dress from Nordstrom rack, Betsey Johnson Pollys, Erin Fetherston X Target heart purse, Madame Satan’s School For Girls 666 Kitty necklace, heart and bow rings


This weekend I went to the annual Bug Fair at the Natural History Museum, the place where insect collectors and nature nerds meet!



As with tradition I sought out some creepy crawlies to cradle in my arms. First up a lil’ millipede!


I wanted to hold a big one (natural urge) like the African millipede but this one had to do. I like the hundreds of tiny legs and always automatically think of it wearing a mini high heel on each one. IMAGINE



Can you spot the arthropod known as the flamingus cheetous in the center?


ALRIGHT BRACE YOURSELVES. Here I am holding a scorpion which I have never done before. I must admit I was scared. Scared this asshole was going to raise its tail and attack and there was the end of me. Yet, after some convincing by Emi aka the Willard of Insects I wiped the sweat off my brow and held that mutha. I mean, I’ve held scarier things in my hand before.


This is my nervous smile.


Next time I’m sure I’ll have scorpion swagger just like my Asian sistas here. Maybe sport some live arachnid jewelry? Watchew think?