Lookit dis booty. OKRRR. This is my H&M tiger dress from last year’s trip to NYC. I don’t think I’ve blogged about it before even though I have worn it a lot. It’s one of those pieces that you can throw on when you’re hungover or have to go for a quick Chick Fil-A run. I usually wear it with tights and boots but since it was supernaturally warm this December weekend in LA, I paired it with my Melissa heels and my favorite hot pink knee socks.


The reason why I bought this dress…to have a tiger on my ass.


I wasn’t able to take a good closeup, but you best believe I’m wearing some white doorknockers and in my second earring hole…one of my new GOLD PIZZA EARRINS!!! My bff Emi made these delish delights for me to cheer me up one day. GOLD PIZZA EARRINGS! How dare you be so good to me… I love you! Pizza earrings on top of pizza stickers to create a most erotic ambience….


Sorry if it’s snowing where you are and I am being an asshole over here with my bare thighs and pizza earrings. LUVIN EWE