – I Only Want To Be With You
+ Linda Scott – I’ve Told Every Little Star
+ The McGuire Sisters – Sincerely

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Links á la Mode : The IFB Roundup

The SS09 Wardrobe Transition

Edited by Clutch22

In reviewing submissions for this week’s edition of Links á la Mode, I found comfort in learning I’m not the only one ”nesting” my closet for spring and summer. Thankfully, Agent Lover shows us how to shop for retro swimwear, Super Kawaii Mama shows us some of her favorite pick-me-ups that cost almost nothing and Dirty Laundry gives DIY alternatives to Maison Martin Margiela. Additionally, there are a variety of insightful designer interviews and shopping reviews to check out in this week’s roundup. Finally, Retro Chick explains how she used IFB’s Little Birdie service to organize a goodie bag giveaway for her one year blog birthday.

Links à la Mode : April 23rd

* 39th & Broadway: Even fashion designers can get scared of a new and forward trend.
* Agent Dreamer: An interview with Rachel Lanese of Crafttastrophe – designer of beautiful shoes and other wearable art.
* Agent Lover: Hunting for the perfect retro bathing suit, part two.
* Breakfast at Saks: A review of independent designer retailer, Moxsie and Itsola dress.
* Broke & Beautiful: Miss Elle experiences amazing handmade jewelry in a video post!
* Consume or Consumed: Review and hypothetically shopping at Net-A-Porter’s sister sale site: The Outnet
* Culturistas: Update your wardrobe for Spring using the clothes you already have!
* Dirty Laundry: How to wear Maison Martin Margiela without breaking the bank via DIY alternatives.
* Fashion Pulse Daily: Perry Ellis surprises with a fall line-up of classics that with please your Dad and your hottie 20-something boyfriend simultaneously!
* Felicia Sullivan: eco-friendly fashion on a budget: toggery by kate d’arcy.
* Haute World: An inside look to the ever famous Louis Vuitton flagship store in Paris.
* Hello Kelli: New Japanese technology creates a loose wave digital perm.
* Independent Fashion Bloggers: Starting your own blog? IFB helps find the right blog platform for you.
* LuciteBox: HBO’s Grey Gardens – beyond the fashionable women.
* Retro Chick: Celebrating one year blog birthday with a reader goodie bag giveaway.
* Star Fashion Addict: A roundup of the hottest handbag styles for spring.
* Style Symmetry: Inspiration Flashback – a look back at Little House on the Prairie.
* Super Kawaii Mama: Luxe & Less – Pick me up’s for next to nothing.
* The Coveted: Basic Investing, is it better to invest in basics or statement pieces?
* The Curvy Fashionista: Interview with plus size high fashion designer, Monif C – breaking all plus size stigmas.
* The Demoiselles: The Littlest Demoiselle discusses ANTM’s Short Model Season, and “under height” models of the p
* The Sunday Best: Why Club Monaco should bring back the crewneck.

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On The Search For The Perfect Retro Bathing Suit: The Sequel

Last year I was on the search for the perfect vintage style swimsuit and have decided to go on the hunt for you again. Summer will be here in no time (can you believe it’s already mid-April? Kinda makes me SICK). So Ladies, we gotsta be prepared for going to the tropics and sipping pina coladas!! (OPEN IN NEW TAB FOR SOUNDTRACK TO THIS POST) You know that’s what Rie Rie will be doing this weekend in beautiful Palm Springs. Hopefully I will have better luck than last year when I was trying to tan underneath a rain cloud. MUTHA NATURE YOU WHORE.

Since I love Jayne, she’ll be our vintage bathing beauty icon for 2009.

Get into the sexy mind frame of our sweet Jayne and find the right retro suit for you!

+ NICE & NAUGHTY-CAL You can never go wrong with a sailor-style…anything in my opinion! It’s a classic that will never be out of fashion, and in the form of a bathing suit shows proof of this. Available at Unique Vintage. This pretty in pink bathing suit is the best choice for girly girls. Wear this with flower clips and some cha-cha heels! From Pin-Up Girl Clothing.

+ SIMPLE & SEXY Do you want a basic black suit that will make the boy and girls drop their jaws (and maybe their drawers) when you strut by the pool? This Classic Black Marilyn suit from Lolita Girl is perfect for that in my opinion. And is that a butterfly in Bernie’s hair? If so, I LOVE IT.

+ THE GOLD SUIT. This was my choice this year because the love for gold is strong for 2009 in the Haus of Agent Lover. On the left is actually a two-piece that gives the illusion of a full suit from Baby Girl Boutique. On the right is the one that I got, an Esther Williams piece available from My Baby Jo.

+ BIKINI BOMBSHELL If a bikini is what you’re after, but still want that 1950′s silver screen look, you have plenty to choose from! Personally I think a red bikini is the way to go. Red lipstick, red wedges…Va-va-va-VOOM. Get the Beach Blanket Bingo Two Piece from Mod Cloth and  Classic Sheath Two Piece in red from My Baby Jo!

+ THE WINNER! This red and leopard piece is my #1 pick! I love the red ruffles peeking out at the top and the 1940′s design! From Lolita Girl Clothing.

Don’t forget to accessorize with cat-eye sunglasses, cute wedges, cha-cha heels, flower barrettes, sunscreen and a cocktail or five…. And I was kidding about that Sean Kingston song for the soundtrack to this post. SIGH. But here’s the right song to get you in the mood, an old favorite:

The Andrews Sisters – Rum and Coca-Cola

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The Agent Lover Guide To Coachella

Every year, the inevitable comes around: COACHELLA. The lineup is usually very tempting: a good variety of the new bands that you’re really into lately, along with your all-time faves headlining. There might even be a band that hasn’t toured in years! Your jaw drops, you get giddy..until you remember the 90 degree weather, the stank-ass crowd, and the annoying drama that generally goes along with outdoor music festivals. Something or someone either convinces you this could be a good idea or you may just have your exceptions (mine is always Bjork, this year it’s Morrissey.)  I put together a little guide for those like me, who thought they left their days of getting dirty in the desert behind at Nocturnal Wonderland 2000. (omg.)
Let’s begin!

