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Lustin’ 4 Justin


Confesh: I have been thinking about Justin Timberlake a lot lately because the other day I found a picture of me with short hair and glasses kissing a poster of him in Vegas WHERE I SAW HIM IN CONCERT (2003). Thank you. Ain’t no shame in my game EVER. Then Gilda posted that one SNL single ladies video (did you just barely see dat m’lady?) This all has resulted in a desire for some new sexy JT tunes. He’s close to perfection because #1: He funny, #2: He FUINE #3: He got flava for a white boy #4: He can sing AND dance #5: HE FUNNY!!! And now he is wearing glasses. SAY WAAT. You know every time there is a pair of Clark Kent spectacles around a panty drops (mine.) WTF is he doing to me?! My ladyboner is thru the roof. I’m hyperventilating right now. Then I come across this new Ciara video featuring the one and only:


I’m on the floor now. My bra magically flew off Zapped-style. I don’t know what happened to me but please, enjoy yourself if you feel me on this. Also have you peeped his William Rast line? Since I don’t wear pants I don’t see anything Rie-Rie-ish in his lady line (it’s all jeanz) but I do love this GIANT BELT:

However I’m not feeling camel toe brown. I wish it were white instead so it could look like a straightjacket on my waist. Okay one more:

love u

I wonder what kind of texter he is. Is he an ALL CAPPER, does he LOL, is he quick, bad grammar? No punctuation!?? Does he text stories of life or keep it short and sweet? I imagine he drops the good shit like LL Cool J Lyrics and doesn’t miss a beat with a dirty pun. Thoughts?

March 31, 2009   8 Comments

Strawberry Sunday

strawberry sunday


  • sequined bolero
  • Stop Staring strawberry dress
  • American Apparel belt
  • steve madden wedges (I need to go shoe shopping plz)

strawberry sunday

Can we just talk for a moment about something?

Never mind. I have no words. Just a content look on my face. Dis bitch is crazy and I LUV IT.

I didn’t even think it was her at first. I thought it was an IMPOSTER. She looks fourteen in these pics. PS. Are you guys over the hair bow? We were all excited two months ago, but now I’m ready for something new. Watchu think? Maybe a unicorn horn made out of hair should be next. Sprinkle a ‘lil glitter to top it off. DAS RIGHT SON…

March 30, 2009   14 Comments

Spy Wear

Scrubs Dress


  • vintage dress- fairfax flea
  • strawberry belt
  • soho lab shoes
  • Doublespeak slip
  • red socks

When I found this dress at the flea market I knew I had to have it because it reminded me of nurse scrubs. Perhaps it is some sort of uniform? Since I love pairing blue and turquoise with red accents, I wore it with my strawberry belt and red knee socks…but forgot to wear sock garters so by lunch they were giving up on me and rolling with the homies. AHHHH!! I had knee sock anxiety and little beads of sweat were forming on my forehead. It reminded me of sixth grade when I wore nude pantyhose socks with my slip-on Keds and flower print pedal pushers and they kept rolling down grannystiltskin style. How EMBARRASSING. Poor Rie Rie. By the way I still have not find any white sock garters yet. Are they just a figment of imagination? A dream that might never come true?

My friend Mike always sends me awesome vintage pictures he finds online.

Can you guess who is my new style icon in this picture?

Yes, the second girl from the left. BITCH PLZ DONCHU KNOW IT. I am feeling a lil’ El Topo – Wednesday Addams thang going on wit dat shit… I’m working on that outfit STAT!

March 28, 2009   14 Comments

I Got The Midas Touch


I want these Bijules gold serpent nail rings so bad!!!

I want a couple of dem on my fingers, a couple on my toes. I WANNA WERK WIT DAT. But the real reason is so I can be….


In the meantime, I guess I will have to settle for painting my nails gold with this bomb ass Savina nail polish I recently found. Best polish EVER. It’s the same brand as the neon hot pink polish I constantly wear!

Today’s Spy Wear! (I like how I came up with that way late into the game. M’lord I am so slow)

nice day

  • Betsey Johnson dress
  • awesome yellow belt from local shop
  • my favorite gold bootz that are getting more and more beaten up by the day!
  • Betsey Johnson bag and sunglasses. Love you forevs Betsey!

