Besides the PLETHORA of erotic fiction and paranormal research, my book collection includes a ton of biographies. They also make up my current reading list, which are actually all autobiographies to be exact. I’m more than halfway through reading John Waters’ book, Role Models, which is basically me reading about the role models of one of my role models. My favorite chapter so far is the one on Rei Kawakubo, where Uncle John also has some wise words on thrifting and personal style. This quote by him is one of the greatest things I have ever read:

“You don’t need fashion designers when you are young. Have faith in your own bad taste. Buy the cheapest thing in your local thrift shop – the clothes that are freshly out of style with even the hippest people a few years older than you. Get on the fashion nerves of your peers, not your parents – that is the key to fashion leadership. Ill-fitting is always stylish. But be more creative – wear your clothes inside out, backward, upside down. Throw bleach in a load of colored laundry. Follow the exact opposite of the dry cleaning instructions inside the clothes that cost the most in your thrift shop. Don’t wear jewelry – stick Band-Aids on your wrists or make a necklace out of them. Wear Scotch tape on the side of your face like a bad face-lift attempt. Mismatch your shoes. Best yet, do as Mink Stole used to do: go to the thrift store the day after Halloween, when the children’s trick-or-treat costumes are on sale, buy one, and wear it as your uniform of defiance.”

LISTEN TO THE BRILLIANCE OF UNCLE JOHN-JOHN. He’s also going to be at UCLA in a couple of weeks doing a “one-man vaudeville act” and our favorite ladyboner intelli-hunk of all hunks, Matthew Gray Gubler is hosting. It’s sold out but I was able to score tickets last minute! Look for me in the balcony wearing something obnoxious and Divine-like (the yooj). Last time I saw him live was for his Christmas special in 2005 so I’m extra excited! If you are a fan of this genius among men, you will definitely like Role Models. And to take us into the weekend…here is an embarrassing picture from when I met Uncle John and drew a fake moustache on my finger so I could sneak ‘stache bomb him like the assholia I am. BUT, I was even more stu and brought a PURPLE SHARPIE so it didn’t show up that clearly on camera ::sad fart noise::