+ If you have pale, sun-sensitive, gawthic friends like I do (see above), chances are they will disintegrate into a fine dust when coming in contact with the merciless sun, or more likely, will just complain about it. Sadly they won’t *dazzle* underneath the UV Ray Jay’s, but their skin will turn Red Lobster and they’ll bug you for Aloe Vera rubdowns the rest of the weekend (These magic hands don’t mind ladies.) So stroll in fashionably late after 5pm or so. The only reason you’re facing all this drama is to see the headliners, right?

+ This is obvious. Nobody wants to die at Coachella. Especially not from some unglamorous dehydration! And If Auntie Flow-rida is in town, chances are you will pass out in the middle of the Mos Def mosh pit like I almost did back in 2002. Drink that agua girl. To cut back on waste at this year’s event, the Coachella suits have come up with a new water program which will allow people to bring their own reusable plastic water bottles and fill up at free drinking fountains!

+ ‘Cause at that point you don’t care about looking cute. Everyone’s too drunk including you, the sun’s not out anymore and it’s starting to get cold! Nobody can see your outfit anyway. So do like my bff did when we saw Bjork a couple years ago, and roll up grampa status to the Empire Cholo Polo Field so you won’t have to worry about rubbing those bunion funyuns later. Hmm, This reminds me of my Morrissey cover band, Cholo in a Polo.

+ You’re not allowed to bring blankets to the venue, but I don’t see nuthin’ about No Snuggies!! I CTRL/APPLE F’d twice just to make sure. Don’t have a Snuggie to keep warm and sit on? Don’t fret yet my pet, you are allowed to bring a small towel so there will be no green skid marks in your future. Speaking of Snuggies, I tried one on and will bring it this weekend, along with yes, my BUMPITS and yes, MY SNAP PERFECTS.  I will have an upcoming TELL ALL about my experience with all three. Perhaps even an educational video or a glamour shot of me wearing them simultaneously.

+ First of all, can these babies handle the vast terrain that is the Empire Polo Field?! If so, where can I sign up to rent one of these? For some reason I feel like I’ll have to wear rainbow suspenders and a beer hat when I scoot scoot around on this chariot.

+ Finally, spend the rest of the weekend with a bunch of friends at an MTV Cribs-style house that you can find on Craigslist. Stock up on booze, props, costumes and a lot of debauchery. Put bubble bath in the jacuzzi, wear your swimsuit with high heels. This is the real purpose of your trip. Coachella is really just your beard.

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Vampirecake and Mojitos

Last year it was Monsters and Mimosas…I think this Halloweaster thing is a good tradition. Vampire cupcakes are so addicting…That cover of Rob Pat kills me btw.

EDWARD!! and vampire cupcake

I also made heart-shaped macaroni and cheese and homemade pesto. FILLED WITH LOVE FOR MY BOs. The recipe I use is Nancy Reagan’s Mac N’ Cheese but I tweak the recipe and add cream cheese, otherwise it’s too dry.

* 1/2 lb macaroni
* 1 teaspoon butter
* 1 egg, beaten
* 1 teaspoon salt
* 1 teaspoon dry mustard
* 3 cups sharp cheddar cheese, grated (I used a cheddar, jack and colby mix)
* 1 cup milk
* 2 oz cream cheese

Boil macaroni in water until tender and drain thoroughly.
Stir in butter and egg.
Mix mustard and salt with 1T hot water, and add to milk.
Add cheese, leaving enough to sprinkle on top.
Pour into buttered casserole; add milk, sprinkle with cheese.
Bake at 350°F for about 45 minutes or until custard is set and top is crusty.

Heart-shaped noodles are perfect this recipe (holds the cheese in well) but hard to find this time of year. The one I used was a Valentine pasta from World Market. However, I did find this company that makes a variety of fun pastas year-round. Here’s some heart-shapedHalloween pasta for your gawth lover, Bicycle pasta for all you bike people, Girlfriends pasta?! Cat Lovers pasta for your crazy cat friends and Star of David pasta for a sexy Jew. I added my homemade pesto to the macaroni and cheese and it came out SO DELISH.

Pesto Macaroni and Cheese

I love my Hello Kitty apron. Can you count the stains? The dress is from the Jovovich-Hawk for Target line, shoes and belt from Charlotte Russe and the headband is from Forever 21.


And lastly, my ladies and I In the finest of faux furs…

ladies in fur$

Hope your Halloweaster was just as lovely!

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Good Friday

Someone told me that in Mexico today, they will reenact the crucifixion by actually hammering nails into “Jesus’” hands. OH HALES NO TO THAT.

This person agrees to be “Jesus” for five years. The doctor xrays his hands and marks a target into his palm. Ambulances stand by.

Growing up, I took my Holy Communion and was even confirmed. I chose Mary Magdalene as my saint because my name is Marie Madeline and because I liked how she was a whore.

Once when I was a kid I found a pink Hello Kitty mini notepad at church.

Nowadays if I drink too much whiskey I will sometimes recite a whole Catholic mass.

I still think Catholicism is the prettiest religion.

Screencaps from Don’t Deliver Us From Evil, Agnes of God and Alice Sweet Alice

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