Such great weather this week!

hi hi hi hi

Everything I Touch Turns To GOLD

March 25, 2009   6 Comments

Lenora Claire Likes doNUTS

My dear friend Lenora Claire has a new web series on World of Wonder called doNUTS! Please check it out below… I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences late at night, after da club…that Shaman you saw eating a bear claw and humming “Tiny Bubbles” probably wasn’t a drunk dream after all.

On doNUTS, host Lenora Claire encounters the freaky, fun weirdos who hang out at 24-hour donut shops all over LA. In this first installment, Lenora visits Tang’s Donuts in Silverlake, where she crosses paths with pervy late-night chess players and Silverlake’s local celeb — The Five Dollar Guy! Plus, Lenora offers her own savvy tip on how to ward off handsy drunk dudes…

If Lenora looks familiar to you especially lately, you might have seen her gorgeous face plastered all over NYC or in the latest issue of Vanity Fair. She’s part of USA Network’s Character Project and was shot by Marla Rutherford. You can see her here!

March 25, 2009   5 Comments

I’ll Make Out Witchu

I’m sure many of you have seen the trailer for 500 Days of Summer but I am about to post it again for three reasons: a lil shout out to my friend Melissa who is a big Zooey fan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is delishis (my ladyboner is like, sound the fogHORN) and sorry but I love that part in the elevator with The Smiths, OK? BTW, Don’t trust a boy who hates The Smiths/Morrissey. Just a little study I’m doing…



I hope this movie is super cute and not like a Garden State or something where we all end up annoyed after a while. In other news, a piece of Morrissey’s shirt is inside my wallet right now. I think I’m going to roll it into a j and smoke it for good luck. J’playin’! It will end up in my locket.

I’m gonna watch Ten Things I Hate About Chu tonight. On VHS.

March 24, 2009   13 Comments

Mad Crushin’ On Double-Speak

With a sense of style and poise that allow her to appear as if she had just stepped out of a vintage postcard, photographer and needlework maven Amelia Raley holds dear to her heart an era long gone yet not forgotten. Her appreciation for the past can be seen through both her art as well as her wardrobe. I also adore Amelia’s coquettish embroidery, found at her etsy store Doublespeak, which is where I purchased my favorite C’mere Loverdoll slip. Listing 1930′s chorus girls and vintage valentines among her favorite things are just two reasons why I found a kindred spirit in this daring dame! Ladies and gentlemen, start your crushin’!

+ I love the term you use to describe yourself, which is “Vintage Vivant.” How did you come up with it and what does it mean to you?

When I was finishing my MFA thesis in 2007, I was listening to 78rpm records on podcasts, learning to fingerwave my hair from blog communities, and watching 1930s movies on Netflix. I wanted to do a project on how I used digital technology to explore the analogue past. I was wrestling with a few terms because there are SO many girls who are doing what I am doing but there is no name for it yet. The name itself was actually thought up by Locksmithy when I presented it as a question to the Livejournal vintage community. I love it! It’s like Bon Vivant but Living Vintage instead!

+ I always wonder why I feel nostalgic for things I have never known. I’m sure you feel the same way. What era would you love to have lived in?

When I was younger I always thought I would be a flapper, hands down. Now that I’m a little older I really admire the years of 1929 – 1936 and most of my collecting, study and emulation comes from those years. I like the bittersweet foil of Hollywood movies as compared to the Great Depression and politics of the time.

+ Describe your photographic style. How did you become a photographer? Which photographers have had an impact on your work?

I have always taken photos because my mother was such an avid photographer. I started “The Bird Girl” project back in 2003 where I would pick up every dead bird I found in my neighborhood and would photograph them in different states of decay. I worked on this project for about two years and got a grant for my university to finish it. I went to graduate school for photography out in Oregon and that’s where I started using really old processes like 4×5 cameras with the giant bellows. I love artists who use multiple processes and mediums in their work, so I feel very kindred to Annette Messager, Sophie Calle and Martha Colburn.

+ Are there any other certain artists that you admire?

Doris Salcedo and Tom Friedman – they are both sculptors who use domestic materials in poetic ways. My favorite Doris Salcedo pieces are when she uses clothing such as burying clothing in concrete or caging high heels behind animal skins. Tom Friedman just astounds me! I found one of his books when I was 19 and I just stared at it for hours. His sculptures are out of aspirin, detergent, his own signature, play-dough, anything really. He is what obsessive art making is all about.

