I jokingly said I would post this as an outfit photo for the blog, then my bff said I really should. This was me hiking around Big Sur, looking MIGHTY CASUAL. Most of you have only known me as a Dress Obsessed girl, but the reality is I once bought a pair of jeans just to see how it felt…and ended up in them quite a lot, so now I actually have TWO!  I realized if I’m wearing jeans, I don’t dress them up in my usual fancyways. I always want to look like Mikey from The Goonies (double denim) or Wayne from Wayne’s World (black tee and Converse), with a touch of Ponyboy Curtis. Is it so wrong if I want to go from extreme femme to ladybutch?!??!

Anyway, I’m kind of interested in trying those Levi’s Curve ID. Thoughts? Anyone? Don’t worry, I’m not going to be wearing jeans all the time on here. Don’t want to get everyone EVEN MORE horny. This IS a Dress Obsessed way of life after all. Plus, like I said, I only dress like those three dudes so my outfit posts would get totally boring after a while I’m sure….