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    Beauty Style

    Going Gaga for Bows

    So I know The Gays love Lady GaGa and I might kind of a little, especially since that “Just Dance” song now reminds me of a recent clubbing moment when I was dancing to this song and a certain somebody next to me was rubbing their crotch like a goddamn magic lamp, as if some …

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    I’m excited for the weekend because I haven’t been with my girls all together in FOREVER so I just want to leave you with two things… 1. I’m starting a band called KanYe-Ye West which will be the sweet sounds of hip hop fused with 1960’s Parisian pop. 2. UM WHAAAAAT!!! AMAZING: (thank you Shaunie …

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    Artheart Eye Candy

    Underwater Whimsy

    If William Beebe and Jacques Cousteau could send us love letters in photographic form, I’m sure they would choose Bruce Mozert to be the messenger. These underwater photos Mozert captured in the 1940’s are so beautiful I can’t stop looking at them. Originally shot as publicity photos to promote the immense clarity of the water …

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    Movies Style

    Unpleasant Dreams

    This weekend I went to the screening for one of my favorite movies ever, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. BADA$$ BROAD The only reason I’d want a baby: So I could do it’s makeup like this. Then we met Elvira! My cleavage meeting her cleavage’s idol!?! Oh me oh my! Shaun and I with Peaches …

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    Beauty Outfits Style

    Dress Up Diary

    The other night I went to a Bettie Page tribute burlesque show to see my gal Dizzy Von Damn! twirl her tassels and shimmy her shakes. This is what I wore: {Details} vintage polka dot scarf F21 dress H&M heart purse red heart ring gold bracelet from childhood Target knee socks Soho Lab heels Miss …

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    You Better Work

    The other night I went to the drag art show and party at World of Wonder for RuPaul’s Drag Race, in which the fiercest drag queens will compete to be the number one Miss Divalish. I remember in high school I loved watching The RuPaul Show as I drifted off to beddie bye, dreaming of …

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    It’s Oh So Familiar

    A couple weeks ago I saw the video for “The Fear” by Lily Allen. There was no doubt I would love the style of the video. All that color! Balloons which become dancing balloons! Desserts! And giant presents that come alive and start cuttin’ a rug with Lily, who is wearing a cute mini dress …

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    Hello Kitty & M.A.C. Pictures

    More detailed pictures of the Hello Kitty for M.A.C. line have been circulating around the beauty blogs lately, helping me to make a decision on what to purchase in about a month when it launches on February 12th! Let’s take a peek courtesy of Specktra, Temptalia, and Beauty Anonymous… First of all, I love these …