+ If you could photograph anyone from history who would you choose and what would the shoot be set up like?

I’d like to photograph Napoleon as an old man.

+ You have an obvious appreciation for cinema. Which films have inspired you to create?

I watch movies in bed with my laptop on my belly and my camera in my hands. When I find a scene in a movie that I like I pause the film and snap it with my camera. I’m kind of a predator when it comes to movies and I think that’s why I don’t go out and see them in the theatres that often. I love every Busby Berkley movie that’s come out, and I watch everything that Irene Dunn, Jean Harlow, Dick Powell, Norma Shearer, Clark Gable and Joan Crawford have been in.

+ What music do you listen to in constant rotation?

Much like movies, I rarely listen to anything contemporary or currently hip. I am a big fan of 1930s torch songs, podcasts that feature 78rpm records and anything from the 1990s. I manage a crazy toy store so I have a big emphasis on happy pop songs right now. I’ve got Gwen Stefani, The Pipettes, Spice Girls, Dolly Parton, MGMT, !!!, and Outhud on heavy rotation right now. When I’m at home I listen to Philip Glass when I want to read or concentrate.

+ I love the quotes you use in your embroidery. Where are they from?

Many of my quotes are bastardizations of traditional embroidery phrases, like using “Bless this Mess” on a cum rag or changing “To love and be loved is the greatest joy on earth” into “To love and be fucked…” Sometimes I use the snippets of a nursery rhyme, or phrases written in old yearbooks or just things I make up.

+ Besides photography and embroidery what other creative outlets do you enjoy?

Right now I’m really nerding out on my Blythe dolls, Violette Crown and Odile. I’ve been learning how to disassemble their faces, change out their eyechips and make little clothes for them. Also, I’ve been doing some modeling on the side for a few painters and photographers and, while it isn’t creative per se, it is exciting to be involved with another’s creative process.

+ Is there anything else you wish you could learn?

I wish I could play the guitar, the accordion and sing half decently. I’m such a flub when it comes to music.


Amelia also has a really cute zine! The latest issue of Doublespeak just came out which you can find here. Or purchase it along with the back issues!

+ East Coasters: Amelia has an art show at Brown University next month. More information on her work can be found at her website:

+ Don’t forget to check out her Etsy store: SPECIAL NOTE: readers get 10% off from now throughout the whole month of April! Just enter “Agent Lover” in the comments section of your order!



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My Fave Drape Is Wanda Woodward

Wanda Woodward, Traci Lords’ character fromĀ Cry-Baby, is one of my top style icons. Aside from her badass attitude, her pencil-cut dresses, wingtip eyeliner, fire-engine red pout and perfect bangs make up my favorite ingredients for my signature look, so how can I not list her as one of my inspirations?

“Oh Wanda, you sure is pretty in them tight clothes, all painted up like trash!”


“We like hot boys! Boys with roaming hands and rushing fingers!”


I love big hair!! Am I going to have to bumpit?!?


“Yeah, I’m just a bebop baby, and I don’t take nothing from no one! See ya later, daddy-os. Have a cool Yule and a frantic First!”

wanda woodward

In other news, if you want to be cat-called by multiple transients in a span of five minutes, dress like this. GAH!!!

hobo magnet outfit

March 22, 2009   20 Comments

Grey Gardens and Coco Avant Chanel

Here are the trailers for two movies many of us have been anticipating. First, HBO’s Grey Gardens movie starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange as Little Edie and Big Edie Beale, Jackie O’s crazy relatives. The first time I saw the original Grey Gardens documentary I hated it! I remember it disturbed me so much, I crawled into a little ball and gently rocked back and forth. However, like with all of my favorite horror films, I love it even thought I am scared. Even watching this preview gives me the ‘rhea because Drew is so convincing as Little Edie (betch better get a Golden Globe or somethin’ for this one!), please lurk:


So I won’t have nightmares tonight I am going to watch the trailer for Coco avant Chanel starring Amelie aka Audrey Tatou as the legendary Coco. In fact I am going to put on my life medicine, the movie Amelie, right before I go to beddy bye tonight so I can end this post on a happy note. Damn you Grey Gardens! Always scarin’ me…


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“I am just going to blog the pics with orgasm noises.”





::and I roll over and fall asleep::*

That happened once and I felt bad so I bought him some filipino bread buns the next day. I am such a dude.

More of that sexyness here.

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