My digital cam is on hiatus (aka I can’t find my charger) so I’ve been documenting my every slick move through my iPhone. Above is Mr. Shankly and I at the dog park! You can also see him whispering sweet nothings to my friend Vanessa’s boston terrier pup Oliver. Mr. Shankly is such a top!


Purple Rain at Cinespia was so much fun! I’ve seen some of my all-time favorite movies during the summers there. The Warriors, Valley Girl, Holy Mountain…it was crowded and crazy getting in but once you do it’s well worth it, especially when you can drink wine and eat cheeses while Prince’s sexy side smirk projects from the side of a mausoleum. I haven’t been that turned on in a cemetery since making out in them during my high school baby goth days. When the “Purple Rain” scene came on, everyone had their lighters and cell phones up. ROMANCE! Some people also had sparklers! I also met a reader who was working there which is awesome ’cause I never randomly meet anybody reading this here blawg! Sometimes I feel like this is my own private chat room! Nice to meetchu Casey! Holla at yer gurl!


Saw Sex and The City 2 with my friend Mike. I’m not sure why so many people have beef over the sequel. Were you really expecting some kind of phenomenal life-changing thing with the SEQUEL TO SEX AND THE CITY? BETCH PLE. All I needed was Samantha Jones screaming “Lawrence of My Labia” and a WHITE LINEN BONER scene and I AM SATISFIED. Anyjuays, as you can see we forgot to take our outfit photos which is a shame because Mike was going to have his outfit photo debut on my blog pero we will do it another time. Instead, here are pics of the random afternoon MINT JULEP porch session which turned into some crafting (don’t worry those aren’t real ants) which turned into a nice steak on the bbq. LOVELY SUMMER DAY!


A few weeks ago we had a girls night complete with pizza-making, nails did and 80’s movies. My pizza was DELICIOUS. Watchu expect? I’m half-Italian! My toppings of choice were basil, mushroom and roasted garlic. I feel like I am obsessed with basil lately. I wanna eat it with everything. We watched Valley Girl with Spanish subtitles because we didn’t know how to turn it off (blol) and I painted my nails baby blue with white glitter. A fun ladies night in that I highly recommend to you and your gal pals,


This past Tuesday was my boo Lenora Claire’s 30th b-day! She had a huge party at Mr. Black which she hosts every Tuesday at Bardot in Hollywood. It was bananas! There was a unicorn greeting all the guests and it farted when Reyna and I were taking a picture with it. Obviously we are now blessed with magical powers. I also met the lovely Josie Cotton! Here is a picture of the birthday girl in her amazing dress designed by the fabulous Marco Marco.

Photo via LAWeekly

More pics can be seen here (check #28!) and here!

PS. I can’t stop with the Prince FYI. Hope you don’t mind, valentines.