Photo credit: John Hook

DAS RIGHT LADIES…it’s time again for Dear Menz, where I ask my favorite beefcakes of the world what their thoughts are when it comes to love, dating, and all that good stuffs. This time we have my dear friend Grady, whose photo zine series, Aloha Friday, is a beautiful, visual narrative about his life in Honolulu. Grady is also a DJ, and was behind the sadly now defunct, but forever awesome Three Frames. You know how we loves a Renaissance mang around these parts. Check out my interrogation of Grady below and leave a comment to win all five issues of Aloha Friday along with a personal favorite of mine, his limited edition “Wildest Hogs,” which focused on a motorcycle trip Grady and his friends took through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary last year. Hunks on a motorcycle road trip? SOUNDS LIKE A PAGE FROM ME FANTASIES…

Give me that one Missed Connections Craigslist ad you wish you had posted.

Intersection of Kapionali & Atkinson, late Saturday afternoon, “The Golden Hour.”

Me: vintage aloha shirt, dark denim trousers, topsiders, knapsack, sunglasses. On foot, waiting for the crosswalk, alone. You: Behind the wheel of a cream colored 1980’s Mercedes SL roadster with the top down. Straight black hair with tousled bangs, candy-apple red lipstick, dark sunglasses, polka-dot bikini top, pulling a cigarette from a pack of Marlboro 100’s while blasting Grace Jones. Your friend riding shotgun must have noticed the way my jaw was hanging open or how I tipped my shades to get a better look at you before you did, because she leaned in and whispered something in your ear causing you to laugh and look in my direction.  I shouted, “What year is your Benz?” and you turned your stereo down. I’d assume so you could ask me to repeat myself.  Before you could, the light turned green, you hit the gas and blew me a kiss.

Let’s meet up for a cocktail or spend the afternoon emailing each other Youtube videos some time.

Credit: Honolulu Pulse

What jams do you always make sure to have on your ultimate makeout mix?

  • Lots of Prince, “Pop Life” especially.
  • “Violation” by St. Tropez
  • Some Gabor Szabo, like his cover of Donovan’s “Ferris Wheel”
  • “Close to You” by Maxi Priest
  • Jerry Garcia’s Love Scene Improvisations
  • Joy Division’s “Atmosphere”
  • Some Serge Gainsbourg
  • “Get It Up For Love” by Ned Doheny (which coincidentally is the opening track on my latest mixtape:
  • Anything off of Sylvia Robinson’s Pillow Talk LP.  Actually just put that whole album on and ignore the rest of this list.

Kelly Bundy, Kelly Tayor, or Kelly Kapowski?

This is a really tough one, because all three of these women played a crucial role in my adolescence.  But the answer is hands-down Kelly Kapowski.  On the surface she was a boring “All-American Girl”, but there was real substance there.  She knew who she was and she knew what she wanted.  She also wasn’t afraid to change her mind: dumping Slater for Zack; she even fell for Screech at one point. Kelly taught me that growing up was something you shouldn’t sit back and just let happen, you should make it the best time of your life.

Credit: Robert Kaneshi

What’s the sexiest thing a girl can do to get your attention and keep it?

It’s a cliche but it’s true that confidence really is the sexiest thing.  But what’s even sexier is a girl who’s on her own shit, doing her own thing, whatever that is, and being confident about that, not just being confident in being a boring and/or terrible human.  As far as keeping my attention, I like it when a girl lets me know where I stand, good or bad. Also it helps if you’re a good flirt because I’m pretty terrible at it so you’ll have to pick up the slack, sorry.

What is the biggest dealbreaker when you are dating someone?

All I’ll say is that it’s 2012 and everyone’s busy. But time management can be sexy, or it can be gross.  Also, there’s nothing wrong with using the internet, but the longer you can go in a conversation without mentioning Facebook or Instagram, the better. Make a game out of it, it can be fun.

Three people you would want to play a good old-fashioned game of Spin the Bottle with:

Kim Talon
Anna Faris
Brigid White (from my 6th grade summer camp).

credit: Michael Keany

Describe a date you would want to take the girl of your dreams on.

It would probably involve a weekend road trip, a stay in an old hotel, a picnic lunch, people-watching somewhere, and a candlelight dinner. She’d be in charge of music the whole time.  I’d surprise her with something along the way.  At some point we’d go swimming. We’d make out in public somewhere. There’d be lots of great photos, but also some moments we’d only have memories of.

Any last words of advice?

“If you see something, say something.”

You can contribute to the creation of the Aloha Friday’s fifth installment here. Follow his Twitter here and find him on Facebook and Instagram @alohafriday. Don’t forget to leave a comment to win! I’ll choose a winner on (aloha)Friday.