heart buttons added to top from the chola store, Levi’s pinstriped shawts, red patent platforms, Nikki’s hat



Don’t be fooled by these innocent photos of me in a pair of shawts. This was the start of a debaucherous extended weekend celebrating Miss Reyna’s birthday. She shares the same birthday as PRINCE BTW. I am going to go for a world blogging record for most Prince mentions in a non-Prince focused blog. If my calculations are correct, there have been seven entries with some sort of Prince reference in this blog’s lifetime. CLEARLY NOT ENOUGH I SAY. Do you hate me yet? I hope when I reach #20 someone will give me a bronze statue slash bobble head made in Prince’s liking.

Anyway the night MAY have consisted of a certain somebody putting their blog card in a stripper’s bikini and some failed Ouija-board action but most importantly,  I finally visited Sir Staymoist‘s star on the Walk of Fame! BLASPHEMOUS I KNOW! I should have been there to hand him a towel or something when they crowned him. Or washed his feet! Let me be your Mary Magdalene, Staymoist!!! Sadly many of the pictures from later that night were RATED C FOR COCHINA. HEY BLAME STAYMOIST FOR IGNITING THE FIRE WITHIN.

SB (SIDEBAR) a MANY THANKS to everyone on Twitter who helped me locate Stamos’ star when my Googlin’ was giving me the runaround! See Twitter is magick.